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Jerry Levan1 Level 1 Level 1

I occasionaly turn scripts into Apps by wrapping them with Platypus.


For instance I have written some Python and Tcl/Tk scripts that can access my

Postgresql data bases.


In Lion and earlier running a GUI app would read the environment.plist file in

the .MacOSX and add the assignments in the plist to the app environment.


I have a plist that contains a number of postgresql environmental variables

that my apps can use to faciltate buiiding a connection to the database.


After updating to Mountain Lion these apps no longer appear to use the

variables defined in the plist and each time I invoke the apps I have to

manually supply all of the connection parameters.


So, I am starting to think that the environment variables are no longer being

read by the apps.


Has anyone else had a similiar experience?





ard, OS X Mountain Lion