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I installed ML on 5 of our Macs.  Some things I've noticed. 


The curser jumps around on my 2011 SSD iMac and is usually random but seems connected to when opening applications such as mail, getting a notification in message center, and other programs opening for about 5-25 seconds. 


Also, iCloud email problems.  I cannot rename my wife's email in the description field.  It says incoming mail server cannot be empty despite it having and address.


I've also noticed the mail application scrambles some of the image on the display and moves with the mail application window so I know it's just tied to Mail. 


Lastly, my other 2010 iMac randomly keeps coming out of sleep on its own. 


None of these Thins happened in Lion over the last year.  I've also noticed video drivers are not very good. 



What are other's thoughts?

27" i7 2.93 iMac, 17" MBP 2.93, 13" MBA 2.13, 2 24" ACD's, 2.26 Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 2 32 gig iPhone 4s, 2 64 gig 3g iPad 2, 2 1TB ATC's
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    I have been on board with OS X since it first appeared. My installs have generally gone well and very few third-party apps were broken. However, Mountain Lion installation was a fiasco—it took multiple attempts to get the installer to work correctly.


    In addition, some Apple apps are not working correctly: iTunes isn't seeing my iTunes Match material, Safari crashes on a regular basis, Xcode kept popping up an error dialog that pretty much ground anything I was trying to do to a halt. Then I had to update Xcode. System performance overall is notably slower on a MBP early 2011 2.3 Ghz i7 with 16GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive


    So many major developers' third-party apps are crashing on launch or shortly after I can't even believe it. Latest version of Drive Genius (obviously the Genius Bars can't be using this on Mountain Lion systems), Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Disk Warrior, and others too numerous to mention. I'm not even going to try opening any Microsoft Office apps.


    I installed Mountain Lion as a trial on one of my redundant hard drives. I was wise. Even more so than with Lion, I think Apple has released a hugely buggy upgrade and is using the Mac user base as its guinea pigs/beta testers (and this on Gold Master release!). There isn't any excuse for native apps misbehaving. And major third-party developers should have had enough time to bring their products up to ML compatibility already. I'm going to reboot into Lion now and wait a good month or so until the first ML update is released and third-party app developers get up to speed. . .or shut down Mac development.


    This is the first time I award my Tech Dope Slap and Black Eye Award to Apple.


    Mr. Cook should be ashamed. Mountain Lion = FAIL!

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    I think this hits the nail squarely on the head. 


    I even tried apple support yesterday twice with two seperate tier 2 techs.  Both of which listened and said they didn't know what the fix was yet and to hold on for a few minutes.  Right after that, each time the rep hung up.  So if apple can't help you, they simply hang up. 


    Spoke to a knowledgable guy this morning who tried a lot of things over 2 1/2 hours, but ended up saying it would be forwarded on to engineering.  Meanwhile, the computer I was working on developed graphical glitching in mail afterwards.


    Siri was the test bed for us to be beta testers.  Now ML.  I suppose this is why they widened the net by having apple store staff try the OS out when it went GM.  They knew it had issues would be my first guess.  And while I hope the issues get fixed, it makes me wonder how long that will be.  I can't not use my computer....  It certainly doesn't make me happy with how Apple is run under TC. 

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    Just noticed the iCloud thing solved itself on its own.  Also noticed that my wife's 2010 iMac that wouldn't go to sleep had the wake on lan feature renabled during the install of ML. 


    This OS is just weirder and weirder.