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Hey I was wondering, is there a way to run boot camp on linux because I lost my Mac osx disk and it won't run on windows 7.

Other OS, Help!!! Please?
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    Order replacement OEM disc, buy Lion or Mountain Lion.


    You can of course run Linux natively and run Windows in a VM.


    And you can use other tools like GPart.


    Not knowing what OS X you are running would help.

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    I don't understand the question. Boot Camp is comprised of Boot Camp Assistant (does not run on Linux, it only runs on Mac OS), a collection of Windows drivers that Apple has collected to support Apple hardware (does not run on Linux, it only runs on Windows), and a CSM-BIOS which can be used to boot Linux on Apple hardware.


    I highly advise using VM wherever possible, and not using Boot Camp for native OS booting. It's painful and risks people's data.