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hi I bought a new mini pioneer stereo/dvd and put my ipod nano on it yesterday.. no probs it played.... but today i put it on the dock and all that it showed on the screen was a white screen with "ok to disconnect" on it... I took it off and now it is still a white screen adn flashing "Do not disconnect" I'm freaking out because I am not technically minded and my brother spent hours putting music on it for me

It is not turning off at all




Thanks to anyone with time to help me

iPod nano
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 8 Level 8

    Try doing a Reset on the iPod



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    It seems to be ok now... I had to go out and it ran out of battery, when I switched it back on it  appears to be fine.

    If it happens again (hoping that it doesn't!) and i do the reset.. will that remove all the music that's on there?

    Sorry for the ignorance


    Thank you for the answer

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 8 Level 8

    No, doing a Restore (using iTunes) erases the iPod, re-installs the software, and sets it to default settings.  A Reset just "restarts" the iPod, like rebooting your computer if it locks up for some reason.


    When it ran out of battery power, and you connected it to power, it basically did the same thing as doing a Reset.

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    Thank you, I'm in Afghanistan and my iPod is what helps me escape reality. I thought I was going to lose all my music but because of your advice I was able to reset it and now I have issues except for syncing my iPod with iTunes, it says it needs to be restored for some reason =(. Again, thank you for your help.




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    There is probably some type of data corruption on the iPod's storage, which may explain why iTunes does not want to sync with it (unless you do a Restore to give it a fresh start).  However, the iPod may continue to work "as is," as long as the data problem is with song data only, not data involved in making the iPod operate (although you may have some songs that do not play properly).  Unfortuately, if you do a Restore, the iPod's current songs will be erased.