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    I would glad to believe you, but I could do it only when I will see it with my own eyes


    I'm waiting till Parallels will add support for Mavericks, then I can try it before my warranty will end.

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    Sorry, but I couldn't read the removed messages (I've never expected that despicable behaviour from Apple...really incredible). You mean with "you-know-what" install Maverick? or something about the censured message?

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    Yeah... that´s exactly what he´s talking about.

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    wow, again I'm very impressed -- thanks for the replies everybody!  I tried to respond last night but the site was down for maintenance.  Wayne -- I read both of your (original) messages.  Thank you.


    I have a mid 2012 15" rMBP, OS X 10.8.4 (clean reinstall last week), 2.3 GHz Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD hardrive, new Samsung screen as of last week.


    1-year warranty expires exactly 2 weeks from today.


    Sorry for naming "that which must not be named" -- my fault.  Although as of this morning nothing has been deleted by Apple as far as I can tell.


    So yes, I'm still very nervous about my warranty expiring and don't want to buy AppleCare since I feel neglected by Apple and don't want to give them any more of my money.  But I feel like my hands are tied.  If the problems with the rMBP 15" are NOT hardware-related, then trying to get a replacement or a hardware fix won't do anything.  Right now my lag is so bad that I'm typing faster than the characters are appearing on my screen -- normal for me sadly.  If the issues are resolved in the Fall, then I'll have a 1.5-year-old computer that never worked in the first 1.5 years.  Is it worth it?  Will it still be "top of the line"?  Probably not for very long ...


    I waited and waited for the rMBP and didn't buy a new computer in the past 6 years.  Used student loan money ($2300) for my rMBP, first Apple product I've ever bought.  I needed it for computation-heavy research and graphics-heavy documents (like writing a 400-page book and my dissertation, neither one of which I can scroll through in any reasonable way), and I *thought* (and was told by my friends and the employees at my Apple store) that this rMBP would be perfect.  The specs speak for themselves.  What a heartbreaking disappointment.


    I think I'm going to go to my "genius" bar again today to try and see what my options are.  Yes, I have an Apple store within walking distance of my apartment, but every single time I've gone it has been unhelpful.  Oh well.  I'll report back in case anyone is interested.  I have actually read almost all of this thread from the beginning (amongst many others), again, this has been most helpful.  If only Apple could be 50% as helpful/knowlegeable as the folks here!

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    I have had the opportunity to install M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K.S and without installing any applications and running it from a clean install on an external hard drive (so not on the internal flash) and man it runs smoother than Mountain Lion. Switching between desktops and full screen apps is my biggest problem right now on Mountain Lion and when using the integrated card these processes are much smoother on the new OS. It still stutters and lags if switching to a Safari window that is currently loading a page, but I can deal with that. By the time the beta is over I think this will be the answer to most of our problems. I am a little frusterated about the idea that we will probably have to pay an additional $20 to get the performance we expect from a machine that costs this much.

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    Didn't you agree with Apple to keep that stuff confidential?  Nice integrity, dude.

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    Didn't they agree with us to provide the most advanced OS ever seen?


    And I'm not talking about holograms, of course... only about a performance without lag, just that.

    By the way, I don't know what's the problem to say that apparently, in the next OS version, this problem will be "improved".

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    What the ****. I just got my post removed for the first time! I actually couldn't (or wouldn't) really believe it was true that they did that, but apperently thay do! :S


    Alright, let my try to break my original post up in to pieces and at least get some of my points out to you guys...

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    First of all I wanted to say that I have exactly the same problems as the rest of you guys. As I also posted earlier in this thread, my biggest problem is most definitely PDF scrolling within Safari.


    Try something just for fun. Go to this link and scroll down through the document: DK


    I am sorry that the document is in Danish, but the demonstration works best in a "continues" PDF document and this was the first hit of my Mac User's Guide search. I thought it would make an even greater point choosing a PDF from their own web page Anyways, as you (hopefully) also see, such a PDF document is practically impossible to go through within Safari. Say you need to go to page 52 to read something important, it takes you forever to land on that specific page! For me personally, this is a great problem, as I spend many hours a day reading articles online as part of my studies. This actually effects my productivity severely!

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    Then I wanted to tell you something about what I have peronsally done about this matter...


    I went to my local Apple store here in Denmark a few months ago to hand in my 15” rMBP for repair. That was about 8-10 months after I bought it last summer, so within the 1 year warranty period. They ended up replacing the logic board and send it back to me, and of course it did not help a thing. Immediately after getting it back, I then handed it in the second time with exactly the same result. The point of doing this was, that according to Danish law, which is probably the same in most countries on that matter, you just have make your first complaint within the 1 year warranty period. From that point on it is Apple’s responsibility to either fix the problem or give you a replacement that satisfies the same needs. Usually the rule is, that after three repair attempts, they are obligated to give you a replacement.


    And this is not to back stab anyone at Apple or anything, but simply to inform all you guys about "common knowledge" about regular sales law.

  • daniel.dbt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I finally I wanted to say how much I had personally been looking forward to this years WWDC , where I had hoped that Apple would announce the new Haswell version of the rMBP, which most likely will have the necessary graphics performance to handle the retina display. But again I was disappointed.


    An extra benefit of what I have done now is, that I have send my rMBP in for repair two times already. So if I am lucky, they will announce the new Haswell rMBP very soon and then I get a replacement to the new version, instead of just the same old laggy one, if I hand it in the third time.

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    ***Seriously Apple, why do you choose to update a perfectly functioning product like the masterpiece Mid 2013 MacBook Air and then leave your supposedly flag ship model rMBP to rot like this with no attention at all?***

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    Now I just hope that my above five post got out to you guys, and yes, you should read five, otherwise some of them have been deleted once again! Hope that will not be the case...

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    Daniel, I've already gone through that journey: 3 motherboard replacements AND a  brand new unit. Under Mountain Lion there was no resolve. For me I couldn't be more thrilled to see partial resolve with the next iteration of OS X. I say "partial" because I went to your PDF link and sure enough the lag was there. Most likely Adobe will just need to update their software to accommodate the new OS X.

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    Hi Daniel,


    Thanks for the posts.  Yes, for me PDFs lag terribly.  I went to your link and it's very bad.  I already have a PDF to show the apple store today when I go in for my appointment at the genius bar (in 3 hours or so).


    I'd also like to echo cbs20 -- they'll probably make us pay to upgrade software that hopefully solves a problem they themselves created.  Unbelievable.

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