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  • daniel.dbt Level 1 Level 1

    I am glad to see that my posts got through this time!



    Actually I think it sounds like good news that you ended up getting a replacement after three logic board replacements. Of course it is unfortunate that the replacement did not fix the problem (which is naturally obvious), but once the new Haswell rMBP is released, these replacements will actually solve our problems. At least it seems like it from different Haswell reviews



    Sounds like a good idea to show these PDF lags at the Genius Bar. It is such a clear problem, so really no way to deny it.


    Also I agree that it really cannot be true that we should pay for an OS X upgrade when they have caused these problems them selves. That would truly be unbelievable.


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  • Wayne Chin Level 2 Level 2

    I don't understand how a Haswell rMBP is going to solve our problem. I don't think Apple is going to replace our existing rMBPs to a new generation model, let alone getting a 2nd or 3rd replacement of the CURRENT generation. As far as I know, we're stuck with this model.


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  • boko1008 Level 1 Level 1

    I guess each rMBP one has its own problems... mine only lags when turning pages in calendar... I scrolled through the PDF with Safari and Chrome (Beta) and both were fine... it stuttered a little when i scrolled to quickly, but I wouldn't call a noticeable lag... after I updated to 10.8.4 i had some lag, that's why I came here, but the Quartz trick worked for me.. Is there any kind of thing i can check here that may help you figure out why mine mostly works while so many others have problems?

  • Wayne Chin Level 2 Level 2

    As I said time and time again, the "Quartz" trick is only a temporary fix. Go back to that PDF file and all the lag comes back again.

  • boko1008 Level 1 Level 1

    Not really, i never had lag reading PDF's... i had lag on mission control and the dock (i use auto-hide), and only after the update... i never had any troubles when i first got it, besides the calendar... i did the trick only once and the lag from UI effects never came back...

  • poidet Level 1 Level 1

    Everyone who has no any problem except few lags... try to select many emails in :)

  • boko1008 Level 1 Level 1

    i wouldn't say it's smooth, it stays between 20 and 30 fps, but it's not horrible...

  • vitor_mfc Level 1 Level 1

    Nvidia Lauched a new Cuda driver for mac  v 5.0.61 , maybe it brings new optimization for maverick?

  • LifeReceiver Level 1 Level 1

    I just installed Cuda 5.0.61 and upgraded to the latest Webkit nightly build and it's quite an improvement.  It's *very* close to the speed of Safari 7.  I can't wait for Google to catch up.  Hopefully we see an optimized Chrome release to match Safari 7 before Mavericks even comes out.

  • LifeReceiver Level 1 Level 1

    I'm actually very impressed with the latest Webkit build.  Mashable and Flickr are both buttery smooth. I may just shelf Chrome for a while.

  • krusty kretin Level 1 Level 1

    So I had my appointment at the genius bar and showed them the scroll and PDF lag.  The "genius" said this performance was "within the specs of the machine."  I asked if THIS is how we can expect a $2300 product from Apple to perform, and he repeated that this was all "within specs."  The PDF lag was HORRIBLE, He was really arrogant and unhelpful.  I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!


    I left my computer to do a diagnostic and tune up, the reason being that the whole machine will have a 90-day warranty extension.  I did this to buy some time and figure out what to do.  I've been told 3 different things by 3 different geniuses, so should I ask to talk to the manager?  Or the manager of the genius bar?


    The first genius said the scroll lag was totally unacceptable, then the latest guy said it was "within specs."  This is at the SAME apple store, TWO days apart.  What on EARTH is going on in this company?


    I couldn't show the latest "genius" my problems with Numbers (because I left it with a clean reinstall of 10.8.4).  Does anyone else have terrible scroll lag when trying to use a spreadsheet?  Numbers is so slow as to be totally unuseable to me, so when I get my machine back I think I'll reinstall Numbers, take it back in and speak to some kind of manager.  Numbers is a dead giveaway -- totally unacceptable performance.  Man, what a TERRIBLE experience.  And I NEED a powerful, WORKING machine to do my work!!!

  • LifeReceiver Level 1 Level 1



    This is a software issue and it is being addressed.  I'm sure the software will catch up in due time.  After seeing the progress being made on Webkit and Mavericks I have no doubt this will no longer be an issue in the future.

  • FrancisDaza Level 1 Level 1

    I just do the "test" with the PDF. For me it's working without problems (only a little bit laggy scrolling when appear the biggest images, but the pages continue passing well) until de page 52. In Chrome, Safari and Webkit.

    rMBP Mid-June 2012, 2'6Ghz (the rest of specs are usless to compare this performance but if you're using more than 8GB of RAM...)

  • krusty kretin Level 1 Level 1

    Hi LifeReceiver,


    Thanks for the response.  That it's a software problem is what I've gleaned from reading this awesome thread.  I certainly hope that's true and the problems will be fixed!


    But I'm still outraged at Apple and the "geniuses" -- they refuse to acknowledge that one of their products could be less than perfect and don't seem to care that I've had a really rough time with my $2300 computer.  And do they not have staff meetings?  The "genius" I talked to last said he had *never* heard of a problem with lag on a rMBP.  How is that possible?  And how is it possible that I get 3 different answers from 3 different "geniuses"?


    Well, I can complain all day and it does nothing so I'll stop.  Thanks again for the help.



  • Jimbobjoho Level 1 Level 1

    I've already posted here about my dismay with the laggy graphics, but when you start noticing that your screen has started to ghost, you really start loosing patience...



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