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  • LifeReceiver Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm that Mavericks completely fixed all of my lag issues.  Unfortunately Chrome is still not optimized for retina.  Safari is great and I'm struggling to switch. I really hope Google fixes the retina lag in Chrome.

  • Nokardron Level 1 Level 1

    Lucky you. Resizing is still laggy for me since 10.8.2.

  • Wayne Chin Level 2 Level 2

    Even under Mavericks?

  • LifeReceiver Level 1 Level 1

    I don't resize very often, so I cannot say much about that.  I normally keep my primary applications in full screen mode.  The biggest improvement I'm seeing is no more stuttering when switching between full screen apps. That was very annoying.

  • Lex1179 Level 1 Level 1

    Maverick solves the problem in my case too. The new 15" retina without discrete card is more graphic powerfull than ours?

  • benterz222 Level 1 Level 1

    Seems better on my MBr. Actually got a brand new machine from Apple Store yesterday as a replacment (old one had 3 screen replacements, so they finally decided to replace whole machine), which is an American laptop, not that I think that makes any difference.


    Main improvement for me is the Mail app. I have 000's of emails in the inbox, and before, scrolling and expanding was painfully slow. Now it's buttery smooth.


    Only thing that's not improved much is the scrolling of PDF's in Safari. That's still painful.

  • Nokardron Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, fresh install.

  • Christoph Lauer Level 1 Level 1

    The user interface of my MBP 2007 is faster than the user interface of my MBPr 2013 !!!

  • krusty kretin Level 1 Level 1

    thanks cbs20 for the info.


    switching between open programs, and windows within open programs, is still laggy for me.


    try opening like 10 safari or chrome windows and then swiping to reveal them all -- really, really laggy and choppy.




    I think apple has lost my future business.  Can anyone recommend a tablet?

  • krusty kretin Level 1 Level 1

    wow yes -- PDF scrolling/resizing is just as bad as before (using the same PDF i used to use to test this).  yikes.

  • poidet Level 1 Level 1

    I would say interface became definately smoother, but interesting point it is became more non retina like. Previously it was very sharp (letters, words etc), Now it looks like not so sharp anymore. Maybe difference not so big, but it is exists. Letters became very blurred It's like i'm looking into non retina display defenetly. Does anyone have the same ?

  • SEBGRE Level 1 Level 1

    The more I read your comments / complaints even after Maverick, the more it becomes evident how blatantly  subjective "smoothness" can be. I admit, it might have been Apple's fault after all to get all of you acquainted with *butter-smooth scrolling", but the degree of never-ending complaints here is unbelievable.


    Mavericks has reduced any evident lag to a very acceptable level on my basic level 15" MBPr, case closed (for me). Good night

  • krusty kretin Level 1 Level 1



    "the degree of never-ending complaints here is unbelievable"


    I don't care so much about "butter-smooth" scrolling, but when a $2300 machine cannot resize a PDF in anything close to real time, nor can it resize columns in a basic spreadsheet, then something is very, very wrong.  Perhaps you don't have the same problems with Numbers as I do.  But


    1.  Apple consistently refusing to even acknowledge there's a problem (read my previous posts about my experiences at the "genius" bar) is unbelievable


    2.  Apple replacing an expensive screen and logic board when it wasn't a hardware problem is unbelievable.


    3.  Apple store manager and "lead genius" telling me over and over that my machine is "performing within specs" yet STILL replacing hardware when I leave it with them is unbelievable


    Yes, perhaps smoothness is subjective -- but that's not what I'm "complaining" about.  Please tell me how a $2300 computer is supposed to run, especially one that Apple TOLD me multiple times could handle the workload/research computations I need to perform?  (Yes, I ASKED multiple geniuses multiple times in the apple store if the new rMBP could handle my needs.  "Yes and then some" and "it's amazing" was all I heard from apple.  So I feel my disappointment is totally warranted).


  • xenit Level 1 Level 1

    Prior to the release of mavericks i did a Complete fresh install of Mountain Lion. and installed a few apps...


    Then i upgraded... Previously there was only lag in resizing windows and safari websites...


    With the upgrade i have the following


    Running apps full screen and swiping between full screen apps (NO LAG)

    Resizing windows Depending what it is (LAG if app like calendar, or hi visual things) (

    NO LAG on normal Finder windows but if the finder window is in full screen mode and opening tabs there is either lag or delays before the tabs open as they are not instant.

    Working in apps fine

    Mission Control (Perfect NO LAG)

    Launch PAD (LAG) this is an irritating issue it only lags with my folders... so when opening a folder it will expand half way open then freeze or get stuck for a moment and then continue... this is not killer but it irritates me endlessly

    New flat design calendar works perfectly where on ML it lagged...


    I take it anything that is graphical is laggy coz mac is trying to save resources as much as possible ...


    for a premium this is really bad


    I have a 13 rMBP with 8gig ram and it lags...


    Its clearly in the way the graphics are handled as when working in anything it runs fine.


    Makes me wonder if apple is taking a samsung approach where they focus more on the new hardware than supporting others like they did in the past


    Its truly sad... They used to test their software so thoroughly before releasing it to ensure a excellent experience and now we get this glitchy half baked stuff on hardware that isnt even a year old...

  • Ricardo Chiste Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry for my english:


    Hello guys, I 've been following the forum posts for some time , always with the hope that someone has managed to find a solution to these problems, I also hoped that Meverick solve the problem, but it did not.


    As has been said here in this forum , I believe that the claims are not higher because there are many users who bought the MacBook Retina never had another MacBook.


    Like everyone, I am very disappointed with Apple because it is clear that we are talking about a design flaw in a device that costs U.S. $ 2500 in USA, here in Brazil the 15 " MacBook Pro Retina costs in dollars equivalent to $ 4,500.


    If this were a problem in the auto industry believe a recall had already been done.


    I would ask everyone if anyone heard in other forums that someone had brought this issue to justice or a lawyer?


    I believe that if we join to move a class action lawsuit we could be heard.


    What do you think ?




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