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    Even though I don't like what you said (as in: it doesn't ease my mind): Thank you for describing it in so much detail!

    Apple didn't call me back yet, so I don't really know if they were able to do sth. about it or not. When I'm going there to pick it up I'm going to take a friend of mine with me for the sake of the psychological effect - so the Genius Bar reps / the manager can't turn me down and tell me they don't see anything.

    If they keep saying the stuff we all heard multiple times, a few things will happen (and I will make this crystal clear to them): I will check my options to place guest articles on several IT news sites about the issue itself and the absolutely ridiculous way Apple is handling it - in fact, writing these mails is what I'm doing right after this. Plus I'll get in touch with consumer protection in my country since the product is not as advertised. And still call Apple Care to climb up the food chain a bit. The one thing Apple really cares about is its image which makes it their weak spot as well.

    Remember: as long as we're discussing here, it stays here. People who don't know about this problem will not search for it and when they got their own device they may or may not see the lag. At the Genius Bar they can turn us down. But if we take it out to small but well known sites this might force Apple to acknowledge the issue. I'm not saying that it will have any or a huge impact as I can't promise this, but at least I want to put up a good fight here. If they behave like a government official, it's fair to treat them this way: dig out the dirt, make it public and hope for it to get viral.


    @Krusty: Apple Hardware Test shows the same for my device. But most of all it's a quick hardware sanity check, it doesn't do any in depth checking as far as I know. Yet I believe they can't even give us a solution except all new all shiny hardware. I've read an article on AnandTech the other day where they describe how they do they scaling on the rMBPs. While in "best for retina" mode the image is rendered at 2880x1800 (or w/e it is exactly), on scaled modes like the 1920x1080 one I tend to use, the HD4000 has to push 3840x2400 images. In the best case at 30+ FPS. That said, the HD4000 isn't even capable of doing the 2880x1800 resolution in a fluent way at all times. Plus because of the way some applications (I.e. browsers w/o hardware acceleration) work this puts a lot of strain on the CPU as well, which is no where as good at drawing UI elements. AnandTech states that in programs with high quality assets (like InDesign for me), "the CPU has to decode images at 4x the resolution it is used to."

    All this brings me to a simple point: they build a laptop which they advertised in my country with 'Power bis zum letzten Pixel' (powerful to the last pixel) but simply cannot deliver. The hardware they use is nowhere as powerful as it should be to drive this resolution efficiently. Which explains why the late 2013 models have less problems, as the Iris Pro is way more powerful as the HD4000, but still lacks performance when it comes to high resolutions. Even the GT650M isn't powerful enough to drive these resolutions (exc. "best for retina"), the new one might be.

    Here's the link to the whole article: eview/8

    You may agree or disagree with the above, but it's the best explanation I've come up with so far.

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    Good luck with that. If three motherboard changes and and entire computer swap hasn't resolved the problem, then why pursue this any further? I sold my rMBP and got a BTO MBA. Sure I miss the retina screen, but getting back to butter smooth scrolling for my graphics work meant all the world to me.

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    Got mine three days ago and I confirm that the rMBP 13 Late 2013 does have noticeable and annoying lag issues.


    Not to mention when I turned it on first time and the first setup window popped up I coudn't use the trackpad and keyboard because it did not work! Shame on you Apple. Serioiusly. Anyway turning it off and on fixed the problem. BUT I strongly believe that a $1,500 laptop should not behave like this.


    I didn't buy the previous model but waited for this year just because of the notorius lag issue.

    At their last event they hyped up the new models and I believed that the problem was totally gone. But now it's clear it is not.


    Anyway, I really hope that all the screen lags are just software issues not hardware. Otherwise it's a BIG FAIL and Apple should take responsoblity to let people return their sh*tty rMBP Late 2013 and get refund regarding whatever return policy they have.


    What do they think their customers are?                 

    We do NOT buy the glowing Apple logo on the lid we buy technologies that work.

    If they do not work properly and flawlessly what is the point in them?

    Do they think they can feed us with sh*t and tell us it's cool because it's from Apple. No way.


    I will deinifetly think twice before throwing money on any Apple products EVER again.

    I will never advise Apple products to anybody anymore.


    I've been a loyal customer for years but seriously Apple (the most expensive company in the world) cannot treat their customers like this and sell them sh*t.


    I really wish I had read this thread before throwing $1,500 on a supposedly "best" laptop.

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    Reason is easy for me: I want them to admit that they build a kinda ****** laptop here. IMO it's not right to let them get along with this hardware (esp. since they discontinued the 'normal' MBPs) and their behavior. I'm sorry if this seems too harsh for you but as far as I'm concerned I can't stand companies acting like that.

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    If you got it three days ago, save yourself the hassle I'm stuck with and just return it. If you bought it online you may do so within 14 days in most countries, or if you bought it in store just take it back to them and hope they'll give you a refund.

    Otherwise you're totally bringing my feelings about this to the point.

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    .exxe wrote:


    Reason is easy for me: I want them to admit that they build a kinda ****** laptop here. IMO it's not right to let them get along with this hardware (esp. since they discontinued the 'normal' MBPs) and their behavior. I'm sorry if this seems too harsh for you but as far as I'm concerned I can't stand companies acting like that.

    I totally agree with you mate. I can't believe that the company that claims to deliver "best products" can act like that. We should keep this post up until we get clear solution for the issue.

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    Unfortunately I bought it online and currenty am not in the country I did it. I'll be able to do so by Christmas. But don't know what they'd come up with if I brought it back to them. They should admit the issue and let people return it as a faulty product despite the 14 days they allow.

    .exxe wrote:


    If you got it three days ago, save yourself the hassle I'm stuck with and just return it. If you bought it online you may do so within 14 days in most countries, or if you bought it in store just take it back to them and hope they'll give you a refund.

    Otherwise you're totally bringing my feelings about this to the point.

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    Well, sorry for the pessimism, but I'm not the revolutionary type. I spent 6 months solid with Apple between November 2012 to May of 2013 pushing with furor and frustration to every Apple staff I can find. When I became a "negative regular" at one of the Apple Stores I had to tell myself to stop the madness once and for all and just get a Mac that works. Try doing what you're about to do for 6 months and tell me the results you're gonna get.

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    I absolutely love Apple products, but the MBP Retina UI Lag is sad.  I am not sure why Apple can't fix this issue because the evil empire Microsoft has done a great job.  I returned my MBP Retina because of how annoying the UI lag was.  Lenovo has a Yoga Pro 2 with 13.3" screen that has far more resolution than the MBP and its smooth as butter.  3800X1800 resolution on a smaller 13" screen.  Why can't Apple pull smooth UI on a lower (Retina) screen? 


    I guess I will stick with what Apple is good at - iPhones.  Too bad Apple.

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    Has anyone downloaded the Amazon Cloud Player app for Mac?  It has some of the WORST lag I've ever seen on my rMBP.  And when resizing the window it can't keep up with the mouse pointer (of course) BUT it creates these weird white rectangles before resizing and then fills them in with the app window, if that makes any sense.


    Is that just the app that *****, the rMBP or both?


    I don't have that big of a library in the cloud, but it's almost impossible to scroll through albums.  This is so infuriating!!!

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    dont know about you guys, in my rMBP the lag started when i enabled the sync my iphone over wifi in itunes. i only noticed when i disabled it in itunes.


    well i'm just glad that my rMBP was back to its original smoothness. hope its the same case for you guys.

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    I just bought a new maxed out late 2013 MBP 15" with LG display (new version, no problems so far, great color and contrast) and soon discovered the lag issues. The first thing that I did and what really helped was disable autmatic graphics card switching. Yes, this will reduce battery life probably by an hour but it's absolutely worth it. I still had lag issues with Mission Control, with zooming/moving images in Lightroom and even with scrolling in Safari and dragging browser windows.


    I have not yet figured out what caused this but currently all these issues are gone. I have switched resolutions a little and played around, connected to an iMac in target display mode and disconnected again, rebooted and now everything works smoothly as intended but unfortunately I do now know how I "repaired" it.


    Yes, Mission Control is still a bit slow but almost unnoticable and I can take a little delay if I get such a gorgeous display with flexible resolution in return. I currently run the display scaled to 1920x1200 and still everything is really smooth and absolutely ok to work with. So I decided to keep this machine - before that I was really not sure - and hope it stays this way now.


    So I think that the problem is software-related. I have active corners configured to show the desktop and all application windows. And even while the application windows had serious lagging the switch to desktop was always lightning-fast. I would suspect some incompatible software may cause these issues. Hopefully this gets resolved but I guess the good news is that the hardware is probably not the cause of this.

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    Mine started, after I plugged in an external apple wireless keyboard, and mouse. I had to turn off blue tooth to get my trackpad back! totally weird... your track pad should never dissappear like this... horrible lag in action ONLY when clicking. Turned off bluetooth now I can click again. RIP STEVE JOBS

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    I just had a crash on my rMBP and after restart my CPU% was over 100% I think it was 200% up. The fans kicked in and switching desktops worked flawless!!!! So it must be a SW bug! Now after I shut down some process also my CPU% lowerd and it started lagging again.

    Apple fix it or at least admit that there is a problem!!

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    Hi Guys


    I originally also posted to this thread about my 13" rMBP lagging only in the launchpad


    After that Post Reloaded my system but didnt pay much attention and then i was recently forced to Reload once again due to my own stupidity... I noticed that on my clean install fully updated the lag I experienced in the launchpad was gone... so as I began to install and configure my system back to its former glory i made a point to take not of what causes my lag to return as it eventually did


    My lag returned after installing MS Office 2011 and updating it... to confirm this I did a full uninstall of office and went through my entire system removing all the office related files and to my luck my lag issue went away...


    Now I doubt my solution will help anyone as everyones situation is unique but i thought i would just post my findings should this on some miraculous level resolve the issue for another man on the other side of the globe


    Happy new year to you all and may there be blessing in the near future that solves all our problems... we can only hope

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