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  • poidet Level 1 (0 points)

    and what for you gave me that link ?

  • Wizzra Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup, it's really disappointing that with all the money apple has to invest in HW they can't fully test their software. There is no mistake that the Macbook Pro with Retina is a pre-released machine just for the branding: 'With Retina'. I blame apple for using the ****** Intel HD 4000 graphic card. Just the name of it gives me the creeps for this ****** *** cheap onboard video card. But than again, why include 1GB Video Card and not use it when it needs to.

    Either apple call for a Re-Call or Fix it via updates & firmware we don't care, we want a working macine in all of it's aspects.

  • poidet Level 1 (0 points)

    I guess everyone here waiting new update if it won't fix our problem i will try to sell it.


    btw, Sometimes I see next bug: mouse cursor disappear, nothing could be clicked, moved, touched for 2-5 seconds, looks like freezing, and then cursor appear again and everything is ok.


    Too long wake up after sleep.


    Two times I saw when whole screen was looks like broken (many horizontal lines) for a while (1-2 sec)


    And everyone happy )

  • EPO@ Level 1 (0 points)

    Who cares, this thread is stuffed with video's and whining people like you. It'[s just not interesting, and doesn't

    help ANYTHING in solving this problem. Post something useful, or nothing at all pretty please.

  • Wizzra Level 1 (0 points)



    fixing the sleep problem can be done like this:

    sudo pmset -a standbydelay 86400


    read about it here:

  • J Critchley Level 1 (0 points)

    This thread has been active for months now and no real solutions or answers have been provided (aside from using webkit)... if anything it's actually been missing the people whining and complaining for the past month or so because the more quiet it is the less it looks that the issues persist.


    Then again I think that the amount of time that has passed without any acknoledgment from Apple in any way is confirmation enough that they're not willing to take the issue seriously and will fix what they can on their own time... or not at all.

  • roberto_sc Level 1 (0 points)


    It's not Intel 4000 HD fault, it's a software problem. If you force MBP to use GeForce, the lag still happens in almost the same way.

  • Wayne Chin Level 2 (425 points)

    I was contacted by an Apple Engineer yesterday. Nothing. Absolutely no solution and it almost made me feel as though I'm the only person with this problem. I'm almost certain that this is a problem that only affects the 2.6ghz model. I have placed my laptop besides nearly two dozen retina macs with different specs (mostly the 2.3ghz model) and in every case my laptop does the Lego block laggy scrolls and the others don't.

    In the meantime, I have downloaded a copy the latest 10.8.3 beta and I'm happy to report that I'm getting 10 frames more per second on average using the dedicated processor. (About 45-55 fps using Heavenly 3D) However, once it goes back to integrated video, the lag comes back.

    For the amount of time that we've all wasted doing one test after another I sincerely hope Apple rewards us if we find a solution on this thread :(

  • Wayne Chin Level 2 (425 points)

    Nevermind, iPhoto is still lagging heavily under 10.8.3 beta, especially when I'm pinching the trackpad to enlarge and reduce thumbnails :(

  • Wayne Chin Level 2 (425 points)

    "So far it actually works!" " it don't..."


    Sorry I got a bit of a chuckle out of your expense :(

  • roberto_sc Level 1 (0 points)

    Please help me with this: I'm experiencing lag in some apps, but Safari is far more lagged than any other. Besides this, it's not drawing pages correctly. I would like to know if the drawing problem is related to this one.

    To understand the drawing problem please check this printscreen that I just took from this very page: .png


    Thank you.

  • Wizzra Level 1 (0 points)

    This seems like a rendering issue in OSX, like the one mentioned in Launchpad.

    It seems like Apple engineers were adding some code patches to "support" higher density screens (unlike iMacs where they just stretch it all out).

    could be the GFX card's framebuffer (ie, double buffering) can't handle the amount of pixels it has to drive and returns a currupted buffer (overlapping buffers), hench the stuff you get on your screen.

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    I've been following this thread since two months back now, and I've started to be really impatient. Hope that the one-year warranty will cover something. Guess it's not possible to get the money back. Has anyone tried?

    I have the mbp-r 15" 16gb 2,6GHz model.


    Can't be the hardware. For example, In Photoshop, if you use the Hand tool and scrolling with it, everything runs smoothly. But scrolling with trackpad is choppy. The Calendar app has crappy graphics when you're scrolling between the months/yrs. When your iPhone 4S/iPad retina runs better graphics than mbp-r, you wonder what's wrong.


    There's been a lot of talking about the iOS 6.1, and Apple are making bug-fixes for it constantly. Clearly the've forgotten their Mac users, sadly. Using low resolution with SwitchResX Control, Calendar, iTunes, younameit runs smoothly, but you'll lose the benefit of the retina-display.


    MacWorld wrote that 10.8.3  would be released "soon" in December.

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    Ok guys listen well, I've been in this post for a while now, and I just received an email from an apple representative and after giving him my phone number I got called from him , He told me they were calling everyone that was writing in this post ( not sure about everyone )  but they called me and asked me about the problem, he told me that Apple has many engineers looking into the problem, and they even asked me to gather some logs and data to help them out.  To my surprise the guy was very nice and he knew what was going on as he even told me he had one of this rMBP and he also was experiencing problems, he told me they don't know if the update 10.8.3 is going to be the fixed for the problem, it it's hardware related as to the capability to of the N650m  pushing so many pixels falling short.



    So just to let you guys know about how fustrated I was and how happy I am that even though we don't have a fix right now and this obviously is someting that shouldn't happen with a brand new product that should be tested before shipped they are looking into it and are paying attention to the complaints.


    So that's all I have to say, if anyone else got called from apple let me know...


    Have a nice evening

  • LordHansee Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm still in dialog with Apple too and this time they seem to care to solve this problem. The Apple-guy was kind of hard to understand, be said that he'll dive into a lot of documents of how to remove something regarding graphic drivers. I'm expecting a call tonight, so will keep you posted.


    <Email Edited By Host>

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