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  • peterwillem Level 1 (10 points)

    I have been following this thread as well for several weeks. I have a very similar problem but it varries sometimes from the others.

    Here is in a nut shell what happens with my iMac mid 2010  and osx10.8.1 :


    I have a iMac mid 2010 27”. After upgrade from Lion to MLion I have the following problem:


    When I wake up the iMac from sleep I see a spinning beachball in the menubar when pointing the cursor to it. It only shows on the original standard Apple icons ( like:TimeMachine;Bluetooth; WiFi;Sound volume;date and time;user name and finder.)

    On the other icons put there by other software (Speedtools pro;Dropbox;Intego Virus barrier) there is no spinning ball.

    This happens when I put the iMac to sleep manually or via powermanagement .

    When done manually I see that ,after waking up, the time/date shows the moment I put it to sleep  manually and it stays so for about 10 minutes than returns to correct time/date.

    This does not happen when the iMac is put to sleep via powermanagement.

    Some times the Wifi is greyed out, sometimes not.

    After some time, no more than 10 minutes at the most the spinning ball is gone and everything works normal.

    When using the iMac during the spinning ball most of the time it works ok. But sometimes a program like safari will cause freezing. Only a hard shutdown and restart via the powerbutton will help.


    When logging in with an other user account  or

    starting in safemode I do not have the above problems.



    I have been following several threads on this issue on the Apple support and tried out all the suggestions they made there, but none of them worked for me.



    Because the problem varies so much it is not possible for me to pin point the cause of it.

    The only common factor is that it happens when waking up the iMac  after it has been put to sleep.



    I tried to sent it via the bugreporter but every time I tried to log in I get an error report.


    Any help is welcome,




  • WildBill Level 3 (530 points)

    I'm assuming you've tried unchecking "Show Wifi status in menubar" found in Systems Prefs, Network? That and pushing Computer Sleep (Sys Prefs, Energy Saver) to 3 hrs seems to have solved the problem for me. I'm not actually sure if it's necessary to push Computer Sleep to 3hrs; it might have simply been removing Wifi status from menu bar that did the trick. I'll have to play with that. 

  • peterwillem Level 1 (10 points)

    I did try the energy saver with various computer-sleeping times, but that did not help me.

    I will try out the unchecking wifi status in menu bar. I will let you know.




  • SimplyLori Level 1 (0 points)

    I turned the sleep off completely, just use a screensaver. I haven't had a problem since.

  • roxan Level 1 (0 points)

    Sleep mode was LWAY screwing up the wifi. Turning it off thus reduced significantly the frequency of the problem.


    however, in my case, it was not sufficient to fix the glitch. I still regularly observe a reduction of transfer speed by a factor of 10 until I reboot to get back the 8Mbps according to (instead of .7 when ML runs for more than a day...)




  • peterwillem Level 1 (10 points)

    I tried waking up from short/long sleep activated by energysaving and long sleep manually activated.

    In all the cases I did not have any problem, no spinning ball. Touch wood it is still early days, but it looks switching off the WiFi status in the menu bar is a good work around for this problem.

    It is not a solution however, that is something for Apple to fix.

    That is why I want to sent this problem to the bugreporter, but so far I could not log into that link.


    SimplyLori, turning of the sleep completely is not an option for me at this moment.





  • WildBill Level 3 (530 points)

    Glad to hear that switching off Wi-fi status in menu bar has temporarily resolved your issue. I know others that have successfully posted this issue to bugreporter, so you can be sure they're aware of it. What IS mysterious to me: you're inability to log into that link?

  • peterwillem Level 1 (10 points)

    well I ty to login with my apple id and password and than get an error message.



    Schermafbeelding 2012-09-15 om 20.38.05.jpg


    I mailed to that link, and got a reply that it was noted. But so far no other message.




  • WildBill Level 3 (530 points)

    I submitted a bug rerport once and did not hear back for quite awhile. Eventually, I got a response and they asked me to take a screen shot of the issue. Then a bit of a wait until finally, they acknowledged my issue as a verifiable bug. But I never got a follow-up on if it was fixed or not. I assumed that this would be an unreasonable expectation.

  • debulle45 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've got the exact same issue. No solution yet. I urge Apple to solve this..

  • WildBill Level 3 (530 points)

    Though getting rid of the Wifi icon in the menu bar has helped considerably, it hasn't completely solved the prtoblem. I'm still either having to reboot the router and/or the computer periodicaslly.


    I wonder if anyone has actually tried the "solution" offered and with what results?

  • Herbert Schulz Level 1 (10 points)



    Latest update. I turned off (de-activated) Ethernet turned on WiFi and connected fine over many sleep cycles. Note: I'm not having the issues others have on this thread! I've now turned Ethernet back on and Wifi off and haven't had the problem again. Don't know if turning Ethernet off and then on resets something but, hopefully, this behavior continues.


    Good Luck,

    Herb Schulz

  • peterwillem Level 1 (10 points)

    It has been 3 days now  after turning off the WiFi icon in menu bar  and I have not had any of the problems I had before.

    I do not have to reset/reboot the router or computer either.

    Turning off the Ethernet connection I had already done way back before and that did not help any.It is still switched off.

    Only switching off the WiFi in menu bar did.




  • Andrew Harris1 Level 1 (90 points)

    I've been reading these posts and it seems like the issue may be related to 3rd party apps in the taskbar.


    I've tried many of the suggestions here but none of them worked. It was then that I relised that I only had the hang problem at work not when i was using my laptop at home.


    Note: I have removed all the none native taskbar items at this point. Nothing has helped 


    These are the differences between my work and home environment:


    - Different wi-fi

    - At work I have an external keyboard

    - At work I have my time machine drive attached


    I think it may be the last item. I have a western digital drive and it launches a taskbar icon. I have removed the icon and I don't seem to have the issue.


    I think until apple comes up with a fix you have to remove all your 3rd party taskbar items.


    Hope this helps. If anybody can confirm that this works for them it would be great to hear.

  • peterwillem Level 1 (10 points)

    As I said before I too have followed these posts having the same problem. I tried several things to overcome it.

    Starting in safemode or logging in as an other user I did not have these problems but I also noticed that in those occasions I did not have any 3rd party icons in the menubar/taskbar. I did however have the WiFi icon.

    Switching back to normal mode with the 3rd party and WiFi icon  the problem (spinning ball etc) started again.

    Switching off the WiFi icon the problem disappeared, at least until now.

    So it looks like 3rd party icons and WiFi icon together in the menubar causes trouble.

    I will wait for some more days to see if everything remains the same, and than I remove 3rd party icons  and put back the WiFi icon   and see what happens.




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