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    Hi Stephen, Pls How do i turn off the transmit menu and clearing transmit Plist file

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    I have a 13" mid-2012 MBA with factory-installed OSX with all updates applied, running 10.8.4


    I too was experiencing the problem where the MBA would not reconnect to my home WiFi network after sleep.  But through careful observation I noticed that the problem not only occurred when waking from sleep but also when I turned off the WiFi network and then turned it back on.  In this latter case, when I turned on the WiFi network it would not find my preferred home network.  I would have to wait a few seconds for it to grey-out the WiFi icon in the menu bar.  Then, I would click on it an wait for it to find all networks, including my home network.  I then had to select my home network but I did not have to re-enter the network password.


    Like others, I did the disk verification and repaired permsissions - it did not resolve the issue.  I also deleted the entry in my keychain for my home network's password - that too did not resolve the issue. 


    Finally, I removed my home network entry from the WiFi Preferred Network list.  I then turned off WiFi networks and then turned it back on.  When it came back on, I then selected my home network from the list, entered my network password, and checked the Preferred Network checkbox.  This resolved my issue - I am able to close my laptop lid, wait a few minutes, and open the lid and my MBA automatically connects to my home network.



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