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    I'm no longer regularly using Safari, mainly due to this issue. Like other users, I noticed it after upgrading to Mountain Lion. An example of a site where an "annoying vertical line" is displayed is, a site used by many web developers.


    It would be great to see this problem fixed in the next release of Safari. Meanwhile, I'm using Chrome.

  • jeffrey33 Level 1 (0 points)



    Back to Chrome for now...

  • NValdes Level 1 (0 points)

    It interesting that forcing discrete graphics seems to "fix" the problem, because doing so happens to also "fix" the audio crackling issues on my retina.


    I'm not saying that safari isn't what's broken, since users are reporting improvement with nightly webkit builds and deleting cache.db as well as the whole memory leak thing...but it deserves some credence, don't you think?


    It doesn't seem to be a purely nvidia optimus issue (as in, say, linux?) because ati cardholders are also reporting the same issue.  Oh well, FF has downthemall so I'm not complaining.  I just wanted a good, fast, stable macbook.  Oh and btw, the -ing at the end of complaining keeps disappearing as I type...

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    I'm thinking it's the graphics drivers as well. Performance is better with the newer Webkit, but I'm still seeing the graphic distortions, it's almost ALWAYS after I see the Discreet/Integrated transition occur.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I never see it anymore, but I'm also pretty sure that that's because I've set my computer to just always use the dedicated card. Last time I tried switching it came back, I did see the issues. And the thing is, it doesn't depend on which card is being used, it just happens after a switch occurs.

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    Out of curiosity, may I ask how you notice the integrated/discreet transition occur? I have a Retina MBP and I'm curious as I've never noticed it before (or on my previous MBP which also had the Optimus switching).


    I would love to get back to using Safari but I'm not sure I want to set it on discreet graphics only as I enjoy the low heat/low battery usage. I'm using Chrome for now but it's just not quite the same .

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    It's not actually noticeable visibly, but if you install gfxCardStatus you can see it (and set it to not switch):


    I'm fine setting it to discreet only, because the vast majority of the time I have it plugged in anyway. And if I do need the lower power, etc., I can just switch it myself in that case.

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    Just installed the latest firefox nightly, now I can compare all three as far as what I'm seeing through the lens of this issue.


    The key difference as far as this issue is concerned lies in each browser's implementation of SOME gpu-related kernel extension or driver.  Further strengthening the focus on this being a gpu issue is the fact that I usually clear up the glitches by hitting cmd+a to select all text onscreen.  This forces the gpu to re-draw the  areas that are highlighted, correcting the issue.


    In the case of Safari, it uses OSX's native optimus implementation, which basically means it tries its darndest to stick with the integrated gpu.  I don't recall ever seeing safari swap over to the GT650, but it might have - perhaps when viewing youtube or something.  This browser obviously produces the graphical glitches and artifacts we've been complaining about.


    Chrome seems to be very resistant to switching to the discrete card, but once it does, it refuses to release the discrete card until the process is fully quit.  For users without gfxCardStatus, this poses a serious battery life and heat issue.  The GT650 wasn't designed to idle while active, it was designed to wake up, do work, then go back to a lowpower standby state.  Chrome also did create some glitches on my machine, although nowhere nearly as bad or as often as safari.  The fact that chrome would spend large stretches of time locked into discrete graphics may come into play here.  Perhaps its the Intel HD gpu driver that has issues?


    Firefox (nightly) is very quick to trigger the 650, but also quick to release it.  It remains to be seen if the switching itself is costly in terms of battery life and stability or if it makes no difference.  This behavior, however, seems to result in a more stable and standards-compliant product.  Further assessment will, however, be required.

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    Would you mind expanding on the GT650 not being designed to idle while active?


    Based on crimsonpenguin's notes above, I'm going back to Safari for a little bit and I'm going to lock it to the GT650 and see how it plays out.

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    Well, in practice, whenever chrome would lock into the 650, the rMBP would heat up to 60-70c just displaying text on a page.


    When running Win7 via bootcamp (and vmware, but that was to be expected) the computer is just as hot because it's locked into the 650 - there are no optimus drivers for the rMBP's motherboard on win7 so bootcamp just forces discrete gpu since a major reason for users to install windows is for gaming.


    I've managed to, in my brain, distill the likely culprits to the Intel HD side of the gpu conflagration that is the rMBP.  Its either something with the integrated gpu or with the switching mechanism that's not playing well with what's written to the shaders by these browsers.  I blame the hardware/kernel extensions because the GT650 seems to get along famously with anything you throw at it.


    During class now, I'm gonna do a small experiment.  I'll delete cache.db and reboot my mac.  Then force integrated gpu with gfxCardStatus, start a timer, and run safari.  I'll surf until the glitches become "bothersome" which for me is when I see vertical tearing while scrolling (a chunk of the screen doesn't want to scroll and persists while the rest moves) or the flickering text garbage.


    Then, I'll do the same procedure again, but this time forcing gt650 also with gfxCardStatus (not syspref for the sake of the experiment).  Since I don't expect any glitches to happen during this part, I'll go up to twice as long as the integrated gpu lasted before crapping out.


    If neither forced gpu makes glitches, then we can be reasonably sure that its the switching function that "causes" the problem.  Whatever makes things easier for the apple devs, right?  Maybe then they'll actually fix it.


    I'll  keep track of my battery drain and temperature during both experiments.  This'll be good just to have on the forum for reference, but if more people could replicate, then we could actually analyze the results.  Everyone's system is different and you look at different sites so there's a lot of confounds to the data.

  • Jmanis Level 1 (10 points)

    So I'm experiencing the same issues although it's not nearly as bad as it sounds like others are having.  I'm running a mid-2008 iMac with an nVidia GPU.  I don't think that bodes well for the current theory though...


    Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.18.41 AM.png



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    On safari 6.0.2, running osx 10.8.2?  Not that I'm doubting you, but I just had an argument with the TA for this class because he said my code didn't compile and gave me a zero but he's on 10.7 and I was compiling for 10.8


    If that's not the case, it could pose a significant hole in this train of thought we're having.

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    Here is the About Safari screen (6.0.2).  The last post shows that I'm on 10.8.2



    Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.31.25 AM.png

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    derp, the pictures didn't load on the first go lol.  They did after i refreshed just now though.



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    I have this issue and it seems to appear on certain sites more than others.  It was never a problem before Mountain Lion or the previous version of Safari.  I have Firefox and Chrome but only use them for back up.  I just prefer Safari for all sorts of reasons.  (Even with the annoying element of them taking RSS off)


    The weird thing is that it doesn't happen on my husband's MBP.  Our MBP's are only 6 months apart in age, mine being a mid 2011 and his being a late 2011.


    I have not tried the two suggestions listed in the thread but will do so.  I am actually relieved a bit (only a bit) that many others are having the same issue.  With my husband's not doing the same thing, I was concerned it was something with my MBP.


    I sure hope they fix this... sometime!

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