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    Yes. I did everything I could to eradicate its infectious existence from my machine. I also repeated the "cleansing" after both of the point releases to try it again from a clean slate. It's a bug.

  • miflo Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Apple should release 10.8.3 within the next days or weeks. I can approve that 10.8.3. developer preview does not have this issue any more.

  • Jakelong Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good to hear!!

  • MagicTH Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Turned off all extensions, cleared cache, restarted. No change.


    Plus 10.8.3 isn't going to help (me) because I'm on 10.7.5 and I'm not upgrading to Mountain Lion anytime soon. I gotta believe it's in Safari and not the OS otherwise alternate browsers should have a problem too.


    Here's a site to check:


    Background graphics, videos and other pictures don't come up in Safari, but work fine in FireFox, Explorer 9 (Win 7 64-bit) and Chrome.


    Been on FireFox for a month now.

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    Have you tried the WebKit beta? That site looks fine for me. Although I am on Mountain Lion.

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    Downloaded the webkit. Didn't seem to help so I went to clear cache and noticed, under the "Develop" menu, that "Disable Images" was checked. Unchecked that all everything works fine. How that got checked I cannot explain :-0



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    10.7.5 largely introduces to Lion holdouts the updates that ML users received in 10.8.2.  The two patches were released on the same day, with supplemental patches also applied to both on the same day.


    We've already discussed that other browsers DO have the same issue, just not to such an extent.  Chrome suffers from the same exact issues.


    What we've also done is narrow down the symptoms to only occurring while dual-gpu macs are using integrated graphics.  Single GPU macs, whether integrated or discrete, do not seem to suffer from this issue.


    Since 8.2 and 7.5 were so closely related, it is not outside the realm of possibility for a 7.6 to be released alongside 8.3 which brings whatever patches that fix this issue to Lion users.




    I honestly don't think this is ALL apple's fault, unlike the maps debacle.  I think this is a classic issue of pass-the-buck between apple and the gpu manu's (AMD and NVidia), plus now intel gets thrown in since they make the integrated gpus.  Every company has its priorities, and this would certainly not be the first time that gpu manufacturers snub a non-windows/PC product that they supposedly once supported.


    Since the new MBPs don't have optimus branding (NVidia's proprietary graphics-switching implementation) its very likely that apple had to engineer their own solution, and also likely that they had to do so without much help from NVidia.


    Maps was, and remains, borked from the core.  This implementation largely works fine.  I haven't heard the old audio crackling problem that was also related to this for a while now, and besides safari and chrome, nothing else is giving graphical glitches.  I don't think this really warrants a press release.  Maybe...maybe a bullet on the release notes, but that's about it imo.




    On a separate note, I've been using firefox aurora since this issue reared its visage on my system.  It's been wonderful, as the latest versions seem not to suffer from memory leaks anymore.  Compared to safari, firefox is more standards-compliant with a nearly identical featureset, and a far larger extension library.  Downthemall is pretty hard to compete with.


    I dunno...but any future version of safari's gonna have a hard sale to get me to switch back from aurora.  That's just me though, and at this moment.  I'd like to hear any and all counterarguments because I'm always looking for better solutions =).

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    We are in 2013 now - products like the rMBP and Mountain Lion have been out for months. And yet the Apple branded browser remains unusable on that platform after how long? Truly unacceptable. And the total and complete lack of any attention to or acknowledgement of this thread by Apple staff only makes it a greater fail for the organization. Apple has never done anything that got me more fed up with them than this issue. Do they think a browser is not important??? That seems to be the message they are sending us. Could we PLEASE have some feedback from Apple on this debilitating Safari issue???

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    Mine only seemed to be giving trouble in Facebook. Turned out it was the "Facebook improved" plugin. Ironically it seemed to make it "Facebook worsened" for me. Wierdly going to check what the plugin I'd disabled was called to type this, it gave a blank Extensions page, and then restarting safari it didn't open properly and I had to force quit safari, mail and messages, nothing would open still and I had to hold the power button to restart the whole thing!?! Did an SMC reset too for unrelated random slowness and slight odd behaviour/jumpiness I'd experienced recently, and that's all cleared up as well! It's like a new mac!


    Anyway, hope you guys find a fix for yours soon. What kind of rendering issues have you got exactly? Can you describe them? I'm wondering if they were like mine, but caused by something else (or maybe related), or if it was a different looking type thing (or something that might still there on some sites but I haven't noticed).

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    I'm actually starting to believe that Apple cares about Safari less than even M$ cares about iexplore.exe lol.


    Then again, why should they care?  I personally would rather they concentrate on improving their drivers and APIs so that dedicated developers, perhaps mozilla or the chromium team, can bring us the best possible browser.


    Like I've been saying, Firefox aurora doesn't have this issue, unlike chrome.  It also doesn't have the memory leak that safari has.


    I dropped two-grand and then some on an rMBP and I was hopping ****** when this started.  Don't forget, the same bugged driver was responsible for a nasty audio-crackling issue a couple months back.  But, the fact that there exist, period, immediate and effective solutions to the issues with the implementation is a blessing.  Idk how many times I've bought hardware, both for osx and windoze, that had bugged drivers - or, for win, a borked 64-bit driver - and the manufacturer just says "sit tight" until the return policy expires lol.


    Is a 3rd party browser ideal?  Obviously not.  But then again, I'd never use IE in a million years.  Is it right of us to expect anything better from the only other 1st party browser?

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    This thread got long quick.  Basically we've all been experiencing issues like mysteriously disappearing elements on page.  A common complaint is that text disappears from the textbox as or while you type - either that or the text flickers in and out like some twisted dance party.  Other sites, gmail for instance, will suffer from random white boxes blocking elements on the page, or half the page just won't show up.  Most of the "fixes" have either turned out to be unreliably temporary or snake-oil that doesn't even affect the issue at all.


    We've narrowed it down to macs with dual-gpus in a switching configuration where one gpu is the integrated (Intel HD) and the other is the AMD/NVidia discrete gpu.  The issue disappears when the cards are locked in discrete-only mode, so we're able to get it down to either the switching driver or the integrated gpu driver.


    Apparently, in the developer preview for OS 10.8.3, this issue has been fixed.  Therefore, we all anxiously await that patch's release so that we can see for ourselves if its true.

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    I'm seeing all of these issues on a MacBook Air, so it's not only dual GPU Macs. I'm pretty sure the Intel HD 4000 is a terrible card. I can't believe they shipped it in the 13" rMBP :/

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    The 13'' rMBP has a 650M GPU

  • jordanborth Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Only the 15" rMBP has the 650M discrete graphics:

  • NValdes Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok then, I stand corrected.


    Although, in the interests of clarity, the Intel HD series of "gpu" isn't a card in the sense that its built into the CPU on your mba.


    Before, the integrated graphics was outboard of the CPU, on the chipset.  More often than not, the type or caliber of integrated gpu decided what chipset would be used on a computer.  For example, the geforce 320 on the 2010 macbook air fulfills not only gpu role but also northbridge and southbridge.  So basically in that case the 320 is the chipset itself, as opposed to just being part of it, but on that I digress.


    Since the integrated graphics are now on the cpu, there is no part to replace with the better card.  Any outboard or discrete gpu would run alongside the integrated one, or in place of it.  This was seen by everyone involved as being rather wasteful, and the concept of switching gpus to conserve laptop battery was born.


    I'm leaning toward saying that this is a software issue, but only because anyone with access to it says that 10.8.3 resolves the issue.  Its either a safari issue, a driver issue, or both; but it's related to at least the Intel HD 4000, and possibly other cards.


    Anyone with a sandybridge cpu (2011 release, 4-digit number after i3/5/7 starts with a 2) that's having this issue as well, please speak up.  The problem may be localized to ivy bridge CPUs since those are the ones with the HD 4k in them.

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