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I suppose I'll get used to the tabs in Safari on Mountain Lion, but one thing that seems a huge step back is the ability to email ANY web page from Safari. Oh, yes, I know you can email pages, and I know where the command is, and I know when you're sending it it looks fine in the email window, but have you seen what happens when it arrives with the recipient?


On some web pages, the text is extracted from the page and presented, but images and layout are lost, and a link to the page is included instead. On some other web pages, the recipient just gets a jumble of text extracted from the web page (everything, like navigation lists and other links, like something from the 1980s) and they have to scroll WAY down to find the relevant text, say of the story you were trying to send. This never happened in Safari with Lion, or any previous OS, as far as I know (maybe OS8.6?) but it happens in Safari 6 on Mountain Lion. This feels all wrong, like this function on Safari has gone eleven steps back.


Did nobody test this feature before ML was launched? I mean, like REALLY test it, see what happened when the recipient received the emailed web page? Obviously not.


You know what Steve would say.

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