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I have some DVB-S (satellite recording, MPEG2, MP2) SD video footage which I'd like to convert into a format readable by iPhone (MP4, AAC). The source material is 720x576 (PAL). As a reminder, iPhone 4 has native 960x640 pixels.


So far, I used Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert the video to 960x640, but I don't really like the idea too much because I blow up the original resolution. IMHO this is not very wise since I don't get better video by stretching it.




Shall I leave the original resolution (720x576) and let the iPhone do the upscaling to its 960x640 (this would make the video smaller)?

What aboiut iPhone CPU load (hence battery load) when it needs to upscale?

Is there any dedicated software (preferentially freeware) which is better suited than Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate?


So ... which resolution should I consider in my situation?


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iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1