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Hi there,


We have 4 Macs in our office (which I own as the company owner), does the license for ML permit that I can pay for one copy of ML and install on all 4 of my office Macs?


Do I have to create 4 different Apple IDs and download 4 copies of ML to be legit? Seems a bit of a ballache!


Nothing is ever clear with Apple when it comes to commercial use.



Many thanks

  • Mark Eccles1 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your reply. I did see this article but even though it states 'all your macs' - does this cover commercial use do you know?

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    Nothing is ever clear with Apple when it comes to commercial use.

    I tried to understand that part in the SLA and found it quite difficult. What I think I boiled it down to was you needed 1 license per user/Computer combination. If you have four computers, but only one user on those four computers, then 1 license. If you have different users on each machine, then I would think you need 4 licenses. And, since it says "employees," I don't think the users include you, the owner. If your four users ever only use two Macs at any given time, then it sounds like you'd just need two.


    When I use the term "user" I mean actual people, not the accounts on the computer.


    But, that's just my understanding. I'm sure someone else could come up with another.

    It's unfortunate that it requires a legal department to interpret that SLA.


    That article AnaMusic linked is just the "how to do it" not whether it is legal or not.