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  • dickies Level 1 Level 1

    Well, my problem was solved differently - my videocard broke down. I guess the 'not waking' on my mac pro were early signs of the malfunction of the videocard. A new one has solved it all

  • MrElvey Level 1 Level 1

    v.danchenkov wrote:


    For me the problem was fixed with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0



    This update includes graphics performance and reliability enhancements and improves compatibility with some USB devices.


    This update is recommended for all Mac notebooks introduced in June 2012.

    I wish this applied to my MacBook Pro 4,1.  I finally figured out what was causing mine to ungracefully power off when put to sleep.  It was an externally-powered USB hub (that in other respect I liked.  4-port, High Speed, compact, reliable.)


      Boot ROM Version:          MBP41.00C1.B03

      SMC Version (system):          1.27f3

  • Jake_2 Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me (so far).  I deleted the sleepimage file, set hibernatemode to 25 and put my mid-2009 MBP to sleep.  It went immediately into hibernate mode (power light was off, not pulsating).  After a minute or two I pressed the power button and it came back to life.


    I'll keep an eye on it & let it sleep overnight to see if it this fix holds.

  • Jake_2 Level 1 Level 1

    Well that was short-lived.  Woke up this morning to a blank screen and screaming fans.


    I'll try setting hibernatemode to 25 and see how that goes.

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    Some Good News wait for it! This frustrated me for months. All of a sudden one morning I had to reboot my machine to wake it up. I searched through startup processes, new apps I installed, nothing! So I finally rebuilt my machine and started installing apps one-by-one. Lone and behold my arch nemisis Microsoft appeared as the problem. Yet another perfectly good app purchased and rendered useless by the agotistical yet incompetent developer. It was ........ Skype 6.1! I went back to 5.7 and my baby can once again get a good nights sleep. I never suspected Skype because I had been using it for years without any consequences. Anyways the bigeest trauma has been solved and with a little counseling we are hoping to put this behind us forever. I did learn one thing Developers can screw up a perfectly good OS so I will be more careful tracking and testing my installs in the future.

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    Have read all through this thread trying to resolve my Rip Van Winkle problem with my MacBook Pro late 2011 and cannot get to the first stage of having the machine turn on to try the other suggestions.

    Machine was on, left alone for a short while, went to sleep and have been unable to awake it, period.  How are you folks getting your machines on to try the other things? Any suggestions as to actually get the machine on?? Am using older G4 machine currently.

    Have made an appt with "Genius Bar" for Thurs hoping for a fix.

  • rvjacobs Level 1 Level 1

    Hello you all,


    I also had the problem of a disconnecting wifi while my imac was sleeping. I did not have the reconnecting issue after sleep, but the lost connection issue during sleep which made it impossible to reach my imac for things like homesharing, apple tv or remote desktop. I have a late 2012 iMac with a clean ML 10.8.2 on it and wirelessly connected to an apple time capsule (same as an airport extreme). My partner has a mid 2007 iMac, also with an ML 10.8.2 on it.


    I tried every single solution I could find on the internet, such as changing the router's security from wpa2 to wpa, changing the MTU from automatic to manual 1453, router reboots, re-installations, re-configurations, keychain clean-ups, everything.


    Eventually I solved my problem with these steps and now it works as a charm. I can still find the iMac with the remote app, even after 12 hours of sleep:


    My time capsule router is set on automatic MTU and encrypted with WPA2 and I use  the 5Ghz network!

    1. Cleaned all the wifi passwords in keychain on my iMac

    2. Created a new network location in system preferences

    3. In this location I deleted the bluetooth pan and bluetooth dun connection.

    4. In this location I changed the preferred connection-order to wifi on #1 and ethernet on #2.

    5. Restarted my iMac.


    Now I still have a connection when it sleeps and I can wake it to low profile using the remote app (homesharing) and everything works fine.


    Hope more people wille be helped by this.

  • mrascal Level 1 Level 1

    I just wanted to share my experience with the not-waking from sleep problem described in this thread.  I have the following:


    MacPro 3,1 (early 2008)

    Mountain Lion 10.8.2   (upgraded from Snow Leopard)

    NVIDIA GT 120 graphics card


    My problem was as many have describe in this thread:

    1.  if only left in sleep for a short time, it would wake back up (but frequently was slow)

    2.  if left for longer (cant really quantify longer, a hour or more???) it would never wake

    3.  I noticed that the little white power light on the front never went to its blinking state (which is used to do when asleep in Snow Leopard)


    I tried several things on this thread but stopped short of creating a new users for every existing user and migrating all owned files to the new users...that seemed like enought of a pain to me to just give up on Mac OS. 


    Eventually I found that NVIDIA has a new set of drivers for exactly my setup:  Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and GT 120 graphics card.  The drriver is 304.00.05f02, and can be found here:


    I downloaded and installed that driver.  The problem has immediately gone away and not returned.


    I hope this helps someone.

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    It's been a week now with no problems I figured I should get back to ya'all with an update. Appears I may have been wrrrrrr about Microsoft being the problem.


    After some investigation reading the forums, I stumbled accross someone with a Time Machine issue sending wakeup packets. I don't have a Time Machine router but do have an Extreme router and since they likely have the same functionality checked it out.


    This is proven: If I shut off disk sharing on the Extreme router it stops sending wakeup packets and my machine works fine. If I turn it back on it hangs sporatically over the night. I never had a drive hooked up to it but configured it with the idea I could attach one and access it quickly from any computer. My guess is that the Extreme router works like a Time Machine router sending a wakeup packet to start a late night Time Machine backup, neither of which were configured so it seemed to get hung up on that process and thus never wake up.

  • Jake_2 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, this did help me.  Thanks for the clue.


    I have a MBP 15-inch Mid 2009 (5,3).  I switched it from the NVIDIA 9600M GT to the 9400M (System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Graphics -> "Better battery life"), set the hibernatemode back to 3 and let it go overnight.  No screaming fans, and the Mac immediately woke up.


    I'll look into getting updated drivers for the 9600M GT.


    Thanks again for posting that!

  • floyd42 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue with a MacBookAir2,1 (mid-2009).

    In my case, after trying all the other hints here, switching off the airport card (turning WLAN and BT off) before sleeping the machine does the trick. At least so far...


    I have a deatailed description, including configuration details, posted in another thread on the same topic:

  • aviram Level 1 Level 1

    I am on my third replacement iMac (27" late 2012), the last two are exhibiting identical issue: the machines will go to sleep and will not wake up, and in addition the power button is disabled, i.e. pressing the power button will not restart the machine.


    I am guessing that the SMC crashed, as the only course of recovery is to reset the SMC by removing power, pressing the power button for a while, and attempting to restart (does not work all the time, so I sometimes have to repeat the SMC reset procedure). 


    after doing some research on the net, I found how to see the hibernate mode, and found out that my machine was set to hibernate mode 5. 


    I used the system pref -> energy saver and clicked restore defaults which restored it to 0.


    HOWVER, upon plugging in a powered USB hub, the hibernate mode was automagically reset to 5.

    once at hibernate mode 5, putting the machine to sleep manually exhibited the same symptoms, i.e. not wake from sleep and disabled power button.


    this was done with an apple care tech on the phone, and he recommended replacing the iMac once again, and sending me a fourth replacement!


    overnight I played some more with this


    I reset the hibernate mode but this time to 3 and I tried a different USB hub.


    hibernate mode stayed at 3 after plugging in the USB hub.


    I then created a small shell script to monitor and display the hibernate mode:


    function showhibernate() {

      while true

        do echo -n `date` " ";pmset -g|grep hibernatemode;sleep 10




    and executed it overnight


    this evening after I came home from work, I noticed that the  hibernate mode somehow was switched from 3 to 7!?


    unfortunately, I did not have the echo `date` on the first version, so I do not know when it was switched from 3 to 7. 


    however, the machine did wake up from sleep... (so it seems that 7 is not as bad as 5?)


    I am guessing that some powered USB hubs cause unexpected changes to the hibernatemode, which in turn cause the SMC to crash, disabling the power button.


    do you have any idea why plugging in some powered USB hubs but not others will cause the hibernatemode to switch?


    do you have any idea why hibernate mode would automagically switch from 3 to 7?


    neither 5 nor 7 are documented in the man page, and the only recommended modes are 0 3 and 25:


    We do not recommend modifying hibernation settings. Any changes you make are not supported. If you choose to do so anyway, we recommend using one of these three settings. For your sake and mine, please don't use anything other 0, 3, or 25.


    For now I cancled the shipment of the fourth replacement, as this seems to be an issue affecting all iMacs (and a specific USB powered hub), so that a new machine will not resolve the issue...



  • Stephen Eyer Level 1 Level 1

    After updating to 10.8.2, my Mac Pro (5,1) would not wake from sleep and I had to do a hard restart to power it up again. Based on this discussion thread and others, here's what I did so far that seems to have fixed the problem.


    1. Reset SMC

    2. Reset PRAM

    3. Reinstalled OS 10.8.2 using recovery drive (not a clean install)

    4. Deleted everything in my Users > Login Items except for Dropbox and Evernote

    5. Deleted this preference: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

    6. Deleted this file:



    The combination of all these things including the last step seemed to fix the issue at least for now.  I'll post again if the problem comes back.

  • paulofromnew york Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue using Targus usb powered hub. The script was a very nice idea.

  • sleepystu Level 1 Level 1

    Here is the details for the latest ML update (10.8.3)


    - "A fix for an issue that may cause the screen to display incorrectly after waking from sleep"


    Hopefully, that will resolve the issue!

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