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    Can't confirm.

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    Even worde, as mentioned earlier, I got the problem when upgrading to 10.6.8 (And solved it by returning to 10.6.7°

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    People, I MAY have found a solutiuon to this.


    Firstly a question for everyone on this thread. Are you using audio interfaces or is your audio coming straight out of the headphone/audio out socket?


    If you use audio interfaces then this is for you.


    A little info on me. I use a MacBook Pro 15" mid-2012 and use it with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 interface. I also use an iMac, 27", early 2013 with a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 mixer/interface.


    I have audio stutter on BOTH machines when using Safari (other browsers are fine) on websites such as vimeo, bandcamp and soundcloud.


    I realised, however, that whenever I unplugged my laptop and used the audio out that the audio was fine so the issue was NOT directly with Safari. The issue, therefore, was either 1) with the interfaces and their relationship to Safari, or 2) a problem with Firewire. Had each interface used a different means of connection I might have managed to cross out that possibility too....but I have narrowed it down to two options in any case.


    I then searched specifically for Focusrite and Presonus audio issues with Safari...and it turns out it's most likely the drivers for each of these needing updated to keep abreast of Mac (and specifically Maverick) updates.


    I found a driver update for Focusrite and have installed it and the audio is now fine. I am hoping that Presonus also have some updated driver downloads and will report back on that too.


    Good luck with getting your driver updates. Hope this helps at least some of you.

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    Hey ttxx, maybe upgrade to Mavericks will help?

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    OK, an update re my post earlier today.


    Unlike the new Focusrite drivers the new Presonus drivers have NOT helped the audio issue, I'm sorry to report.


    But this DOES now exclude the possibility of it being a Firewire issue (since the Saffire Pro 14 does now work).


    This means it is specifically something to do with the type of interface and drivers and how these relate to Safari within Mavericks. It is NOT solely a stand-alone Safari issue.


    I will stay on this and see what comes up

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    there's 82 pages on this thread....all relating to audio stutter in Mountain Lion.


    Even if my posts don't help the original submitter I'm hoping they'll help someone

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    ive been searching for related topics dealing with "media playback issues" since i realized it could be an application/software issue, after i updated/upgraded from iTunes 10. to iTunes 11 ive been having stuttering issues with playback of movies and mainly music files. Could play for hours with out a problem then bam all of a sudden it just pauses, then picks back up like its recorded over a scratch in the cd or something happens when i would stream on home sharing or simply playing music via my laptop only.  this might never happen, it may start off doing it and persist the entire event, or it doesnt happen for hours then it just starts happening.


    i also get the glitchy mouse cursor when watching video in itunes reaaly bad when in full screen (if i open video in quicktime it doesnt happen as bad if at all.

    I have no audio quality issues however

    i am however on an older MBPro model 2,2 15.4 inch  intel core 2 duo 2.16 processor 2 gb ram, ati x1600 video graphics driver/firmware running 10.6.8 SL ive considered updating to the last OS i can (lion) but ive been hesitant after hearing numerous reports of issues and bugs, etc. 

    is there fix for the random pausing of the playback, ive read concerning my machine and ones similar that reverting back to the itunes 10series version eliminates the random pausing of playback.

    i hope im not derailing discussion, or thread jacking  just saying that it seems to stem from the update of itunes 11 update/upgrade possibly

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    third party software conflict

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