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    So far, so good.  I performed a Time Machine restore via Command+R and found Lion 10.7.4 backed up on my external. Took about an hour or so to complete.  This was about a week ago.  No stutter, no graphical / video anomalies and no mouse pointer jumping.  Performed tests using light system demand to full on maxed out CPU / RAM usage and not so much as even a hiccup.  I have since updated to 10.7.5 and I'm still running smooth as silk.  So, to all who have Lion backed up externally in Time works so go for it.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    Has anyone who has been contacted by apple had a follow up yet?  Or are they sending out beta drivers and making you guys sign NDAs.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    I should also add my iMac was kind enough to have stayed on all night, display turned off, and in a hard lock state forcing a hard restart.  Thank you apple....

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    24k views and only 467 replies. Come on people, if you are experiencing same kind of problem, please make noise otherwise nobody will care to repair it, Apple won't even notice it.

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    As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm trying to give up on Mountain Lion, I don't want it anymore.


    Have messaged my Apple contact to ask wherebouts and how I can download Lion 10.7.x.


    When I get it, it'll be the last OS install that takes place on this machine.

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    There is a supplemental update out today. Any luck?

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    The release notes are not encouraging - does not look like it addresses anything even remotely related.

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    I did notice it said supplemental update 1.0.  So there could be a 2.0 update.  We can only hope.

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    Reading about Apples knowledge of this issue and their decision not address it, has left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sometimes I wonder if Steve Jobs would allow the things that are happening to his company now.


    Anyway, back on topic, I'm really glad they're doing something about it now. Still, I'm getting really fed up with this sound stutter and having to up the fans with smcFanControl to alleviate the problem really gets annoying, I'm constantly having to minimise World of Warcraft to adjust the fan every time it happens. Then I'll have to minimise the game again to lower the fans when the problem goes, and when the audio/mouse curser skipping/stuttering starts get the picture. Needless to say, it is EFFING annoying when I never had to do this on Lion 10.7. I don't want to install WoW on BootCamp and and I don't want to do a clean install of Mountain Lion or revert back to Lion. Why should I have to when this problem isn't a fault of mine in the least. It was caused by THEIR software.


    I actually left a review of Mountain Lion for the Australian Mac App Store, detailing the issues I was having and warned people to upgrade at their own risk over a week ago, and guess what? My review hasn't been posted yet. I really don't know why they would reject it considering that there were other more scathing and verbal reviews for other issues (oh yes, there are other issues with Mountain Lion). Perhaps it was my suggestion to Google 'Mountain Lion audio stutter' that they didn't like, because seriously, you'll get pages of results from different forums and many gaming forums.


    Well, my faith in Apple is waning and my patience is getting thin. Maybe someone should start an official Facebook page to get as many people as possible to 'like' and petition to get this issue fixed. If we can get really loud and vocal about this, Apple would learn not to f#ck over their customers.

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    Just did a little testing.  The supplemental update didn't fix it.  Still doing it...

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    Just checked the Mac App Store and my review was posted, just under previous versions for 10.8.1, which is really strange, as I wrote the review after updating to 10.8.2. I've edited it so it becomes a review for 10.8.2.


    Also installed the supplemental update and the problem is still there.


    *really, really, really long sigh*

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    The stuttering wasn't really fixed at all, which is rather disappointing.


    It might be a function of CPU/GPU usage and temperature, and could be correlated with graphics activity. For me, even when tryiing to listen to  iTunes music and having a screensaver (with photos) running in the foreground, it'll start to stutter pretty soon.


    Same holds true for quick scrolling in applications like Lightroom, which seems to be CPU / GPU intensive and results in stuttering.


    And playback of  videos in fullscreen is causing the same stuttering after some time. Playback of videos in anything less than fullscreen seems to be ok on the other hand, i.e. when the videos is covering the complete screen except that the menu / dock is still showing.


    Maybe that observation helps to track down the issue if it is similarly happening for others. Hoping for a fix and official statement soon..

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    I'm just adding my name to the long list of people affected by this problem in the hope apple takes action. I have the stutter after a few minutes of full screen video or gaming. Less than fullscreen: no problem. It's very fustrating. I have the latest imac i7 so i didn't expected this kind of problems.

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    Another remark, i didn't read all 30 pages on this post, but quite a lot. Also over the internet and i have the impression that the stuttering is mostly an imac i7 (27 inch) problem. I can be wrong but if i'm right, it's a step forewards to indentify the problem. So, are there people with other macs (or processors) who also have these problems? If this already treated, i appologise.

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