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  • Spooky_Instinct Level 1 Level 1

    Hi thanks for the info tomasz ,


    I have formatted my hard disk and before I could start any program I installed my mixing software . Played a couple of tracks no crackles or distortion or stutter . I'm running mountain lion . Ill keep you guys updated although I have a bad feeling about this . I think at some point the issue will happen again . Big so far so good !

  • tzbikowski Level 4 Level 4



    Have you installed iTunes 10.7 update yet?

    I suspect this may cause the problem on Lion which worked for me well until the 10.7 iTunes release.
    It does not affect only iTunes as one would expect but somehow does something to the whole system.

    Would be nice to hear from the developers.


    As I mentioned above the only solution that worked for me is the hard drive swap for SSD one which has much higher read/write transfer ratio. After this hardware upgrade the ML does not seem to be too bad a system.

    So i guess some users may have to add new hard drive purchase to the ML OS price. Not cheap :-)
    Good luck.



  • Spooky_Instinct Level 1 Level 1

    Hi TZ,


    No the only thing I haven't installed is ITunes 10.7 . The sound is much better but not as it used to be when I purchased my machine . I haven't tried the hard disk swap though !



    Thanks TZ.

  • tzbikowski Level 4 Level 4

    Thanks, it confirms what I suspected in my first post - it can be narrowed to iTunes 10.7 problem - not necessarily the whole ***** cat OS. The OS still has a way to go before it can give a proper lion roar.

    I guess you will not be updating to iTunes 10.7 anytime soon :-)
    v. 11 is on its way but the chances are that it will require even more hardware resources.



  • Reactor-Core Level 1 Level 1

    When I bought my iMac it arrived with Lion Installed. Everything worked flawlessly, audio, video, games, browsers, email etc.


    When I upgraded to to Mountain Lion I could no longer listen to audio without stuttering and crackling/scratching sounds. I could no longer watch any sort of videos without video skipping and audio issues previously mentioned. I could no longer play games such as Diablo III or World of Warcraft due to audio and video issues previously mentioned along with curser lag and jumping around the screen. Basically iMac became unusable.


    When I reverted back to Lion 10.7 (clean install, no remnants of 10.8,) every application/game worked flawlessly again including iTunes 10.7.


    TZ, Not sure why you are suggesting users purchase a new hard drive when clearly thats not the issue at all or not use iTunes 10.7 when all works flawlessly under Lion. If you read the previous 600+ posts of when some Mac users upgrade to Mountain Lion their systems performance degrades to becoming unusable. When users reinstalled their old Mac OS's, i.e. Snow Leopard 10.6 or Lion 10.7. their Mac worked again and did not display all the performance issues Mountain Lion introduced.


    For me it's not an iTunes issue. As stated previously, and why this whole thread exists, it's because everything, apps, OS, worked pre 10.8. and after the new system all the problems arose.

  • tzbikowski Level 4 Level 4

    Hi Reactor-Core, thanks for the input.

    1. I think most of the people miss the main point of the idea of system (software/hardware) upgrades. The fact is that when the computer was bought with the original system all usually works well. If that was not the case people would take it back to the shop and demand a refund. Original hardware was made to work with the original OS, tested and the safest option is to leave it this way (although I would recommend installing critical updates) until the system can be replaced.
    When people decide to upgrade the software (OS) side they surely should be aware of possible need to upgrade the hardware side. This I hope is logical.


    2. I am not going to vent my frustration with Apple on this forum for buying high spec system just over a year ago and now having to part with £300 to make it work with a buggy new OS. I am not sure this forum is the right place to do so.

    Over almost 20 years of purchasing systems for myself and many customers I have pushed the frustration factor aside and provide only advice to my customers based on bare, sometimes learnt the hard way, facts.

    We all may be angry with Apple for not being able to communicate properly what to upgrade on the hardware side in order to make the latest OS work but that's the way it has been forever with many vendors. Use your own time and work it out yourself - I hear them say each time. Microsoft seem to have learnt the lesson the hard way and perhaps it is time for Apple to follow the suit.


    3. I am not advising people on this forum to go and buy expensive hardware. I just share what took me a couple of days to make my hopeless ML system upgrade work.

    There is no guarantee that replacing the hard drive with a faster one will work for others but I hope it will help some.



  • i.campbell Level 1 Level 1

    Ok boys and girls. If you're still running Mountain Lion and you can easily reproduce the fault, and you have a passing familiarity with the Terminal application, then there is some really useful data you can gather for the Apple engineers...


    $ sudo latency -p 97 -st 2000 -it 2000 \

         -l ~/Desktop/latency_YYYYMMDDTHHMM.log


    That command will monitor scheduling and interrupt latency and log the statistics to the file named at the end of the command. Because the command requires admin privileges to run, it's prefixed with "sudo"; that just means you'll be prompted to enter your password before the command can be executed.


    Running this in the Terminal window for 10 to 15 minutes will generate a very large file, around 39 MB (3.4MB zipped), so don't run it for too long. Ideally, only run it for five minutes while you attempt to coax your OS into having a "funny turn." You can stop the monitor at any time by returning focus to the Terminal window and holding down Ctrl+C. Don't forget to right click on the log file and compress it.


    If you think you have something viable, pipe up here and make that obvious. I'm pretty sure that the agents monitoring the channel will be in touch, provided that what you say you have seems useful to them and that they can reach you by phone. (Happened to me tonight).


    But... only do this if you're comfortable, confident and competent at doing so. I'm only passing on what I think is constructive information, but I'm not prepared to get into a long-winded hand-holding session over it. You guys using the musical instruments will probably be the biggest source of help, with gamers also being able to provoke the Cougar on demand.


    Edit: I'm gonna quit ma b!tchin' now and hope there's a fix. They're now clearly aware that a problem does exist, so let's help them find it.

  • Victor In Munich Level 1 Level 1

    Do you know which values are of interest ? I got over 140 Exceeded thresholds in a few second and have a max latency of 21177.


    BTW this latency command has to be run as root.

  • i.campbell Level 1 Level 1

    No idea, Victor. I'm not an expert. Ayone else? Yes, the latency command is being run as root in the example above, hence the "sudo" prefix.

  • Victor In Munich Level 1 Level 1

    yeh, but for some reason my system wouldnt take it without enabeling login to root first, and then dropping the sudo.

  • Lvivske Level 1 Level 1

    Doing more tests, Apple Care is refusing to admit there's a problem; telling me how 'restarting my computer often is normal to avoid glitches'




    i tried using soundflower to record the audio output and found that the 'skips' dont show up, so coreaud isn't the culprit here.



    itunes/audio > coreaud > ??? > intel card > audio out


    so it's either the intel card (firmware? OS bound instruction?) or something else happening after coreaudio and before whatever your audio out source is.


    any ideas?

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1

    Of course they wont admit there is a problem.  They are a tech company that communicates like they have cans and string attached to them. 


    That's interesting though that it didn't show up on the internal recording.  Narrows it down a bit.

  • Lvivske Level 1 Level 1

    yeah, my brother brought his laptop in too because he's having graphics card failure and the entire screen is flickering/going crazy for a second every few hours. The Genius said it was Flash and uninstalled it - my brother told him that he was using Chrome when this happened and Flash was baked into Chrome - the Genius replied, "we don't support Chrome, you have to use Safari"


    I mean...the entire OS itself is glitching when this happens, task bar & dock icons - and the genius blames Flash? what?

  • Spooky_Instinct Level 1 Level 1

    Dear TZ,


    Here is what i did , and i can tell you as of now the audio is working perfectly but i dont know for how long its going to last : -


    1 Booted my Laptop and Pressed Command R

    2 Formatted my Hard Drive (I Have a 500GB that came with the Laptop 7200 RPM )

    3 Restored Mountain Lion using the Utility ( It took 3 Hours to Download , when i clicked proceed it downloaded for the Second time additional Components )

    4 When it was done immediately before starting any application installed my mixing software , the audio was workkng perfectly

    5 i played some more music audio still ok, Went to the menu and did a software update , the only compnent available was itunes 10.7 i completed that ( at this point i am on 10.8.2 )

    6 Audio is working perfectly till today morning , no issues so far ( Please bear in mind that i have nothing running on my machine except my mixing software , i havent installed flash or anything whatsoever, even though i updated ITunes i ahvent started it yet )


    I bought My laptop fro music Mixing and production , i have had the issue for almost 2 months , i dont think ill use my laptop for anything else as long as it is working fine now i wont install or add anything to it.


    Thank you very much TZ , from you i got the idea of a clean install , although i have taken my machine to the apple store before they formatted it multiple times with 10.7.2 but no use.



    Thanks once again for trying to help and all the input and time you put in this forum and thanks to all who ever posted here i really appreciate all your inputs,



    Hamad Omran.


    PS:- As of now my audio is perfect ill post once any changes or updates occur.

  • DEFMAD Level 1 Level 1

    I've reverted back to OSX Lion using the Internet recovery via the Option+Command+R method as Lion came with my iMac. Had to create a partition first (doh!), but then it was smooth sailing. I'd already backed up everything important I needed and luckily I knew how to manually back up iTunes and other stuff otherwise it would have been a massive headache to do.


    I'm glad to say that there is no more audio stutter or mouse curser and graphics lag when I play WoW. While monitoring the GPU diode temps, I noticed it was running slightly less hotter than on ML, but it was still within the same temperature range when the stutters were happening on ML. I've also noticed the fans are working properly now whereas in ML it was so quiet I thought the fans weren't working at all, hence why I was using smcFanControl (but I had to crank it up when I got the stuttering).


    I've been really disappointed with this issue and have lost a lot of faith in Apple. While I still love Apple products, I'll now have to do extensive research before buying thier products or upgrading thier software so I'm aware of any issues. It's sad that its come down to that, but I've been burnt by Apple before, and its not a nice feeling.


    I really hope Apple fixes this (I was surprised that Apple is swapping another forum users unit so they can test it, makes me think they can't recreate the problem). Good luck to everyone still having the problem, I'm going to keep an eye on this thread to see if Apple fixes this, then MAYBE I might go back to ML.

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