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    Let me repost one of my last messages:


    Ok boys and girls. If you're still running Mountain Lion and you can easily reproduce the fault, and you have a passing familiarity with the Terminal application, then there is some really useful data you can gather for the Apple engineers...


    $ sudo latency -p 97 -st 2000 -it 2000 \

         -l ~/Desktop/latency_YYYYMMDDTHHMM.log


    That command will monitor scheduling and interrupt latency and log the statistics to the file named at the end of the command. Because the command requires admin privileges to run, it's prefixed with "sudo"; that just means you'll be prompted to enter your password before the command can be executed.


    Running this in the Terminal window for 10 to 15 minutes will generate a very large file, around 39 MB (3.4MB zipped), so don't run it for too long. Ideally, only run it for five minutes while you attempt to coax your OS into having a "funny turn." You can stop the monitor at any time by returning focus to the Terminal window and holding down Ctrl+C. Don't forget to right click on the log file and compress it.


    If you think you have something viable, pipe up here and make that obvious. I'm pretty sure that the agents monitoring the channel will be in touch, provided that what you say you have seems useful to them and that they can reach you by phone. (Happened to me tonight).


    But... only do this if you're comfortable, confident and competent at doing so. I'm only passing on what I think is constructive information, but I'm not prepared to get into a long-winded hand-holding session over it. You guys using the musical instruments will probably be the biggest source of help, with gamers also being able to provoke the Cougar on demand.


    Edit: I'm gonna quit ma b!tchin' now and hope there's a fix. They're now clearly aware that a problem does exist, so let's help them find it.


    So, what was it you just said? What was so insulting about that post?


    My friend, that had better be your last comment on the issue!

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    i.campbell wrote:





    My friend, that had better be your last comment on the issue!


    Are you threatening me?

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    He is promising to try and get you banned for stirring the pot.  And I agree with the others who have also posted.  You have had a few people tell you this.  You still don't get it.  So I'll just flag you as I.campbell stated.  Reason and light hearted humor obviously don't give you a clue.  Maybe the stick will work as the carrot clearly hasn't. 

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    ::face-palm:: Oh boy!

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    i.campbell wrote:


    ::face-palm:: Oh boy!


    You would not last.

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    Carlo TD,


    Most users here are trying to discuss and express their experience and issues with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Your advice/comments have been have been "off-color" to say the least. Please do this thread a favor and leave. All you are doing is insulting others who have a legitimate issue(s) Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

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    I for one will report this thread on Monday morning from my computer. I don't appreciate getting 25 new emails of trolling and people responding to trolls.

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    you can unsubscribe this theat in your setting…that's what I did

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    Yes, I was waiting for someone from Apple to weigh in but that seems unlikely.

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    If you want Apple tech support's attention, you will need to call them; they do not post here. These are strictly user to user forums.

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    Hi, everyone. As many or most of you have done, I've run dozens of tests, reinstalls, etc. and like most of you here, i am 100% sure that the problem is strictly ML.


    This post is *not* intended to offer a solution, but to ask those of you who are interested to test something to confirm if it also temporarily solves the problem for you.


    About three weeks ago, an Apple tech contacted me (as Apple has done for many of you). I ran all the tests, submitted my logs, and that's the last I heard.


    However, one thing that I discovered (which I mentioned to the Apple tech) that *always* (that is, 100% of the time) instantly "solves" the audio glitching or complete audio cut-out:


    I open Audio MIDI Setup, change the Format to any different Hz value. Problem gone. If the sound (and/or video) is currently stuttering, it instantly is corrected. If the sound completely disappears, this solves it instantly.


    When I say "solves," of course I mean just for a few minutes (or sadly, sometimes just seconds).


    I'm in touch with the tech guy again, and I'd like to provide him with substantiation if this instant-but-temporary "fix" works for more users. If so, it *may* help the Apple engineers track down the problem of latency, hardware compatibility with audio/video drivers, or whatever the problem may be.


    At best, it may be a clue for them, certainly not a solution in itself.


    So, if you want to help, the next several times you are having persistent or worsening audio stuttering or the audio completely dies, change the Hz format and see if the problem disappears instantly.


    If this works for enough people, perhaps it may help Apple to track down the cause of this problem and get a fix out for all of us sooner!


    Best to you all.



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    I wish people wouldn't keep saying this a user only forum. The Apple tech may not post here, but they do read the comments as I was contacted by Apple following my posts last month.


    Keep posting your problems here, give as much info as you can to help resolve the problem.

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    Whats fixes the problem for me is running this command in the background^^

    sudo latency -p 97 -st 2000 -it 2000 -l ~/Desktop/latency.log


    I don't knwo why, but it helped for me…(yes, this is the command which creates a logfile on the desktop)^^

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    Thanks Babowa but unforunately I live in South Africa, so I guess I'll look out for American users posting their experience with Apple Support.

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