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    This reminds me that when I had the stutter and unresponsive ML OS issues (see previous post if you are bothered) I started to partition the hard drive in the background to prepare for yet another reinstall. This made the HD very busy but bizzarely my OS problems were gone for about 1 hr while the partitioning operation was in progress.



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    My audio stuttering issues started after my Lion install, though they got worse after ML install.


    I have a 13 inch, mid 2010 macbook pro.

    2.4 Ghz


    I have not experienced any video issues.

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    my  audio popping crackle starting in my 3 mac, macbook pro 2009, mac pro dual quad mid 2010 and macbook pro retina 15" all starting with osx lion and it's present in mountain's a sort of latency in audio playback when skip or stop audio playback in safari on youtube or all digital music player (beatport,traxsouce,trakitdow) preview , itunes when listen music when skip start stop music and in professional audio software ableton live logic, also when start stop playback or load plug-in in playback...very frustrating for me becuse i use my mac for making music..

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    i.campbell wrote:




    Let me repost one of my last messages:


    Ok boys and girls. If you're still running Mountain Lion and you can easily reproduce the fault, and you have a passing familiarity with the Terminal application, then there is some really useful data you can gather for the Apple engineers...


    $ sudo latency -p 97 -st 2000 -it 2000 \

         -l ~/Desktop/latency_YYYYMMDDTHHMM.log


    That command will monitor scheduling and interrupt latency and log the statistics to the file named at the end of the command. Because the command requires admin privileges to run, it's prefixed with "sudo"; that just means you'll be prompted to enter your password before the command can be executed.


    Running this in the Terminal window for 10 to 15 minutes will generate a very large file, around 39 MB (3.4MB zipped), so don't run it for too long. Ideally, only run it for five minutes while you attempt to coax your OS into having a "funny turn." You can stop the monitor at any time by returning focus to the Terminal window and holding down Ctrl+C. Don't forget to right click on the log file and compress it.


    If you think you have something viable, pipe up here and make that obvious. I'm pretty sure that the agents monitoring the channel will be in touch, provided that what you say you have seems useful to them and that they can reach you by phone. (Happened to me tonight).


    But... only do this if you're comfortable, confident and competent at doing so. I'm only passing on what I think is constructive information, but I'm not prepared to get into a long-winded hand-holding session over it. You guys using the musical instruments will probably be the biggest source of help, with gamers also being able to provoke the Cougar on demand.


    Edit: I'm gonna quit ma b!tchin' now and hope there's a fix. They're now clearly aware that a problem does exist, so let's help them find it.


    So, what was it you just said? What was so insulting about that post?


    My friend, that had better be your last comment on the issue!


    I have now created a log file, while the sound stuttering happend...

    To who can i send the log-file now?

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    Wait for someone who contacts you, I think the won't be happy if we'd share their contact details^^

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    In case you guys were not aware, this is Apple's bug to fix, not yours. The action that is required is thus on their part, not yours.


    The only thing you can do is complain VERY loudly.


    Two Apple analysts have contacted me, log files etc, nothing came from it thus far.  Yes they read this forum.

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    I can tell you that the "fix" for me was installing a fan control (istat menus) so that I can keep the chips from overheating. Once I get to 70C GPU everything bogs down and stutters. I'm betting the latency issue is caused from heat. What is causing the heat is another thing entirely - the fan control is just a bandaid.

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    I think it's just bad software.


    The heat theory doesn't make sense to me, maybe fixes one persons problem, but not for the majority here?  Mine is using very little CPU and generating very little heat.  I don't think there is a fix, other than Apple fixing it.

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    From my own personal experience it didn't seem to be a heat issue. Temperatures were hitting the same peaks on both Lion and Mountain Lion on the same machine.  ML wasn't just shutting down when it was hot, it was also doing after the system had been active for 15 minutes or so.

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    I agree. I have the issue on 2 systems. 27" iMac that was my general work horse and there the sound would break up randomly, even sometimes right after logon, the other is my media center mac mini, where the video freezes very occasionally. The iMac has been sent to Cork and onto who knows where for eveluation, and I'm awaiting a replacment, the mac mini I can live with for now, at least the sound on that one is ok.


    Whilst waiting for my iMac to come back, I am on a new 13" MBP (not the retina) and that works fine.

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    I downloaded the eyeTV update today, and this one runs much more stable, so I can now play Minecraft and listen to eyeTV  AT THE SAME TIME without stuttering. Maybe eyeTV 3.5.6 brought new Audio-Drivers? I don't know…

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    It's great that many of you are trying to find solutions with third-party software that's installed on your Mac. However, the problem exists on the basic operating system without any third-party applications installed. So there again, the focus still needs to be on Apple to fully fix this issue.  Maybe now that Forestall is gone apple engineers will be more at ease.  Or, Craig Federighi will now screw iOS up just like mountain goat.  I'm hoping yesterday's shakeup will yield more quality software from apple and this will get fixed.  If not, apple hardware still resells well. 

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    Yes some Apple people definitely need to be fired, but in order to do that wisely you need a leader. I found this statement interesting...


    "The 43-year-old Mr. Forstall recently told people that there is no "decider" now that Mr. Jobs is gone, according to a person briefed on the conversation."


    Feels right.

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    Moog, your comment is spot on.  What I loved about Steve was his ability to motivate, but also strike fear into those to do their job well.  If you couldn't do it well, then they would find someone who could. 


    Apple has a horizontal organizational structure so everyone works in parallel.  At least thats what they think.  The teams need a better heirarchy to organize things. 


    Has anyone heard anything more if you were one of those who submitted the capture information for Apple when they contacted us?  I haven't after 3 weeks. 

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    I am having these same issues with WoW as well. iMac i7 2.4 w/ 16 GB RAM

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