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Oh the never ending FTP nightmare!


I've just started having problems updating content in iWeb.


I had switched to a new host after the demise of MobileMe and a couple of "Publish site updates" had been successful.

A few nights ago, I got the error message "Problem with FTP upload, try later etc"


I'm a reasonably good problem solver to a certain degree, checked all info such as passwords, ports, etc were all correct

After several failures, but a successful iWeb FTP test connection I delved deeper.


I've deleted the plist file from my library, repaired permissions.


Still getting the error message. Making matters worse, iweb seems hellbent on reuploading my whole site ...just to fail (Normally takes just over an hour)




Delving further, I'd read that it might be because some of my image names are jarring with the software, I made changes to all jpeg file names to get rid of spaces, long number strings etc.


Still failing.


Then, I happened to idly check my uploaded web pages and lo! It appears that they have actually updated...even though iWeb says that FTP failed.


A friend has tried helping by suggesting spending some cash on some new FTP software by Rage, but why should I? I want to be able to just use iWeb as I always have.


my url is www.hiab-x.com if anyone can spot a problem there that might be causing this frustration, feel free to hop on and tell me.


It seems iWeb software based and I'd really just like to get to the bottom of how to fix this. Apple may have abandoned the program but for the many of us who still like using it, I'd feel very bitter is this (Not unique to me) problem doesn't get resolved with an update of sorts.


Yes, I have the last published version.


If anyone knows a workaround that doesn't involve a third party developer and a new ftp client , I'd be very pleased to hear from you.



Macbook 13", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I am using (and have been for 3 years) Rage Software's iWeb SEO Tool.  I have only had good things to say about it.  Never a failure.  Since the demise of MobileMe, I have been hosting with RAGE as well.  The upload of my 60 page website is FAST and problem free.  I should also mention it is very easy to use.


    If you are looking for a free FTP tool, you could try CyberDuck.  I think it is a bit more complicated to use, but hey, it is free!


    I am also wondering if the problem could be with your new host.  I signed up with another provider.  They had to get an additional server/update and after that, I could also no longer update my website.  The owner had no clue how to fix the issue.  He kindly refunded my money and I went to RAGE. 

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    You should also check your file names and page names for special characters. No apostrophes, question marks etc.


    The main advantage of using a decent FTP app is that it will tell you the names of any problem files that it refuses to upload but, as you have pointed out, you shouldn't have to use one and its a lot quicker to use the iWeb FTP if you don't care about your site being found by search engines.

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    Using a good 3rd party FTP client like YummyLite, Transmit or Cyberduck, you get a Finder like window of both your local site and the server directory where you site is published to.  This makes it easy to see if there are any missing files and to drag and drop individual files or folders onto the server.