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Can someone please explain to me what "pushing" and "fetching" are as it relates to Mail on iCloud.  I have my hotmail account set to my iPhone mail and my Mac iMail.  I receive my hotmail emails on both devices.  However, when I read or delete from one it does not update on the other.  I have to read or delete on each device.  I'm sure there is a switch/button/setting that I simply don't have right.  Could someone help me out?



MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Push access for email means when a new email is received at the incoming mail server, the email is pushed to the iPhone by the incoming mail server without the iPhone's Mail have having to check the incoming mail server for new messages, which is fetch.


    This has nothing to do with what you are asking about. What you are asking about has to do with the email account type. With an Exchange or IMAP account, all server stored mailboxes are kept symchronized with the server with each email client used to access the account. This is not possible with a POP account.


    An Apple iCloud account is an IMAP account.


    You are accessing your Hotmail account as a POP account.

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    Very helpful--thanks.  So is there any work-around to make my iPhone and Mac inboxes update/sync POP hotmail emails?  Can I forward my hotmail to an IMAP account?

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    You're welcome.


    Microsoft did as they always do - copy others and now support accessing a Hotmail account as an Exchange account with the Mail app on iOS devices. Do a Google or internet search for Hotmail and Exchange access. This also provides syncing your Hotmail online contacts over the air with your iPhone.

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    Thanks!  I think I have my iphone mail up and running now.  From the forums I researched, it seems that Microsoft Exchange Activesync is only for mobile devices--no similar fix for my Mac.  Should've switched to gmail I guess.

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    i have just started having problems and push noifications stopped on my live mail. i removed account, rebooted, adding account again. same problem. Did a hard reset today, same problem. Very fustrating. I know many people this started to happen to as of last week. Spent alot of money on iPhone and now i am missing emails or getting them too late because I have to maually checkk instead of getting push notifictions. help!

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    Contact Microsoft. Push access for recieved email starts at the sever level.

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    I'm sure Microsoft isn't going to help someone with a free mail box.

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    And another thing. I know many people this just started happening to. i don't think it;s Microsoft. i recieve mail on all my computers and other devices just fine.

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    You are not accessing your hotmail account as an Exchange account on your computer so push access does not apply there - fetch applies there which is not the same, and accessing it on what other devices as in plural and is accessed as what type of account there?


    I have an Exchange account with my company which is pushing email to my iPhone and iPad just fine.


    Google provides support for free Gmail accounts.

    Apple provides support for free iCloud accounts.


    Microsoft provides support for free Hotmail accounts and you need to contact them to report a problem with their push access, which is a new protocol for them. Since you just started having a problem and there has been no iOS update to change anything with the iPhone, the problem lies with Microsoft.


    If they don't give you support, too bad.

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    ActiveSync is only for mobile devices, but Outlook is available for Mac and supports Exchange integration. Not free, however.

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    Well just to update what's going on. Without me making any changes I recieved push notifications for my email all day yesterday. Today I am getting none at all I haver to keep opening my mailbox to get my mail.