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I have an older 2007 Mini (2GHz Intel Core 2 duo) that originally came with 1 gb RAM.


When I first got it I was surprised at how quiet it was.  My previous computers all had fixed-speed fans, and the fans on the Mini seemed silent.  They didn't seem to ramp up under even under load.  I didn't even know they did ramp up.


As the HD got close to capacity, the mac slowed, of course.  Trying to extend the life of it rather than buying a new one, I doubled the RAM and put in a 500 gb HD.  (I did this myself.)


This sped the computer up, but I also noticed fan noise for the first time.  All it takes for the fan to ramp up to a high pitched whine is scrolling in Safari.  The fan speed does vary with temperature, and temperature varies with use.


It's so freaking loud that I moved it to under the desk because it annoys me so.



  • Maybe the various upgrades and changes in web pages over time put more load on the processor, but I didn't notice it before the upgrade as the HDD and RAM limitations slowed the computer rather than taxing the processor.
  • The fan ramped before, but physically it was much quieter than it is now (dust/bearings/wear problems).
  • Mac overreacting to temperature.
  • Incompatible hardware.
  • Poor installation of some kind.


Here's a chart of temp vs fan speed (I just sampled some numbers while loading on the mac by opening tabs and scrolling):



Diagnostic things I've done:

  • I checked to make sure the cables were reattached, I made sure the foam "T" was in the same place as before.  Vents are not blocked, no buildup on fan.
  • Did the reset thingie. (unplug, restart -- whatever the procedure was.  I looked it up at the time.)
  • I put the old HD and RAM back in.  Still with the screaming.
  • Did search after search.  Other people who actually had this resoved hadn't connected the cables properly or got fixed with the reset.  Others like me didn't get a resolution.


Any suggestions/advice/sympathy?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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