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    hi. i guess i have enumerated the earlier problems with this 13" MBP well enough so i won't repeat them.


    the problem for me now is that to now be dealing with this kind of restart and/or wake from sleep problem after having had to ignore it while i had to hack through all the other issues with this machine is extremely unpleasant. in the past the various issues had always been basically swept under the rug or attributed to user error in some way. when i finally got an actual error message someone finally started to do something (i suppose they absolutely had to since the machine was reporting to the owner that there was a problem...).


    so the point i am making about the keyboard keys is that when i went in to ask them to replace the keys while under warranty (many of the /individual/ keys on the keyboard are wobbly which makes typing on the device difficult) - i was asked to enumerate which /particular/ keys were a problem. to me this is like adding insult to injury when you consider the sum total of the problems with this machine. and the idea here is that to replace /some/ of the keys that are exhibiting failure and that makes using the device difficult, while leaving the other keys which are not yet exhibiting failure (but presumably will be exhibiting failure in the near future) is indicative of how this machine has been handled from a customer service perspective. and this is not how i remember being treated back in the day when i first started using macs and this is quite disappointing.


    so to now be finally in a position to tackle less mission critical issues such as the speed the machine starts up - and to be going down some wormhole three years into owning the device - where i am reading a two hundred post thread trying to figure out why it wakes to black screen or takes an eternity to start up is similarly disappointing. i mean, your point about ram may be worth pursuing but given the myriad of issues with this machine you would have thought mac technicians would have caught this or the mac genius bar folks would have taken the compaints serious enough to resolve things earlier.


    so, assuming we have cleared up the keys/keyboard and the other issues - i am curious as to why you indicate the second link does not pertain to the 13" 2009 MBP. i mean, i am interested in documentation that describes how hibernate/safe sleep etc is supposed to behave or how this "functionality" does not actually pertain to the 2009 13" MBP. i ask because i am pretty sure that somewhere earlier in this thread or somewhere in my research i found out that this behavior is not supposed to be exhibited on my machine for one reason or another. i personally think there has been some kind of botched implementation related to the graphics card or the firmware or whatever in this machine as it relates to these issues because i have always had a rough time with getting this machine to wake.


    i suppose for arguments sake one could attribute this to bad RAM but again since i bought the RAM to solve various problems that affected the machine in a global way - and since i can't get something as simple as full key replacement under warranty - i am having a hard time imagining how the device itself is not the culprit for everything at the end of the day. and in any case it would be nice to get some kind of definitive documentation as to how mac imagines my actual machine is supposed to be behaving under various conditions related to startup instead of always getting an answer related to performance or battery life that is some version of "it depends"...

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    For a description of proper sleep behavior, read the manual:


    For a description of Safe Sleep (hibernate): read:


    You can do your own searches to find information on Safe Sleep and Sleep.


    The keys can be replaced individually.


    Improper or defective RAM could cause the rest of your problems. Macintosh computers are VERY picky about RAM.


    Even if you don't buy from Crucial, they have a very nice memory picker: Mid%202009)&Cat=RAM

    In fact, given my recent experience with Crucial, I'd recommend a little shopping around.


    Pay particular attention to all the specs.

    DDR3 PC3-8500  CL=7  Unbuffered  NON-ECC  DDR3-1066  1.35V  512Meg x 64

    Does the RAM you purchased meet these specfications?

    You said you purchased the RAM to solve problems in a "global way" and improper RAM can cause problems in a "global way."

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    hi. i have to get off this thread but the problem i am having is that i am not seeing anything that factually states that 2009 13" MBP is supposed to have a "hibernate" or "safe sleep". and every time i try to get an answer (from mac) about battery issues or performance with this device i get some kind of zen koan.


    i arrived upon the thread after searching in order to troubleshoot problems related to this kind of issue which have existed for me since using the computer out of the box (i.e. pre-RAM upgrade). the computer does not behave consistently upon waking from sleep (unresponsive to the point of needing to manually restart, slow, black screen, long delay for dock icons, beachball hangs, background only for a minute or longer - but more often than not it is simply extremely sluggish and slow upon waking from sleep). the machine has /never/ behaved in a way that made sense to me. this was compounded by ongoing (and unconfirmed by mac) battery issues, high heat and loud fan.


    the issue i see here (maybe i am missing something so i am happy to stand corrected) is that neither of your links suggest that this computer has anything except a conventional sleep mode. the first link only casually mentions what appears to be a conventional sleep (i.e. "sleep") and the second link related to Mountain Lion specifically states "/some/ portable Mac computers have a feature called 'safe sleep.' "


    and again - my research as i recall showed that this computer does not have a safe sleep or hibernate mode.


    i am not sure figuring this out will solve my issue but you seemed pretty confident that your machine had the same functionality as mine ("Yes, I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that my machine is supposed to behave EXACTLY like your machine in terms of sleep!") and that you had this "hibernate" or "safe sleep" mode ("In my case, it was hibernate instead of sleep when I closed the lid). since i have tested this behavior on my end ad nauseum it would be good to know if the computer is in fact going in to some kind of deeper sleep mode in some cases.


    maybe the defective RAM caused your computer to behave in a way that made it appear that there was some problem with safe sleep or hibernate mode. either way at the very least - particularly in the context of this thread - it would be helpful to know definitively if the 2009 13" MBP /has/ this functionality when upgraded to ML.


    i mean, prior to reading this thread i was considering buying a 2013 15" - and giving the laptop to a family member (preferably in a way that didn't require them to periodically replace keys every other month...) - but i just can't spend this kind of cash again and get the same kind of performance. frankly i think there is some kind of problem with this model and based upon my empirical experience i find it almost suspicious there isn't better documentation about the issues described on this thread as it relates to the 2009 model. either the computer should have a hibernate mode or it shouldn't. if i didn't know better i'd say i think hibernate mode was /tested/ on the 2009 model and they didn't try to implement it on the laptops until releasing Mountain Lion...

    peace out.


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    I would like to upgrade my MacBook Pro 13" late 2012 2.9Ghz, at the moment I have ML 10.8.2 and I want to install the new ML 10.8.3.

    Is there somebody that had problems with this new version? With the previous I had a lot of problems in stand by system now solved, and I wouldn't to get in trouble again.

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    I performed a disk repair just to see if that would help the lag time coming back from sleep mode, but that did not help.  One thing that I have noticed is that I use a hot corner for sleep.  During the day I leave the laptop open but use the hot corner to sleep.  It comes back to life immediately throughout the day.  The problem I am noticing is at night when I close the lid and it is attached to the power adapter, my mornings have so much lag time coming back to life.  I adjusted the power adapter settings in system preferences while powered by cord.  I will see if this helps tomorrow morning (system preferences/energy save/power adapter/ turned off put hard drive disk to sleep)


    I'm using a Macbook Pro with ML bought in January of 2013

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    Update from my previous post: Last night after putting the macbook pro to sleep, it was not connected to the power adapter and woke up from sleep immediately (as soon as I opened it).  Quite a surprise.  Try it!

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    more voodoo and/or empirical experimenting on this one. i feel like i have been doing the same kind of semi-scientific experiments since 2009 with mine.


    shopmacgirl seems like she is making progress but of course the "leave it off of power adapter" is no solution for those with mac laptops that have what any reasonable person would consider excessive battery drain while in sleep mode.


    fanboys (and genius bar techs) suggest putting the machine to sleep - which is a convenient solution i suppose - but for a returning mac purchaser it's felt like M.C. Escher invented this one...

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    I was having the same issue with mine, I just got MBP last night and my old black mac had a faster awake response.  I called apple and the lady told me to do a software update, so just do that, it worked for me as of now.  They might have fixed the bug in the newest update! hope this helps!

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    just a heads up that they definitely have NOT fixed this.  i upgraded to mavericks last night, and when i woke up this morning had the same issue again (after not having it for months)...seems the upgrade to mavericks reset autopoweroffdelay to 4 hours, and since i slept longer than four hours and left it plugged in, when i opened the lid this morning i got the gray screen w/ status bar.


    so, i went back in and reset autopoweroffdelay to be 86400 again.  hopefully, this will again resolve the issue...although i'm not sure why apple refuses to just fix the problem on their end.

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    Weird. I just came here to post that Mavericks DID seem to fix this. I noticed it almost immediately:  after my Macbook Air 2013 has been asleep all night, I no longer have to count to 3 before typing in my password to unlock it.

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    Switching the screen saver away from Flurry seems to have allieviated all the symptoms described by jessatd75 on my MacBookPro, OSX 10.8.5, when battery is fully charged and machine is getting power from the wall A/C. The problem has appeared recently, even tho the machine came w 10.8, so maybe the problem came as the result of an upgrade?

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