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  • leeky7 Level 1 (0 points)

    You are possibly right. But I still suspect something is wrong, or has been modified, with this 10.8.1 update, because this delay only happens to me after I made the update (with the hope to improve my battery life back to it used to be on Lion). Anyway, thanks for attending my issue, at least I know it's probably something to do with the wifi/network connection.

  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    That's what I'm saying, before 10.8.1 my Wifi was not already connected by the time I resumed from sleep. Intentional or not, it looks like this patch changed it so it will be connected once you resume.


    Edit: Do you have any bluetooth devices connected? Is there any other non-wired connection of any sort to any network or device?

  • leeky7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah I understand what you meant. I'm just not impressed the way it changed. I'm using the same laptop, same network, why it was awaken instantly with wifi on and now it takes 3 sec to (connect to the network before) wake up.

  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    Let's say it takes three seconds to connect to your network.



    1. You open your computer and immediately your screen turns on.

    2. Network pulsates for three seconds as it connects.

    3. You have internet access.



    1. You open your computer.

    2. Your computer connects to your wifi network, taking about three seconds.

    3. Your screen and everything else comes on with a completely active wifi connection.


    That's why it seems like it's taking longer than before, assuming this is a correct diagnosis.


    I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but that seems to be what it's doing. You may just not have realized it wasn't connected when you woke it up before (pre-update); 3 seconds is not a long time, and if you weren't looking for something you just may not have seen the difference until you now realized it was taking a bit longer post-update. I have noticed that it helps me a bit. Before when I woke from sleep I would wait for all of my applications to re-connect, but with this change everything is good to go and running right when it comes up.


    Like I said, I'm not sure if it's unintentional, but from the console output and how it performed with your Wifi turned off I do believe it is the issue. Every campus network I have been on has taken a bit longer to connect to, and it's very possible that when you are at home there will be NO delay as it will connect to the network faster.


    This is not a confirmed solution, but it makes sense to me and goes with the testing I just did on my machine.

  • AdamBr1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also experiencing the same issue. 


    I am thinking that perhaps it may be linked to imessage now being part of the OS.   After going out and texting people for the day when I first wake my computer it wants to update with all the new messages.   Once this is completed then I seem to get a workable computer again.  


    I may need to look into disabling imessage which is a shame because it is cool to have for sending long messges or having a long winded conversation by SMS. 


    Does anyone have any thoughts or perhaps tried disabling this ?

  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    I don't receive anything in iMessage unless I am actively running the application, and when I launch it I do not receive anything from before I opened it. Should it be queueing messages? I didn't know it ran as a task.

  • DarwinF Level 1 (0 points)

    Shesh!  I wish my mid 2009 MBP would wake up in 3 seconds! 


    Since upgrading to Mountain Lion it doesn't wake up unless I hold down the power button until I hear the optical drive cycle, release and press the power button again.  Then after another 35 seconds it might be ready.  It worked perfectly before Mountain Lion and now I am so disgusted with it I'm looking at Windows 7 laptops.  I've already purchased a Dell XPS 27 One instead of the imac 27 I was looking at because of this.  Apple you need to pay attention!

  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    Darwin, are you saying it doesn't wake up at all? From the sound of it you are forcing it to shut down with the power button and then rebooting it. When you finally get it to turn on, does it show a grey screen with the Apple logo and a spinning icon?

  • DarwinF Level 1 (0 points)

    When the screen comes up it is a transparent grey, you can see the desktop behind it.  No spinning icon, but a segmented progress bar which I had never seen before.  After the progress bar completes, maybe 10 seconds, then the grey goes away and the desktop is clearly visible but can't move mouse and keyboard is not responsive.  20-30 seconds go by then the keyboard backlighting flashes and then it is fully awake.


    I'm thinking about doing the clean install to see if that fixes it, otherwise I'm done with it.

  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    How's your battery life? Any chance it needs to be replaced? That grey screen means your computer saved your current status to the hard drive, usually because it's about to die. That's what happens if your computer dies while closed. The time it's taking is it loading from the backup on the hard drive. Is there any chance you could need a new battery? When you click your battery icon does it say "Needs service" or anything unusual?

  • joelw135 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a 24" iMac and the delay is more than a few seconds, more like 10 to 15 seconds before my mail or browser is available for use. Very annoying to say the least. It is surely the Internet not getting connected.  I have both wired and WiFi on the iMac, and it doesn't matter which is on or off or both on.

  • paulcik Level 1 (0 points)

    I can confirm this procedure helped my MacBook Air (mid 2011). I cycled 3 chimes with the CMD+OPT+P+R pressed and after the reboot and closing the lid, the system becomes responsive instantaneousely and the mouse is operational right away. It took 10 - 15 seconds for the mouse to start moving before. Recommend everyone to try it on their machine.

  • joelw135 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think it is the Internet that is not waking as all other items work on coming out of sleep.  Just Browser and Mail apps not working for a long numbewr of seconds.

  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    Like I told an earlier poster, disable your wireless and any other network connections and see if it still takes as long.

  • joelw135 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried that, but it is the Internet that takes time to respond. Everything else works directly after wake except browser and mail.

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