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  • donabc Level 1 Level 1

    Try emptying the cache. The handy Empty Cache option is gone from the Apple menu and is buried with a recent Lion update, but Apple Care gave me these instructions:


    1. Have Finder open

    2. Click on Go at the top of the screen

    3. Hold down the Option key and select Library

    4. Open the Caches folder and delete everything inside

    5. Click on Go and click on Computer

    6. Double-click on Macintosh HD and open the Library folder

    7. Open the Caches folder and delete everything inside

    8. Restart the computer and then empty the trash


    Also delete cookies in Safari. The option is also buried. Find it in Safari's Preferences, Privacy Settings "Remove All Website Data". So far my Mac is zippier. Hope this helps some of you, too!

  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 Level 1

    i printed out and read this thread this AM after getting back my mid-2009 MBP with a new battery and a new logic board under applecare warranty. i have never gotten much more than 1 1/2 hours of battery life on this machine while working on it (i once tested it just sitting on the desktop with no processes running and got 3 1/2 hours) and consequently have /always/ kept it on power.


    at the same time as a returning to mac laptop user i have been extremely confused with what has been happening with waking from sleep in the few times i run into this - and after spending as much time researching battery life on this machine i am extremely disheartened to be doing the same with wake from sleep now. 90 % of the time i seem to have simply done a MANUAL RESTART with this machine after any kind of sleep. and it is sort of depressing (or shocking) to be a returning user who is 3 years into owning this machine and only now is able to use it off power for any period of time.


    SO - now that i have a decent battery life i find myself testing the wake from sleep and i honestly cannot understand how this works. at one point yesterday i thought this issue was caused by "Standby Mode" but i see this is only on the 2013 models. also, it appears to me that i get more battery life when i run Apple Menu > Sleep as compared to when i simply close the lid. i am also finding it extremely confounding trying to get this computer to sleep and my issues seem to most closely mimic those of this user (DarwinF also on a mid 2009 MBP):


    "Shesh!  I wish my mid 2009 MBP would wake up in 3 seconds! Since upgrading to Mountain Lion it doesn't wake up unless I hold down the power button until I hear the optical drive cycle, release and press the power button again.  Then after another 35 seconds it might be ready.  It worked perfectly before Mountain Lion and now I am so disgusted with it I'm looking at Windows 7 laptops.  I've already purchased a Dell XPS 27 One instead of the imac 27 I was looking at because of this.  Apple you need to pay attention!"


    "When the screen comes up it is a transparent grey, you can see the desktop behind it.  No spinning icon, but a segmented progress bar which I had never seen before.  After the progress bar completes, maybe 10 seconds, then the grey goes away and the desktop is clearly visible but can't move mouse and keyboard is not responsive.  20-30 seconds go by then the keyboard backlighting flashes and then it is fully awake. I'm thinking about doing the clean install to see if that fixes it, otherwise I'm done with it."


    Is there any concrete answer to this? I cannot possibly stomach a fresh install on this machine at this point so late in a tough fought game. i am simply completely worn out on this one....

  • mxo11 Level 1 Level 1

    hotwheels 22,


    Your previous-to-last paragraph describes EXACTLY what I've been experiencing with my 2012 MBP, which runs on ML.  Nothing like this happens in my 2011 MBP, which still runs 10.6.8.  I can add something:  when the laptop is asleep but not connected to a power supply, the wake-up time is normal!  The problem typically occurs after more than 8 hours of sleep while connected to the power supply.  Several ideas have been proposed (emptying cache or deleting a couple of Preferences files) to fix this problem but I'm doubtful as to their effectiveness.  There's gotta be something faulty with ML here and it would be just very appreciated if Apple took care of it.

  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 Level 1

    hi. for what it is worth - and mind you i have only just now started to look seriously at what is going on with sleep mode and/or waking from a deleted battery (since my battery has never worked for more than an hour and a half off power and i just now finally got them to take this seriously and put in a new battery - at which point they apparently realized it needed a new logic board too...) - - i have /always/ had wake from sleep issues with this machine (mid 2009 13" MBP).


    my recollection is that this primarily manifested itself in not waking at all in which case i needed to do a manual restart, or in requiring four or five taps on a key on the keyboard at which point it would wake groggily with frozen cursors, frozen screen and/or long delays upon startup. sometimes it would flash back to a black screen and/or do something weird like show a large and quick change in battery power from, say 0% to 13%.


    i never timed all of this since i didn't even know what was going on in so many other areas with this machine but my recollection is that (like DarfwinF) i could sometimes wait at least half a minute if not longer.


    i mean, if everything else was working properly or if this didn't work sometimes one way and sometimes another way at least it would have had the ability to train /me/ to clean up my physical desktop any time i started to work on the computer again. or maybe i could go and put a pot of hot water on the stove or something.


    problem is - sometime tapping on the screen a bunch of times got it into "grog wakeup mode" sometimes it didn't so i had to do a manual restart and sometimes - like this morning! - it would wake up immediately...

  • SlashProgrammer Level 1 Level 1

    My wife had this problem.  She would close the lid and the screen would dim but the Mac did not sleep.  She would open the lid the screen would illuminate and sit there for a few minutes until the keyboard or mouse would start working.


    The solution: Turned Bluetooth off and everthing worked again.

  • woofers02 Level 1 Level 1

    wildea wrote:


    The slow wake up is not a bug. Why the slow wake up appears and how to fix it can you read here..


    This was the "culprit" I get why Apple does this, but it seems like it should be disabled when a power cord is connected or at least an option to do so.

  • gadgetfreak Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried about everything but it still takes 10-15 seconds to wake from sleep even after closing the lid for a few seconds.  I've tried changing the standby and hibernate modes, resetting pram and SMC, disabling guest user, clearing caches, turning off wifi, praying, deleting plist files and a few other things to no avail.  Bummed out that my 3K retina macbook does not wake as fast as my 2006 mac mini.  ugh.

  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X

    Maybe this will help. If you monitor the "More Like This" box, other solved threads appear. Opening them usually displays other threads.


  • mxo11 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried to change the parameter using Terminal as suggested by Alexander Wilde (see the post by woofers02) but I couldn't.  Instead, I got the following message:

    sudo: /private/etc/sudoers is mode 0644, should be 0440

    sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting


    Anoboy knows how to change this thing?  (It seems like a plausible idea to solve the problem and I'd like to give it a try).

  • Erik421 Level 1 Level 1

    ok boyz....

    My MacBook Pro 13" buyed 20 days ago have the same probelem:  very slow wake up, gray screnn and loading bar before to make anything.


    These problems are appeared after upgrade to 10.8.2 ML.

    Now after a bit of time my Mac goes to hybernate (no white led of breath in front of Mac..yours??)

    Moreover my Mac makes a strange sound when waking up (I learnd realigment of Superdrive).

    All of these problems appears (I think) when Mac it's connected to elettric supply no with internal battery (try this!!!) and does not appear any problem of waking up.

    Anyway with this upgrade there has been a problem to battery, solution to emprove battery of ours Mac were reversed I think.


    The problem it's the uprgrade to 10.8.2. I Think!!!


    Anybody with setting on Terminal has totaly solved this problem??



  • mxo11 Level 1 Level 1



    The problem is that the solution through Terminal can't be tested, as the command line is rejected because it is not valid (see my post above).  A the top of this page, posted by donabc, there is the following "solution", supposedly provided by Apple itself:

    1.  Boot up holding down the CMD and R keys to get to Disk Utilities.

    2.  Run Repair Permissions.

    3.  Run Repair Disk.

    4. Close out of the Disk Utilities and boot the machine.

    5. Open the Finder.  Hold down the Option key, choose GO from the menu and select LIBRARY.

    6. From the Library drag the CACHE folder and the COOKIES folder to the trash.

    7. Delete the trash.


    Do you want to try it and report back to the forum?

  • remd Level 1 Level 1

    At this point I would be happy if my mac wakes up after 10-15 sec. It takes up to 10-15min for it to wake up often, but not always, since I upgraded my Mac book pro mid-2011, 8gb ram to ML (10.8.2).


    I tried to set hybernation to 0 via pmset and some other things, defraged etc..


    It takes a very long time to wake up most times, and then it takes another 30sec/1min of spinning wheel for each program that is already open and I want to access..


    At this point I went from having a great laptop I could work with running SL, to a slow ML laptop that I can't use most of the time and I have to use my old laptop running Linux to actually get some work done.

    I hope an update will fix these issues, but for now I feel like I have thrown 2.5k$ away since the ML upgrade since I can't really use this laptop anymore..


    Any suggestions to try to improve this are welcome

  • crackers8199 Level 1 Level 1

    same here.  just started happening after i upgraded my memory to 16gb (but not immediately after) must have been the software update that caused it.


    same exact symptoms as erik421 - only happens while plugged in, never on battery.

  • crackers8199 Level 1 Level 1

    note: changing standbydelay in terminal (as mentioned in the link earlier on this page) did NOT fix the problem for me...moving on to other troubleshooting.

  • crackers8199 Level 1 Level 1

    also can confirm the problem does NOT happen when running just on battery.  left this morning and intentionally unplugged my laptop, came back 9 hours later and opened the lid...voila - no white screen. right to the password dialog within 3 seconds.

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