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How do I deactivate my old computer so I can use this one

iPod nano (4th generation), Windows XP
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    If you are asking about authorizing your computer to use your iTunes Store account, you can have up to FIVE computers authorized to use one iTunes Store account.


    To deauthorize a computer, run iTunes on that computer and log in to your iTunes Store account.  From the menu bar, select Store -> Deauthorize This Computer.  The command to Authorize This Computer is at the same place; do this from your new computer.


    NOTE:  You can have up to five computer authorized per iTunes Store account, so you can have both computers authorized.


    If you no longer have access to that old computer, please post back.

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    When I click on "Store" I do not see anywhere where it says "deauthorize" or "deactivate" computer.

  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (30,460 points)

    Make sure you are clicking on Store in the Menu Bar, not some other place on the iTunes window.  There should be a command under the Store menu to Deauthorize This Computer.

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    what if i cant access the old computer? i want to sync my ipod to a new computer but wouldi loose everything on my ipod?

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    You can have up to five computers authorized for an iTunes Store account, so unless you are already at that limit (you currently have five computers authorized for your iTunes Store account), you can just authorize your new computer without deauthorizing your old computer.


    If you want a "fresh start," there is a command to Deathorize All in iTunes.  Click on your Apple ID on the iTunes Store screen, and give your password.  This brings up your Account Information screen.  Where it says Computer Authorizations, there is a button for Deathorize All to the right.  This action deauthorizes all existing computers authorized for your iTunes account, so you will need to authorize each computer you currently still use again.


    Your second question is not directly related...  If you set an iPod to automatically sync to a new computer's iTunes library, its current content will be replaced by the content of the new computer's iTunes library (based on how you set up automatic syncing).  If you want to keep what is currently on the iPod, you'll need to transfer it off the iPod first (using a third-party method), add it to the new computer's iTunes library, then sync your iPod.

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    okay thankyou very much that helped a lot

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    ooh sorry to bother you again but what do you mean by a third-party method?

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    You cannot transfer song (and other content) files from iPod to computer using iTunes (except for stuff from the iTunes Store).  However, there are "third-party" (not from Apple) methods and utilities to transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do a Google search on something like "ipod transfer," you should see some useful links.


    NOTE:  For content that you purchased from the iTunes Store, you can also re-download them at no cost.  In iTunes, go to the iTunes Store "Home" screen (sign-in using your Apple ID if you are not already).  Over to the right, under Quick Links, find Purchased and click on it.  From the Purchased screen, you can re-download most previous purchases from the iTunes Store.