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Article says that after installing OS onto external HDD (so that you have recovery partition at least on external disk), user will be able to re-run installer and upgrade main bootable volume even if without recovery HD being created. Not the case. External HD works, the system boots, recovery partition is there, but attempt to install onto main drive returns the same error: cannot install because recovery partition cannot be created. Article mentioned in the error dialog says that the disk probably was modified by third party apps. Not the case: the second partition was created by apple's bottcamp utility and standard win xp was used. No windows tools where ever used and nothing except office and lotus was ever installed (we do not count older games which where simply copied - no install). This is my wifes notebook. The only way is to completely re-install windows and this is almost not an option. Windows does not have time-machine or similar software so we will need to re-install windows and (the biggest pain) re-configure LOAD of stuff, passwords etc. and I even don't know a lot of things from her work network. So it will simply be several days without computer - while admin will be available to re-configure the whole thing. And definitely some things will be forgotten and a lot of confusion will pop up in upcoming months.


I do understand that windows is not a good OS. But here we have a situation where apple's software created partition and then another apple's software claims that this partition was modified by "somebody" else. No way to upgrade the system now. This ***** big time cause she is not able to use iCloud, proper 'notes' sync, no calendar/address book sync with her iPad and iPhone, mobile me is discontinued (why in the **** they dropped at least address book and calendar sync?! It worked and works with google so system CAN sync). "touching" windows is quiet Althing to do so I'd prefer not to do it until i'm forced to (like if HDD fails or windows dies). Lies.