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  • alkie4life Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's definately a problem with iTunes and not the Airports.  I have this exact same issue that I just found last night when I was trying to stream from iTunes.  I can stream from my iPad and iPhone directly to the Airports without issue.

  • robot_dan Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I too was having trouble getting iTunes to connect to my old Airport Express 802.11g - it would sit there saying "Connecting..." for a few minutes and then give up without any error messages. I tried restarting my computer, my Airport, my router, iTunes, etc., but nothing seemed to work.


    The frustrating thing was that Airplay was working fine from my iPad and iPhone.


    The final thing that seemed to fix it was to go to the terminal and type in:

    networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi


    Once I did this, then iTunes connected almost immediately to my Express!


    I was also able to go back into the Network Settings and turn IPv6 back on to 'Automatic', and everything is still working.

  • GJM Ohio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found this:


    Apple, really, it just "works"......

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    Thanks, it works!

    I had the same problem: connect to airport/atv from ipad/iphone was no problem, but from itunes on my MBP seems not to work anymore...

    turning off ipv6, restart itunes and atv/airport, and it works...

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    I had the same problem and the method in this link seems to have sorted it, although I had to twice force quit iTunes adn restart the mac mini after doing the Terminal commands, as iTunes went completely unresponsive.


    Thanks a lot!


    Where is Apple input to this?

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    GJM Ohio wrote:


    I found this:


    Apple, really, it just "works"......




    Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!


    After so many months of trying to get it to work - and giving up upon it - and now investing another hour of research - it finally works!!!!!!!! in just a couple of minutes!!!!!


    Even though I was a little scared about changing something with a terminal window, which I have never done before and didn't know what kind of damage I was going to do, it was so easy!


    To everyone else - don't give up and dont be scared - it is easy!

    Just search the Terminal window, and copy paste directly after the first line.




    (and as you can see, I couldn't turn off the Ethernet - only the Wi-Fi)


    Works brilliantly!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!



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    Thanks!  Using the Airport Utility to set IPv6 to "Automatically" on my Airport Express fixed the issue.

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    Turning off the IPv6 in wifi really does work.  I've experienced the same problem on my MacBook and iPhone and iPad.  After typing in the command, it immediately started playing music on my Airport Express speakers.  Thank you for the tip!

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    Yep, worked here as well. g version of the Express, latest version of Lion on an older 2006 intel iMac. Before turning IPv6 off through terminal on iMac, I tried connecting to the Exp from iTunes on a 2010 MBPro running the latest Mtn Lion and had no issues whatsoever.


    Thanks for the fix!

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    OK, this was confusing but I found the way to change iPv6 with an older airport express, to get Airplay to stream through itunes and to the Airport Express.


    My network is as follows:

    1. Airport Extreme Base Station.

    2. Airport Express (older version) 802.11g version 6.3.


    I had downloaded the older airport utility 5.6.1 (the new one doesn't work with the older Airport Express) and both the Airport Extreme and Airport Express had the green dot, showing both were working. I opened the Airport Express using "manual setup" on the bottom left.




    But under advanced tab in the Airport Express did not find anything related to iPv6.





    However, and this is the key, I switched to the Airport Extreme Base Station. Under the Advanced tab of the Airport Extreme, the third menu item is IPv6. I set this to "Host" and the configure dialogue box popped up as "automatically" so I left it. I pressed "update," the two modems reset within 2 minutes.




    I relaunched iTunes 11.0.2 and then clicked the network setting and checked my Airplay network.



    And everything worked. LIstening to some nice Art Blakely & the Jazz Messengers through Airplay.

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    Robot dan that worked and I thank you.

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    I'm running OSX 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro, iTunes 11.0.2, Airport Utility 5.6.1, and an Airport Express set at 802.11g with Version 6.3. Airplay was working fine for a week and then all of a sudden I was unable to connect to a set of Airplay speakers with the (-15006) error. Quit everything and launched Airport Utility and checked the Interference Robustness box and voila up and working again. Then the next day same problem so went back in and unchecked the Interference Robustness and guess what, it is working again. I know this is a simple fix, but it worked for me. If the problem continues and I have to keep going back in to check and uncheck the box or if after a while this simple fix doesn't work I will use the previous postings more complicated method.

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    Thanks SammyFro!  I have the same setup and this fixed my problem.

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    Don't know if there is a new thread on this, but I am having the same problem trying to access a Gen1B AirPort Express (A1264) under Mavericks. Just want to use it to stream music via airplay. The AX works fine if attached to my home network, but will not work stand-alone at my cottage (which has no internet). AirPlay Utiliity does not seem to recognize it. I tried disabling IPv6 with no luck. Any ideas?

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    It's always a bad idea to post new issues to an older thread. The only people that might help you are some of the same people that have already responded with their ideas and happen to still be monitoring it. If you have tried everything mentioned here, start with a new thread to get the most benefit from the Forum. Explain your problem as well as the equipment and software you currently use (are you still running OS X 10.9.1? If not you should update your profile).


    That's just how this Forum works best for users.