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  • Kims Apple Level 1 (0 points)

    My2009 Mac mini is working good after the patch. I have made a music cd from iTunes successfully.

  • C@bra Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same thing on a mid 2010 imac following upgrade to Mountain Lion, superdrive would take disk after few minutes spit it out. As I have no apple care they wanted to charge £300 to replace the superdrice ouch! I bought a secondhand one from ebay £36 replaced and everything now okay. However be careful when removing LCD screen as I ripped of the connector from the logic board and spent hours resoldering a new one!!!!!!!


    But at last all now working okay :-)

  • Londoner86 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have had the same problem. I upgraded from Snow leopard to ML and my dvd drive stopped working. I don't burn dvd's/cd's often so it took a month after the update to figure it out! I couldn't even read something on VM fusion! So i tried downgrading to snow leopard but that didn't work so i went all the way back down to Leopard, and then installed updates, and then installed snow leopard - my drive WAS working after i did all this. This leads me to believe it is a software issue and i for the love of god hope apple do something about this soon because i've had enough of their bugs so much so after this macbookpro dies i'm going to go back to windows!


    So anyhow after this upgrade back to snow leopard i couldn't restore any of my time machine data because "my time machine backup was created on a newer OS" - ridiculous! So after a day of faffing around i had to upgrade to ML to get all my setting and stuff back and i restored it from time machine and have a drive that doesn't work again - back to square 1!


    I've half a mind of flogging this crap machine on ebay and getting a cheapie £300 laptop from somewhere!


    Apple if you see this please release an update so i can use my DVD 'superdrive' again please!




    P.S. i've got a late 2008 macbookpro.

  • mjbentoc Level 1 (0 points)

    Cab someone tell me how can I create a Usb installation drive for Leopard in order to be abble to do the downgrade?

    Since my drive stopped working I can´t do the downgrade using the disks and I'm tired to look for the Image in the web but I had no luck.



  • Londoner86 Level 1 (5 points)



    After spending 4 days I have a satisfactory conclusion. I upgdated to mountain lion again, and i manually backed up important info onto an external hard drive (not time machine crap), and then i downgraded leopard, installed a few gigs of updates which made my drive work again, and then i upgraded to snow leopard, installed updates, brought back all my stuff onto the computer from the external hard drive.


    All in all I wasted 4 days trying to get my system to a useable state! I can now use my DVD drive. Apple needless to say where unhelpful. They wanted to put me in touch with a techy but i refused after a past encounter with a techy left my computer unuseable and needing a full system wipe to fix it!

  • MacLP Level 1 (0 points)

    Now what is this. I bought 2012 mid macbook pro and now superdrive is not working after mountain lion update. Is superdrive now broken ? I should have bought pc. No help from Apple?

  • suryayyaar Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Everybody,


    I had the same issue that my superdrive wouldnt read any DVDs/CDs after the ML upgrade. I googled and googled for the answer and did not find one. I tried to upgrade the firmware but got a message saying "Your computer does not need this upgrade". Then I decided to just pull the superdrive out myself and see if there was a hardware issue. My Macbook White has been out of warranty for like three yrs now and I never bought myself the Apple Care Protection Plan. So didnt have much to lose anyway. The following helped a lot



    So I disassembled my Macbook, got the superdrive out right up to the stage where I could see the lens and its motion mechanism etc. and despite the fact that i did not notice much dust on the lens, i cleaned it anyway. Reassembled and the thing worked. So I have all the reason to believe that it is a hardware issue. And by the way, my machine was shipped with Leopard, so I have upgraded through Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion and not had a software issue with the Superdrive. It worked upto the ML upgrade. Perhaps that is the reason why Apple Care is replacing Superdrives to solve this. Anyway, I used the guide above. However, all of you must know that I DO NOT endorse it or recommend it. If you choose to try it DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am only sharing what worked for me.

  • mjbentoc Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Londoner86, I Tried your solution and re-installed Leopard, but after all the actualizations in Leopard the Drive still doesn't work.
    Did you do something else or any other software in order to put the drive working again?


    Thank you.

  • Londoner86 Level 1 (5 points)

    i just wiped my hard drive completely and reset the pram or whatever it's called. I hope you fix it mate. Install all the updates after u've installed leopard too. This fixes the problem too. I found that after a clean install i was having problems reading some dvd's but after installing all the online updates using the software update feature everything worked fine.

  • Jahvetti Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a similar problem - after the Mountain Lion update Macmini 2010 Superdrive does not work. Won't accept CDs/DVDs. Has anybody found a solution to this?

  • JustPerfect Level 1 (0 points)

    You need to get the superdrive replaced. It's absolutely done for after this "upgrade," and not salvageable. If you have AppleCare, that's not a problem. If not, I'd very seriously consider replacing the superdrive with an external optical drive, probably one with BluRay capability.

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    try to reset the system menagmnet controller (SMC)

  • koalacanth Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried reseting the SMC. Didn't work. Also tried reseting the PRAM. Didn't work.

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    Did anyone try burning using windows? booting into bootcamp.. my sister just called me telling her superdrive is not working after ML upgrade and it become worst as she is now in egypt while im in malaysia... apple did it again... before it happen to me with those laser pointer thing when in windows now superdrive... I love apple..

  • syl20yyz Level 1 (0 points)

    Not at all happy with Apple on this issue.


    Also upgraded to Mountain Lion.  Superdrive was working fine just before upgrade.


    I discovered this problem one day before my Mom's funeral when I tried to burn a couple of CDs with her favourite music to be played at the funeral home during visiting hours.  I WAS FUMING MAD and panicked to discover this problem which is STILL NOT FIXED by Apple.


    I restarted to Windows XP using bootcamp, then discovered that my Superdrive was working fine under Windows...  Should I take this as a message from Apple?  Perhaps my switching to everything Apple may have been a big mistake?  If they want to restore my faith AND trust in their products, they should 1) acknowledge that YES, upgrading to Mountain Lion creates this problem and 2)  FIX THE PROBLEMS ASAP.


    Not impressed with Apple... always had a great experience before this, but now it is starting to look like they want to emulate Microsoft's motto:  Quantity vs Quality


    MacBook Pro 15" late 2008 model

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