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    Only partially agree with Palenque on the 'forced behaviour modification is ok' comment. Yes i agree when the requirement is totally based on Apple owned s/w, h/w and media but in this instance CD/DVD formats do not belong to Apple, are in universal usage and are used for sharing info between Apple and other OS applications and Apple h/w needs to be able to work with them from the word go without changes to *any* of its new OSs Lion ,ML, Stray Cat whatever . Also, it's normal (and polite if you ask me) to support your user base's equipment for at least a couple of generations before killing it's support. I mean Palenque, do you go out and immediately buy Tim's latest 'idea' and junk all your 'old' kit? If this is the way Apple is going to behave then I'll ditch Macs and use Linux in future. Maybe that's the 'alternative solution'. 

  • fergvazquez Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anybody know if Apple is studing and trying to fix this problem? I don't fine any Apple support answer and the first post of this problem is since july (3 months)

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    I have the same problem. Has anybody found a solution?

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    This may not help everybody, but I've had some success.  Tried everything mentioned here -- no luck.  Booted from a 10.7 drive and superdrive works fine. Booted to 10.8 and doesn't work again.


    Installed Toast on Mountain Lion and now it works fine.  If I shutdown or restart I have to launch Toast again to get it to work. 


    This is definitely a software problem that Apple needs to correct.

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    Have same issue.  Am very displeased.

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    Same issue here. MacBookPro, SuperDrive worked fine until the day I installed Mountain Lion. ***?

    This is a software/firmware problem. Don't tell me that the SuperDrive of dozents of people decided do fail after they installed Mountain Lion is just a coinsident.


    Why doesn't Apple do something about this? Or is this whole thing part of Apple's strategy to get rid of DVD drives...

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    same problem here! hope apple makes a update

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    Interestingly enough, I bought Memorex DVDs and CDs, and burned at a lower speed and it worked.  My Superdrive is now working fine.

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    I'll never buy Verbatum DVD/CDs again.

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    made the msitake of doing the update today, superdrive was fine until update.
    Now all my midi and audio software crashes and superdrive won't accept disks, have taken drive to work and checked on another computer and it works fine.
    Looks like I have to start again and wipe the computer.


    This is not the first time an OS update has rendered one of my computers useless, managing to make a superdrive stop working is a next level oversite. Do they bother to test updates or just activly set out to screw over their customers?


    If anyone has a fix I would love to know about it.

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    Soooooo my SuperDrive isnt so super huh.... I have the same issue downloaded Mountain Lion on a older macbook pro that has been working fine for years and now the drive doesn't work.  I'm currently deployed far away from any mac fix it place smh.  This doesnt make any since.  So how do I fix this.... I  keep getting a disk error it starts the process then gives me a error code each time.  I hate it.... I no longer have the old start up disk and the net is pretty lame here so can't download the old op system hmmmm any suddestions other than shooting my laptop via M4. help

  • dpaulc Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    If you have Toast or iDVD installed, try launching one or the other and leave the app open in the background.  This worked for me.  The drive accepts discs and operates as normal. 

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    I just purchased the latest MB Pro retina 15" and plug everything in and started it and my SuperDrive that came with it doesn't work AT ALL.

    I get the message " a USB device connect to your computer was drawing to much power and so it has been shut down".

    No updates done, nothing, and i get nothing. I can't even put a CD/DVD in it so it can at least spit it out at me:(

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    Just take it back to an Apple Store and make them replace it. Make sure that you test out the Superdrive IN the store. Also do NOT fail to buy an Apple Care Plan! Just don't buy it from Apple--get it on Amazon from a reseller. My ACP would've been $350 @ Apple. I paid $265 on Amazon & Apple's covered me just fine:replaced 2 HDDs, a logic board, and a keyboard, as well as the Superdrive under the ACP. Next repair? I get a brand new 15" MBP to replace this FrankenMac!

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    Thanks JustPerfect, i thought that would be the case.

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