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I upgraded to Mountain Lion and we moved so I had to reconfigure my Airport Express.  Opening Airport Utility I see my AE, but can't manage it - I get an alert box that says:


This version of AirPort Utility doesn't support this base station. Use AirPort Utility 5.6 to configure or manage this base station. AirPort Utility 5.6 is available at AirPort Service and Support.


Ok, fine. Only when you follow that link you go to a version of 5.6 that can't even be installed.  Searching more I discoverd that was because it was for older systems and found a link to a Lion version of 5.6, but alas - that cannot be installed on Mountain Lion either.  So I searched more....


Soooo....  Um...  Really?  That's it?  What am I missing - I must have missed the button to download the right version of Airport Utility for Mountain Lion, right?


Please tell me this isn't the way I am going to discover that my perfectly working WiFi is no longer in line with Apple's strategic aim at the living room... or the universe, and thus is being rendered instantly, surreptitiously inoperable...


Surely I just missed the right button.

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