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Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, CalDAV no longer works for me - it fails to log in to the server (which I know is working because the same credentials and address still work on my iPhone and iPad). 


I've tried deleting and re-adding the calendar and making sure alerts are not defaulted to none, but now, if I try to re-add it using the Wizard, it fails because it can't log in (it says it found a calendar but that my login failed), and if I edit the parameters for one that I know works to those now, it keeps telling me the server gave an error when I try to connect and asking for my password.  This is not the problem with creating and modifying events in Zimbra - I never even get there, I cannot log in to my CalDAV server anymore using credentials that I know work using other CalDAV clients. 


Any help would be appeciated, this is a disabling, showstopper problem, I don't want to have to back out the OS install for this or g-d forbid, pave my machine, but I must have a functional calendar.