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  • Barbara Passman3 Level 2 Level 2

    As to "system dump" there are two places to go\

    Launch "console" and export the log you see. Important to keep note of the time an issue occurs as the activities logged in Console at that time may provide a clue


    Also, launch "About this Mac , under the Apple Menu

    Click on " More info" and then on "System Report", and in the ensuing window scroll down to"Logs" in the Softwares category

    Go to the File Menu and Save- label the saved log with date etc


    These two documents can be useful to Apple support techies


    Before we complain about our wake up issues, keep in mind most of us imported in our "stuff" from the previous computer we were using prior to purchasing the Retina Display MBP. Most of us did not install all our aps from scratch. There may be some legacy software elements which conflicts with  our new systems. Many people are reporting all sorts of sleep-wake issues with Retina MBP.  One reason you paid what you did (me too) is to purchase from a company which will take issues seriously. As a pattern emerges, engineers and others can focus on helping us fix our issues

  • glitchman Level 1 Level 1

    "Before we complain about our wake up issues..."


    I've been saddled with some real pieces of Microsoft junk for business laptops, but they stood up to a lot of crap.  I now have a brand new MacBook Pro with fresh OS install and a few programs freshly installed, but perhpas I should give Apple credit for some obscure third party piece of code that causes total failure of system features.


    I'll think about that.


    Nah, I still wish I could get my money back.  The pride of ownership and product satisfaction represented by this investment ranks near the very bottom for my lifetime.  And I don't have the time that some of you other volunteer Apple Product Developers (customers) put into trying to make their distributed products usable.

  • Barbara Passman3 Level 2 Level 2

    Are you having trouble when the MBP is connected to a monitor or when the MBP is on its own?

  • brferreira8 Level 1 Level 1

    I only have this problem when it is connected to a monitor,.

  • Ankit Gupta Level 1 Level 1

    FYI, I am having trouble with the MBP just on its own, and I am working with a brand new MBP that I haven't imported any information to from my old computer (ie set up as brand new.) Just some further data points...

  • glitchman Level 1 Level 1

    I've never had my MBP connected to an external monitor.  It happens on its own.

  • Barbara Passman3 Level 2 Level 2

    Which monitor?

  • BodyB46 Level 1 Level 1

    following is a list of issues i've had as i hope they might help finding the cause to the problem. Some of them are known issues but they might be related anyway. I'm also stating things from a personal feeling, so i'm not stating things as being 'true', but it might set other people on the way to finding that cause.


    Problems described are happening at home, so never when i'm using only the laptop in an external environment.


    My system is the rMBP basic one bought in september, actually bought in august and had to wait over 4 weeks to get it.Anyway, on to the issue.


    No files imported as this is my first mac os x based system. It was delivered with ML installed so i didnt need to upgrade either.


    I'm having more or less the same issue  as for 'not waking from sleep'. The main difference i feel is, i havent had to hard reset my laptop when the issue occured. It's just really slow in responding. It might easily take up to a minute, maybe 2 to wake the system. Secondly it doesn't happen every time it goes to sleep, wild guess about half the time.

    it might be true (didnt pay to much attention to it but it feels true when i'm saying it) that it only happens after the laptop is in sleep mode for a longer period, not necessarily hours but probably not within the first 5 minutes.


    I'm not seeing anything on the screen in contrast to other people seeing white cursor. After pressing some keys and to much patience, it just shouldnt happen for a system this 'high' end, it does alway wake from sleepmode. Also it happens a lot that the computer lags alot  first seconds after sleepmode.


    i'm having the habbit of always connecting my rMBP to AC when at home and it's 90% of the time connected to an external monitor too. Benq digital monitor. so mini to dvi.

    The very first time i connected the screen it started flickering after maybe a minute or 5 and the flickering didnt stop.

    • reconnect in same port didnt help
    • change mini port helped
    • changing to original port with issue -> problem was still solved

    since then the problem has happened another 2 times (having the laptop 1-2 months) but was always solved by reconnecting.


    my system has had 1 crash second day after i got it. since then no crashes.

    at home its connected to 2 bluetooth devices: magic mouse and wireless keyboard (mouse has had disconnects/connects freak outs) but it has nothing to do with batterylife as it's still working without issues after more then a month after first occurence and i havent changed the batteries.


    my laptop is also using TC for backing up and i noticed when it wakes slowly, the TC gets activated i can easily hear it, and when it's like it's done reactivating, my laptop wakes.

    I was having a thought it might be the laptop doing backups while in sleep mode.


    backing up in TC settings when on battery power is turned on.

    power nap on battery is off.

    power nap on AC is on and so is the wake for wifi.


    tonight i had my system closed when i left, i can't tell in what exact order i disconnected AC, disconnected monitor or closed the laptop, but i'm 100% sure it had 100% battery when i closed it. When i opened my laptop after arriving at my destination it was at 76% battery life and was extremely hot, fans where going hard when i woke the laptop.

    so my guess here would be the system was set to sleep before disconnecting the AC. The system remembered it could do backups as it was set to sleep with backups on AC enabled. It tried backing up while actually being off AC hence why it was getting hot. I noticed it's getting quite warm while backing up while just doing some simple chatting, so i imagine it'll get real hot while being closed and in my bag for that matter. Maybe the expected check of the AC is missing/failing after the system was set to sleep?  Settings conflict between TC/backup setting and Energy saving setting?


    The slow booting i'd imagine would be caused by the backups. Whenever i try to pauze the backups while i'm doing some more heavily developping/designing work to ease up my laptop, it takes about the same amount of time my laptop needs when it wakes slow from sleepmode. My logic says it's possibly because the laptop can't wake before completely pauzing the back up process. This would also explain the 'sounds' of the TC more as working then booting.


    Slow booting happens both on AC and off AC.


    i've now disabled the backups when of AC, but i'm only expecting this to save battery when in sleep. Not to solve the slow waking. Later on i'll probably disable power nap in energy saving to check if that helps for the slow wakes.


    hope this helps

  • jstefanop Level 1 Level 1

    The issue has been happening to me for years ever since I started using apple laptops back in 2006. It's not user generated its not caused by system system corruption, and no amount of system restores/resets/what have you will fix it until Apple recognizes its a fundamental flaw in the sleep/wake logic in the core kernel with the display drivers.


    It's apparent from the driver timeouts that I and others users have posted there is some sort of bug with the kernel/drivers waking up the GPU from sleep. It's obvious that a wide variety of machines and scenarios causes this bug, and has ranged from Mac OS 10.4 - 10.8 across at least 4 generations of laptops. So the bug is not routed in OS specific or device specific drivers but embedded deep in the core kernal.


    I don't understand why apple can't get to the bottom of this and devout more resources to this bug, as this has to be one of the longest running and most annoying bug on their laptop platform.

  • morissej Level 1 Level 1

    Got the same issue. I also have the gosting issue with the retina screen. I am so frustrated with Apple products. I switched to Apple because it was reliable and have been a heavy user of apple products since. Since the Iphone 4 nothing works well. The Iphone 4 was a plain disaster. This Retina MBP is also a shame: screen issue, wake issue. My Harddrive crashed after 1 month I bought the computer. A real shame!! I am gradually switching all my gear to Samsung. You know what: so far so good.

  • glitchman Level 1 Level 1

    I too have been using Apple laptops since 2006 or so.  I've had three MacBook Pro machines, and just as you stated, they all had sleep/wake issues. 

  • Summer Storm Pictures Level 1 Level 1

    I have a brand new MBP 15-inch "Retina" model, maxed out at 16GB RAM, a 500GB SSD (or whatever it is) and running Mountain Lion, all up-to-date.


    In the last couple days I had this wake-up/sleep issue arise. My guess is that whatever fouled up the works is related to the recent firmware update.


    I also believe the disappearing cursor is a symptom of this as well, and strangely enough, I can reproduce at least the "vanishing cursor" issue all by itself. It happens when quitting Final Cut Pro and when using the Java Control Panel (in System Preferences) straight from Oracle--for those who opted to install Java directly from Oracle. Both Java and Final Cut Pro have been running for almost two months now without this issue, but something in the last few days triggered the onset of this issue--and I believe the firmware update and/or the Final Cut Pro update and/or the Safari update "broke" things.


    By the way, to reproduce the Java Control Panel cursor issue, just open it in System Preferences. It will open a second window, and when it does, simply click the "cancel" button and the cursor will vanish and hang for almost 5 seconds until you start clicking around to "reincarnate" it.


    I believe that the only way to fix this whole problem is what so many here have done--a complete erase and reinstall of ML from the partition...unfortunately. Oh joy.


    Okay, this is a follow-on unsolicited rant, so for those uninterested, just move along...nothing to see here folks...


    When I bought this premium model, it was also the first time I ever purchased AppleCare along with it--mainly because it is completely unservicable/upgradeable etc. I now plan to use this for all I can get out of it--to the point of becoming a total PITA to tech support. I will get every penny spent out of this. It won't be enjoyable or a good use of my time, but basically, I'm upset. Totally and completely.


    It is completely unacceptable that purchasers of a premium "pro" machine at a premium ("overpriced") mark-up should have to endure this kind of problem.


    More and more it seems as if Apple is spewing "beta" products onto the market without proper quality control, and is "crowd-sourcing" their troubleshooting. This is unfair. If they want me to beta test and/or provide quality control, employ me and pay me to do so.


    I'm not alone in this feeling either. I have many friends and acquaintainces in my own "professional circle" who feel this way too. This subject has come up often and we are becoming increasingly "disgruntled"--for lack of a better way to describe it. As for me, I'm  beginning to feel like after almost thirty years of Apple, I may finally be done--finished.


    When you alienate the core of your loyal market, you're killing the proverbial golden goose. There's no going back once you've violated that bond of trust and loyalty. It's not entirely dissimilar to marriage infidelity really. There's just no way to un-do what is done. Trust is gone. Loyalty is gone.

  • Rodney Gracia Level 1 Level 1

    Do not erase and reinstall ML. It doesn't fix the issue. I have done that once already and the problem persists. Be warned.

  • Summer Storm Pictures Level 1 Level 1

    This article just came out on Apple Insider about this issue (link below) "Some Retina MacBook Pro users complain of graphics issues after EFI update"


  • Summer Storm Pictures Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks. I am also now in touch with a senior tech at AppleCare. Once again, for some odd reason, they all seem oblivious to this issue. Not any more though. Between the article on Apple Insider which I sent along to them as a link, along with telling them about all the posts/threads here about this, something obviously went wrong with the EFI update.


    Short rant: Why is it the policy of Apple to fix one thing and break two other things? Again, the Q-C is sorely lacking.

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