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For several years I have been running iTunes with the library and all its data on a secondary internal hard drive separate from my startup drive.  This has worked well.  Yesterday I added an SSD to my Mac Pro and I installed Mountain Lion on it. I would like to configure the SSD similar to my old startup HD so that it recognizes the iTunes library on the secondary internal drive.  But despite several hours of trying to set this up I cannot get it to work.


I've followed the instructions from Apple and various other google finds that give the same instructions.  I opened iTunes on the SSD.  Under Preferences/Advanced I changed the "iTunes Media folder location" to the pathway for the secondary hard drive ( /Volumes/iTunes/iTunes Media ).

I've selected "Keep iTunes Media Folder organized".  Under File/Library I selected "Consolidate files".  But when I restart iTunes it opens to show empty libraries.


I would appreciate any help.  I'm not sure how to begin to troubleshoot this problem.



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