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Lately my macbook has been running really slow where anything I do the beachball spins for a good couple of secs before doing anything.  Then all my applications stop responding. I have to force quit all of them.  When I try to relaunch them, none of them respond, not even finder.  I then have to manually shut down my laptop.  I have tried booting in safemode and that didnt help.  I thought it was a hardware problem, so I decided to run the apple harware test... i tried the normal one first and that came out with nothing and when I tried to run the more extensive test, it froze within 2 minutes of checking the memory. I am assuming it is a hardware issue or network issue, but I'm not good with computers at all.  My warranty has expired and I dont have the money to go and take it in for it to get checked.  Anyone know what I can try to do to fix this issue?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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