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using fcp 6 and am unable to send audio files to sound track. stp audio file project and multitrack project are grayed out and don't go black when i control click the audio track. any suggestions?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.5 ghz intel core i5, 4gb memory
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    I think you can only send an individual file to stp audio file project by selecting the clip in the timeline (at least that's the way I work) and control clicking and choosing send to sound track pro audio file project.  If you want to send multiple files, you need to send to choose a different option.  I'm capturing a long tape now so can't check how it's named.

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    i tried to send individual clips and it doesn't work. have downloaded preference manager to attempt a fix using that program. have had this problem for a while and started a discussion on it last year but couldn't find a fix. thanks for your input and i'll let you know if preference mgr. does anything.

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    Here's exactly what I do.  Select a clip in the timeline, control click and choose send to:  soundtrack pro audio file project. 


    When you do this, what happens?


    What are your audio clip settings?  Could be a problem I suppose with a non fcp friendly format.  It should be 48k 16bit aiff.

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    i tried pref mgr and it didn't help. oh well...