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I wasn't sure where to post this but I lost my ipad in the washroom at an airport in my city. I put it down in the stall and i realized when I left the washroom that I had forgotten it. When I came back in a matter of 5 min, It was gone. It only had wifi on it and it was on at the time. I went right away to the lost and found and see if anyone returned it. There was nothing. I somehow found a guy that had a laptop and used the find feature and sent it a message. So this was almost 24 hrs ago. It does have a code and I locked it as well from icloud.


I really don't think I will get it back since it was at an airport and whoever picked it up could have been flying out of the country. Anyway, I was curious how long I should wait to wipe the info on it. I am going to file a report to my local police and report anyway. Although I think I should have reported it at the airport. I am planning on calling the lost and found to see if it did turn up. What are the chances that people are actually return this stuff.


This was really upsetting but I'm not sure what other steps I should do to protect any info i have on it. Should I change passwords etc..



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    If you have not enabled Find My iPad, you can't track your iPad. Apple does not track stolen device



    1. Change your passwords immediately



    2. Notify the credit card company immediately



    3. Report to the police; they will need the iPad Serial Number



    Hope you will find your iPad soon.

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    You will find your serial number in iTune (if you have sync your iPad to computer) under Edit>Preference>Devices



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    Thanks. I did all of the above..I'm a little confused how the person that found my ipad could possbly see the messages I sent to it. The person has to connect to a wifi since it doesn't have a sim card installed. The person would have to break the passcode to even connect to a wifi thereby seeing my messages.


    How easy is it to break the passcode? It's been 3 days and nothing. Shoul I wipe it. I mean at this point there really is nothing there now that I can think of that would compromis me. It's got a quick link to facebook through the app. Should I be changing the passwords as well to the apps that I had downloaded.

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    I'm sorry to inform you that someone can just restore the iPad from any computer and use it with no problem which is most likely what has happened. Also the chances that someone would return a brand new retina iPad with 4G that costs around $700-900 depending on storage is close to zero. If it were an hp laptop or some cheap Android phone that no one wants you might have more luck, but you have to be a really moral person to return any sort of new apple product when everyone wants them especially a a place like an airport where there are tens of thousands of different people coming and going. I would never give something valuable to the lost and found. Most likely whoever you give it to would keep it themselves!


    I returned an original iPhone back in 2007 to its owner when I found it in a Sephora just lying by the cash register and that was only because my girlfriend kept nagging and told me she would be ****** at me if I kept it. I gave it back but I really wanted to keep it since I didn't have an iPhone at the time. This was like a month after it first came out and everyone including myself was drooling over the "Jesus phone" lol. I did end up feeling good that i did the right thing in the end though. So just try to be way more careful next time so it doesn't happen again cause most people are out for themselves and could care less that they just stole someone's iPad.


    Still I wish you good luck. I don't want to come across as a *****. Just giving my realistic opinion.

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    These links may be helpful.


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    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product



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    http://sites.google.com/site/appleclubfhs/support/advice-and-articles/lost-or-st olen


    Oops! iForgot My New iPad On the Plane; Now What?



    If you don't know your lost/stolen iPad's serial number, use the instructions below.

    How to Find Your iPad Serial Number



     Cheers, Tom

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    yes  im aware that the chances of me getting it back is very slim to none. If I found an ipad im not sure if i would return it. Then again I might feel really awful for keeping it. if i had one already  i definitely would do my best to get it back to the owner. I was really upset the day I lost it and felt really careless and stupid. I have never lost anything this expensive. I wish it was my iPhone 3GS that was lost since then I'll have an excuse to replace it. it even had a nice designer case with it.


    I have purchased another one already. I know this is really expensive and I will have to pay for this and not go shopping for months. I will be doing all I can think to make sure I do not lose my new iPad again. I got a sim card for it so it easier to track put a return info in the case. I will never let this out of my sight ever again.


    Anyway I filed a report with the police but who knows whoever took it was probably flying out the country. If the person who found it decides to keep it then I'm sure one day something similar wil happen to them. karma!!!

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    How long do I wait to wipe my old iPad from my iCloud account.

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    Catherine, if the person who found your iPad Restore it to Factory Default, there's nothing much you can do.


    I feel you pain.