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I wasn't sure where to post this but I lost my ipad in the washroom at an airport in my city. I put it down in the stall and i realized when I left the washroom that I had forgotten it. When I came back in a matter of 5 min, It was gone. It only had wifi on it and it was on at the time. I went right away to the lost and found and see if anyone returned it. There was nothing. I somehow found a guy that had a laptop and used the find feature and sent it a message. So this was almost 24 hrs ago. It does have a code and I locked it as well from icloud.


I really don't think I will get it back since it was at an airport and whoever picked it up could have been flying out of the country. Anyway, I was curious how long I should wait to wipe the info on it. I am going to file a report to my local police and report anyway. Although I think I should have reported it at the airport. I am planning on calling the lost and found to see if it did turn up. What are the chances that people are actually return this stuff.


This was really upsetting but I'm not sure what other steps I should do to protect any info i have on it. Should I change passwords etc..



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