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  • Triphonius Level 1 Level 1

    I just installed 10.8.2 as well, but the flickering is still there (Retima MB attached to Thunderbolt Cinema Display).

    It gets very annoying...

  • yonatron Level 1 Level 1

    10.8.2 hasn’t helped me at all. The Genius wanted me to send it in for repair when I showed up at the Apple Store. I asked to get a shipping box instead of giving it to him right there, since I wanted to wait for 10.8.2.


    Yesterday, a phone tech suggested I partition my boot drive and install a totally clean copy of Mountain Lion before sending it in. When I have time to try this in the next few days, I’ll give it a shot and report back.

  • sabotage1945 Level 1 Level 1

    Great news turned to sorrow... sadly the update didn't 'fix' the issue.  I was flicker free for almost 24hrs; now its flickering again.  Starting to wonder why the change? It really was fine before

  • RMWoodward Level 1 Level 1

    The same symptoms here. The mac mini 2011 can go a few days with no problem and then it comes back. Not consistent enough to diagnose and just frequent enough to be annoying.

  • J__D Level 1 Level 1

    Same deal, however, as i sit and read through the post's in this thread, it appears to have stopped flicking to black every minute for a second.

    Im on an imac with a cinema display conected via thunderbolt.

    I'm downloading the update.

    Very dissapointing, apple service. Why do they put these threads here if they don't respond to them and why don't they respond to questions emailed?

    Turning into windows since Bills gone?

  • BostonLaw Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem.  Latest 17" MBP with two daisy-chained Thunderbolt monitors.  10.8.2.  No matter what I try (switching the order of the monitors, rebooting, etc.) the second Thunderbolt monitor in the chain flickers like mad-- every two seconds it turns black and displays noise on the screen.


    Apple this is your flasgship 17" MBP and your flagship monitors-- $6,000 of your latest hardware in total-- and it's not usable with your latest OS!

  • ricardo soe-agnie Level 1 Level 1

    The update didn't solve the problem for me. I have the following configuration:

    * MBP(2009) 2.26Ghz/8GB/Nvidia 9400M 256MB

    * mini DVI to VGA breakout

    * LG W2242S Flatron monitor


    My work-a-round is to pull-out the cable once in a while and put it back in. Then the flickering stops.

  • sword6204 Level 1 Level 1

    My wife told me about this same thing happening to her Mac Mini.  Simple fix, let's hope it works for the long term.  I had a gut feeling it either had to do with the monitor display or the graphics card.  Turned out to be the display.


    Just go to System Preferences/Display and click on 1080p (progressive scan) for the Screen Resolution.  It's probably set to 1080i (interlaced video).


    There's a great video explaining the difference between progressive scan, interlaced video, and true high definition here:


    Hope this helps







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  • Triphonius Level 1 Level 1

    Finally I went to the Apple Store. They fixed my Thunderbolt Display, no problems and flickering anymore.

    It had something to do with the motherboard. So it wasn't a software thing...

  • rhaining69 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem, same lack of a solution from Apple.  I had a brand new 2011 Mac Mini.  (Yes, 2011.  I bought it a while ago, but then got cold feet about leaving behind my beloved optical drive and Snow Leopard.  Now I had more time to deal with it so decided to take the plunge.)  I swapped out my old 2008 Mac Mini for the 2011 Mac Mini.  It had Lion on it.  First thing I did was upgrade to Mountain Lion, then patch Mountain Lion to 10.8.2.  I didn't notice any problems at first, but now I have an intermittent screen flicker problem.  A few times an hour, the screen starts flickering left to right very quickly, making it impossible to read text or use the computer.  It goes away within a minute or two.  Needess to say, this is completely unacceptable and I expect a lot better from Apple.  I've been looking through various fora and websites and have not found a solution yet.  Next stop is Apple Genius Bar.


    More info:  I use a Mac Mini with an IOGear KVM to share the keyboard, screen, and mouse with a PC.  I also have two external drives plugged into the Mac Mini.  (Doesn't matter if I use USB2 or FW800 for the drives, neither connection impacts the screen flicker.)  The monitor is a VGA monitor.  I plug it in via DisplayPort and a DP -> VGA adapter.  I found an Apple support page with a firmware upgrade for the DP->VGA adapter, but it was from 2009, and when I ran it, it said my adapter was already up-to-date.


    So, either my Mac Mini hardware is bad or there is a bum video driver in Mountain Lion.

  • w.pasman Level 1 Level 1

    This seems a very old problem that Apple never fixed. Here is a 2yo thread from 2011 but it was there already earlier....


  • Adiyan Level 1 Level 1

    There do seem to be several issue being discussed here. I have a late 2012 Retina Macbook Pro and an older HP ZR24W monitor and OSX 10.8.3. It has worked fine until yesterday when it suddenly started to alternate between a normal screen and a snowy gray screen at about five second intervals without stopping.


    I tried another Macbook Air and 10.8.2 using the same cable and monitor and it works fine.????


    Another person here has the problem where it is not working at start up but his problem can be solved by unplugging the cable and plugging it back in. Mine can not. Once this started to happen I have not gotten it to work at all.


    I looked for the 1040i and 1040p resolution but it appears that the new upgrade only gives us the option of "bigger type" or "smaller type".

  • Adiyan Level 1 Level 1

    Today I tried my computer on another similar monitor with another cable and it worked fine, then when I went back to my monitor and cable it worked as well, at least for now.

  • gary oldknow Level 1 Level 1

    same here 2010 MBP - 10.8.3

    uncontrollable flicker after restart or waking from sleep

    what a catastrophic decision it was upgrading to mountain lion.

    I totally rely on this machine to output video for my income and now its unusable.

    thank you apple, thank you.

  • gary oldknow Level 1 Level 1

    oh - found a work around.


    by forcing the 2nd monitor to do a video intensive task - in my case play a fast full screen video animation. the flicker stops..

    might just be a fix until apple get off their thumbs. -