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I'm having trouble configuring a wireless network.  I'm running Server 10.4.11 on MY home network.


I have spent a few hours with ATT tech support attempting to set up this.  My computer won't allow it.  that having been said, it was real obvious that the ATT service rep was reading a script as to how to configure my G4 to do this. 


We came at it several different ways, all unsuccessful; all frustrating.  The wireless net won't work with either an Apple Airport Express Base station, or a brand new ATT router.  We can set up the wireless net.  YOu can see it in the Internet Connect program.  The trouble seems to live in the type of security [WEP or other] and the password.


However, I could be wrong about that...  and the trouble could lay in another component of  the server security.


Any ideas?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), G4 Quicksilver; Dual 1.6 Gig Proces