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    it's the installtion screen ... and the start screen of roundcube ...


    here is my (the important part, I think)


    // currently supported db_providers: mysql, mysqli, pgsql, sqlite, mssql or sqlsrv



    $rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'pgsql://roundcube:passwd@localhost/roundcubemail';

    // postgres example: 'pgsql://roundcube:pass@localhost/roundcubemail';

    // Warning: for SQLite use absolute path in DSN:

    // sqlite example: 'sqlite:////full/path/to/sqlite.db?mode=0646';



    // PEAR database DSN for read only operations (if empty write database will be used)

    // useful for database replication

    $rcmail_config['db_dsnr'] = '';



    // maximum length of a query in bytes

    $rcmail_config['db_max_length'] = 512000;  // 500K



    // use persistent db-connections

    // beware this will not "always" work as expected

    // see:

    $rcmail_config['db_persistent'] = FALSE;



    and here the screen:


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    I've just run it all again into a different website.  Here is what the installer screen should look like.

    How-to Wiki


    Roundcube Webmail Installer

    1. Check environment
    2. Create config
    3. Test config
    General configuration

    The name of your service (used to compose page titles)



    Use this folder to store temp files (must be writeable for webserver)


    This increases security but can cause sudden logouts when someone uses a proxy with changing IPs.

    vqebvbbevebvervh - whatever it generates - leave.

    This key is used to encrypt the users imap password before storing in the session record

    It's a random generated string to ensure that every installation has its own key. If you enter it manually please provide a string of exactly 24 chars.




    GoogieSpell implies that the message content will be sent to Google in order to check the spelling.


    Level of identities access

    Defines what users can do with their identities.

    Logging & Debugging


    How to do logging? 'file' - write to files in the log directory, 'syslog' - use the syslog facility.


    Use this folder to store log files (must be writeable for webserver). Note that this only applies if you are using the 'file' log_driver.


    What ID to use when logging with syslog. Note that this only applies if you are using the 'syslog' log_driver.


    What ID to use when logging with syslog. Note that this only applies if you are using the 'syslog' log_driver.

    Database setup

    Database settings for read/write operations:

    IMAP Settings

    The IMAP host(s) chosen to perform the log-in


    Leave blank to show a textbox at login. To use SSL/IMAPS connection, type ssl://hostname


    TCP port used for IMAP connections


    Automatically add this domain to user names for login

    Only for IMAP servers that require full e-mail addresses for login


    A user is authenticated by the IMAP server but it requires a local record to store settings and contacts. With this option enabled a new user record will automatically be created once the IMAP login succeeds.

    If this option is disabled, the login only succeeds if there's a matching user-record in the local Roundcube database what means that you have to create those records manually or disable this option after the first login.


    Store sent messages in this folder

    Leave blank if sent messages should not be stored. Note: folder must include namespace prefix if any.


    Move messages to this folder when deleting them

    Leave blank if they should be deleted directly. Note: folder must include namespace prefix if any.


    Store draft messages in this folder

    Leave blank if they should not be stored. Note: folder must include namespace prefix if any.


    Store spam messages in this folder

    Note: folder must include namespace prefix if any.

    SMTP Settings

    Use this host for sending mails

    To use SSL connection, set ssl:// If left blank, the PHP mail() function is used


    SMTP port (default is 25; 465 for SSL; 587 for submission)


    SMTP username and password (if required)


    Display settings & user prefs
    language *

    The default locale setting. This also defines the language of the login screen.
    Leave it empty to auto-detect the user agent language.

    Enter a RFC1766 formatted language name. Examples: en_US, de_DE, de_CH, fr_FR, pt_BR

    skin *

    Name of interface skin (folder in /skins)


    Custom image to display instead of the Roundcube logo.

    Enter a URL relative to the document root of this Roundcube installation.

    pagesize *

    Show up to X items in list view.

    prefer_html *

    preview_pane *

    htmleditor *
    draft_autosave *
    mdn_requests *

    Behavior if a received message requests a message delivery notification (read receipt)

    mime_param_folding *

    How to encode attachment long/non-ascii names

    *  These settings are defaults for the user preferences

    Installer by the Roundcube Dev Team. Copyright © 2008-2011 - Published under the GNU Public License;  Icons by famfamfam


    On the next page, you will see that it generates two files - and

    download these to your server and paste in the "yourpath to webmail/config/


    Hit continue just underneath the screen and you will see a screen with the following hopefiully


    Roundcube Webmail Installer

    1. Check environment
    2. Create config
    3. Test config

    Check config files  OK  OK

    Check if directories are writable

    Roundcube may need to write/save files into these directories

    temp/:  NOT OK(not writeable for the webserver)

    Use chmod or chown to grant write privileges to the webserver


    If you get this message - just "sudo chown -R _www:wheel" /your path to webmail/temp"




    Check DB config

    DSN (write):  OK

    DB Schema:  OK

    DB Write:  OK

    DB Time:  OK


    Dont worry about the imap and smtp test - they won't work untill we make the changes to the file.



    Now delete the installer directory as per the warning at the bottom.


    Now - start from here in my instructions above.


    Under Server App - choose Mail and change the auth settings to Custom - and include cleartext.


    Nearly there!!

    in /your path to webmail/config/ - change these lines ...........etc


    So - at what point have you come unstuck ??






  • redshift82r Level 2 Level 2 (325 points)

    Check the password of the roundcube user under psql ?

    $ sudo psql -U roundcube -d roundcubemail


    roundcubemail =# ALTER USER roundcube WITH PASSWORD 'passwd'; - this has to match the password in ...

    $rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'pgsql://roundcube:passwd@localhost/roundcubemail';


    also - please show the output from the "your path to webmail/installer/index.php?_step=3"




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    on console psql doesn't ask for a password ...(the password is for sudo)


    in psql return for "ALTER USER" is "ALTER ROLE" ? (s. screenshot)


    and here the screen from installer:



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    Ok, now we're getting somewhere!


    What is the response from this command in terminal?



    /Applications/Utilities/Network\ 5432 5432


    Port 5432 is the default tip port for Postgres.

    My output says:

    Open TCP port: 5432      PostgreSQL

  • redshift82r Level 2 Level 2 (325 points)

    To fix in case yours is not open.


    $ Sudo serveradmin stop postgres

    $ sudo nano /library/server/PostgreSQL/config/org.postgresql.postgres.plist


    Arrow down to the line "listen_addresses=" and change to


    Ctrl X




    $ sudo serveradmin start postgres

    $ /Applications/Utilities/Network\ 5432 5432


    And you should have a top port listening!


    Now try the installer again.

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    If that doesnt help, the only other thing I could recommend is to tick the three boxes for the debugging in the install roundcube config window  to see what errors show.

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    Hi redshift,


    many, many thanks to you !!! It was the port ... postgres didn't have a listening adress ! It is not easy to love Mountain Lion server ... thanks a lot again ... now roundcube is working ...

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    I followed your instructions but could not get it to work after changing ...webmail/plugins/managesieve/ and ...webmail/plugins/managesieve/managesieve.php


    I noticed that the file and path "/var/lib/dovecot/sieve/default.sieve" actually does not exist on my server.


    Also I saw mentioned elsewhere that some of the "rules/<UUID>" files has to be moved over from old install?


    Since you clearly know what you are doing, it would be great if you could help enlighten us on how this works and how we can get vacation rules back without too much hassle going forward.

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    Thanks, what exactly is not working?  Could you provide as much info as possible, logs, screenshots, etc!  I'm at work today but I'll check in and see what we can do.

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    Hi BiggerBite,


    you are right, in a blank ML installation "/Var/Lib/dovecot/sieve" dos not exist ... and you are right User-Specific rules are stored in a separate drirectory ... I restored them from a migrated lion ...

    and I tell you, you don't need a sieve directory in /var/lib/ ... I don't have one ..


    So please, check your typing in the configs ... and trust redshift, I am sure he knows what he is doing ....

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    Happy to help but I need more info...l.

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    Have roundcube running fine with psql (thanks for your instructions).


    Only thing missing is the vacation filters that I recall seeing in Lion's preinstalled roundcube.

    I tried to follow your instructions and modified:


    ...webmail/plugins/managesieve/ and ...webmail/plugins/managesieve/managesieve.php


    exactly as you outlined. But not clear as to what to do after. I restarted apache but still no filters when logging into webmail.

    That's when I discovered that "/var/Lib/dovecot/sieve" does not exist in my installation (which was upgraded). I found /Library/Server/Migrated/Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules that contains a uuid folder which I presume contains my test filter from when I was testing it in Lion.

    I am just not sure how to get the filter option back to my roundcube webmail.


    So I gues my questions are:

    Should I create a new "rule" directory for my rules in /Library/Server/Web/Data/ ?

    Should I tell ...webmail/plugins/managesieve/ to point to it, is that what you did?

    Should I worry that /var/Lib/dovecot/sieve does not exist?

    -You specifically changed the existing path in to above path, does it exists on your install?

    -Do you know how to get it?

    Is there an easy way to confirm that the plug-in managesieve is loaded and working?


    If sure feels like someone could make some money on a small share-ware to get roundcube and managesieve running with a small pgk installer.. I sure would have dropped the same amount as the server to get this running more easily. What company has employees who don't need vacation rules?



    I know I am not specific enough above, please let me know what files / logs / details you need to get a better understanding of my problem(s)




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    Hi Simon - you can tell ifi its working if when you choose "Settings" in Roundcube, the Filter Tab is available -  and you can add a filter group and a filter and you get a green message saying Filter Saved Successfully - can you confirm that you get that far. ??


    You can test by setting a filter to send a reply based on a certain subject and send yourself an email from a DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS!


    Can you let me know if you've got that far.  I'll answer your other questions in a bit.....




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    To aid diagnostics -


    Change the following lines in /your psHath to webmail/



    // system error reporting: 1 = log; 2 = report (not implemented yet), 4 = show, 8 = trace

    $rcmail_config['debug_level'] = 1;  (Change this to 4)



    // log driver:  'syslog' or 'file'.

    $rcmail_config['log_driver'] = 'syslog';  (This means that your error messages will turn up in your system log  - the next line or two down identifies the log id as "roundcube")


    Ok to answer some of the stuff under the hood.


    in this directory



    you will find a bunch of config files for dovecot.






    90-sieve.conf says the following in the setup for the Sieve interpreter




    ## Settings for the Sieve interpreter




    # Do not forget to enable the Sieve plugin in 15-lda.conf and 20-lmtp.conf

    # by adding it to the mail_plugins= settings.

    So I checked those two files - and the sieve plugin is enabled.



    # The path to the user's main active script.

      sieve = /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/%u/dovecot.sieve



      # A path to a global sieve script file, which gets executed ONLY

      # if user's private Sieve script doesn't exist. Be sure to

      # pre-compile this script manually using the sievec command line

      # tool.

      #sieve_global_path = /var/lib/dovecot/sieve/default.sieve


      # Directory for :personal include scripts for the include extension.

      sieve_dir = /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/%u

    These other lines , I just made sure that Managesieve plugin in roundcube matched these.

    It doesn't matter that the sieve global path doesn't exist, it has no effect on the operation of sieve and managesieve.



    20-managesieve.conf had the following interesting bits!



    ## ManageSieve specific settings


      service managesieve-login {

      inet_listener sieve {

        port = 4190

       inet_listener sieve_deprecated {

        port = 2000


    Which I changed in the roundcube managesieve plugin to use port 4190 and not 2000.  2000 probably works, but may go away one day.


    Thats all I did.


    The only other thing you may want to do is restore your old rules from Time Machine to the path - sieve_dir = /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/%u

    to recover your old ones.  I didn't have a great number, so I just created the ones that I wanted again.


    Its not magic, nor do I really know what I'm doing   .....


    Now, where are we at ???? !!



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