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I have a Mac Mini server (mid 2010) which I tried to upgrade to Mountain Lion, from Lion Server.

My user folders are in an external disk, let's call it UserHomes.


As recommended, I first installed the standard Mountain Lion which creates am unusual problem. In /Network/Servers, in Lion, there were two entires one with the server short name (let's call it family) and one with the complete name, say family.example.com. Both these entries were links to /. Like:


family -> /

family.example.com -> /


When I upgraded to Mountain Lion, in that directory /Network/Servers there is only one entry as below:




with a subdirectory in it, Volumes, and only one of my disks in it, UserHomes, with nothing in it.


In other words, the links to the / are not there, and the Volumes subdir (which is not supposed to be there) contains only one of my disks as a subdir with nothing in it.


The UserHomes disk is on a 1GB WesternDigital Book disk, connected via Firewire to the Mini.


Has anyone seen such behavior before??

  • rufinov Level 1 Level 1

    I have a very similar setup but opted to go for a clean install. My problem is that when I try to move my service data from the internal drive to the external WD firewire if fails and just copies some of the library folder across and

    server app cannot work out which drive to use for service data

  • John Caradimas Level 1 Level 1
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    I am not sure what you mean by service data, so I can't help. If you care to clarify, I may be able to help you out.

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    When you setup osx server, in server.app you have the option under hardware:"yourcomputer":settings to move your service data....which i am assuming is wikis, mail files &etc to another drive. I have tried to do this once to the external WD fw800 drive and ended up having to rebuild the whole server..