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I have a Mac Mini server (mid 2010) which I tried to upgrade to Mountain Lion, from Lion Server.

My user folders are in an external disk, let's call it UserHomes.


As recommended, I first installed the standard Mountain Lion which creates am unusual problem. In /Network/Servers, in Lion, there were two entires one with the server short name (let's call it family) and one with the complete name, say family.example.com. Both these entries were links to /. Like:


family -> /

family.example.com -> /


When I upgraded to Mountain Lion, in that directory /Network/Servers there is only one entry as below:




with a subdirectory in it, Volumes, and only one of my disks in it, UserHomes, with nothing in it.


In other words, the links to the / are not there, and the Volumes subdir (which is not supposed to be there) contains only one of my disks as a subdir with nothing in it.


The UserHomes disk is on a 1GB WesternDigital Book disk, connected via Firewire to the Mini.


Has anyone seen such behavior before??