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Using Pages on my iPad I wish to import text from a .rtf document stored in my /Documents folder on my Mac Mini.


Currently I can save a iPad Pages document to that location using Webdav.


Any suggestions?


Thank you

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    on your mac sign into icloud.com and upload it then when you open pages it should sync automatically.

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    I have not used iCloud yet. So I don't fully understand it.


    But for basic file storage and user directory access is not the Webdav option in iPad-Pages essentially the same thing?

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    I've never used webdav.  You can try it, you can also open itunes, connect your  ipad, go to your ipad under devices, go to apps at the top, then look at the bottom you should see a list of apps that can send files, and pick pages and transfer that way.


    iCloud.com is really easy, you sign in click on the iwork icon and then upload.  On your device, make sure you're signed in with same account (settings-icloud), ensure documents and data is turned on in settings-icloud.  If so the documents added to icloud.com/iwork will automatically load in pages.  You also have to make sure you selected "use icloud" when pages started for the first time.  If you didn't go to your ipads settings, scroll down to find pages and turn on "use icloud".

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    I did a quick check, I created a .rtf file using TextEdit and saved it im my documnets folder. I selected it unsing iTunes then did a sync with my iPad. I tried opening it with Ipad-Pages, it sees the file but it is 'greyed' out.

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    Learned something new, and according to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4641 .rtf is not supported by pages for iOS.  Try a different document format type.


    What are you trying to do that needs rtf over pages, PDF or word format?

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    My goal is, that using iPad-Pages, create a document. Importing information as needed. Add a snippet of text here, an image there, that sort of thing. Pulling it in from information stored on my Mac Mini.


    Interesting. It has made me think about directories and document types for compaibility.


    I opened TextEdit and created a file. Exported it to my Documents as a PDF, added it to the iTunes document list. Synced my iPad. iPad-Pages sees the pdf file but it is greyed out still.

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    For import see



    • Pages ’09 for Mac
    • Microsoft Word - Office Open XML (.docx) and Office 97 or later (.doc)
    • Plain Text files (.txt)
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    I'll check, will get back to you. Thank you for your help so far.