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    You can download the Safari 5.0.5 app here:


    No installation required. Follow the instructions.

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    Thanks for the fix. Opening the Develop:Show Page Resources BEFORE loading the page is exactly what I needed. I actually used the Activity window for Flash development. When I create a swf, it sometimes pulls in external files like images and text. The old activity window tells me which files the swf is pulling and from where so I know where to replace the file when updating.


    Not having that information was a big setback, so thanks again.

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    great it is working

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    it sounds thanks

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    i found it depends on the site ur browsing. all of u are right.

    the two procedures are sounds


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    this is very 'elegante'

    elegant, smart


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    To do this, launch Safari in Mountain Lion, and then choose Preferences from the Safari menu. Click on the Advanced tab and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar option at the bottom.

    With that menu enabled, you can use it to choose Show Page Resources… on any web page you’re browsing to. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Option-Command-A. This will bring up the Page Resources window, which will have all the page’s media listed for your perusal. There’s even a search bar at the bottom to help you find things more specifically.

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    Thanks a lot

    We don't need to do of other process that the other people proposed, just enable the same tool that we uses usually,

    Nice job Asen Petrov!

    Perfect work!



    Alisson Soares

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    Asen, I tried this but after using the  opt + comm+A   I see alot of information but not sure what to look for to download a movie say from you tube,  and hwo to downloade it can you pleaes help post  the steps?

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    I tried to do the same, but the new visual is different that the usual...

    Unfortunattelly I can't download from youtube by Safari.

    I'm now usin a website where you can download from Youtube.

    The site is:

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    The download for Safari 5.0.5 says "Does not work with Mountain Lion."

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    I used to download videos without problem by using the Activity window. Now Apple has removed that, I am having three problems trying to download a video posted at Picasa using the instructions given here:


    (1) Getting the Developer Page Resources to show information for the Flash video is a bit hit-and-miss. It was suggested that page resources had to be selected before loading the relevant page, but then nothing changed on most occasions. Sometimes it seemed better to open Developer Page Resources after the page had been loaded. Even when I got new items related to video playback, I did not always see the "Other" folder, which I think is the one containing the information needed.


    (2) Like LeslieVilla and Alissoman, I am not sure what to look for; it was obvious in the Activity window. The four video-related items in the "Other" folder were:


        (a) get_player —

        (b) s —

        (c) videoplayback — o-o- - -preferred- - -s…

        (d) watch_as3-vflSlveyf.swf —


    (3) When I did manage to see the "Other" folder, and clicked on any of the four items above, I got a spinning gray cogwheel in the main window. If I double-clicked on (a) or (d), I got a non-functioning Flash video player.  "Location" information at right did not help; for item (d) it showed the expected url, but I could not find a recent download anywhere using Finder search; I am guessing it was in a special hidden location, but even with hidden files showing, I could not find a new video file as I used to be able to with the Activity window. Searching on "swf" or "flv" in the Developer Page Resources display only showed item (d) above.


    I am using Safari 6.0.1 on OS X 10.8.2.


    Any suggestions welcomed!

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    Thank you Siys

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    i had found that opening the 'page resources' (opt--a) ; clicking the 'pointing hand' then back to the page, click once for focus then again on the thing you want to find - brings it up in the web inspector window for a quick url grab.


    or (way simpler for safari 6.0x)


    use SafariStand - i don't who it is, but he always seems to have the same issues as i do - but knows how to fix them!

    it reveals an activity list better than the old one.

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    HEY!! i found it... thank god!!!..... goto safari preferences........ advanced tab........  click show develop menu in menu bar...   exit preferences....... then use shortcut (option,command, A)   your welcome