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    Perhaps the ideal situation - having just spent a whole day trying to get Mail to behave - is to dump it and use Thunderbird or an email programme of your choice that actually works! Well done Apple!

  • mammonist Level 1 (10 points)

    Brilliant. I didn't even have to trash the folder and restart. Just click Go in the Finder menu, then Folder, then when you get there add an x to the name, so you don't have to have the stress of trashing the thing. Then start Mail and it worked. Thanks David.

  • Rob Maurer Level 1 (65 points)



    THAT frickin' file was the culprit of THREE problems on my MacPro that were instantly fixed by deleting it.


    I couldn't sync new contacts created on my MacPro to iCloud, I couldn't delete contacts from my MacPro (Delete Card was greyed out), and separately, Mail was crashing on initial launch every time (but was fine after a Reopen).


    Deleting that AddressBook-v22.abcddb file fixed EVERY ONE of those issues in Contacts and Mail for me.  Everything is humming again quite nicely.


    (It's located in users/(your username)/Library/Application Support/Address Book)

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    Maybe my solution will help somebody (Reopen with shift or simple removing ~/Library/Containers didn't help for me).


    – Go to System Preferences, disable all your mail accounts

    – Remove ~/Library/Containers/ folder

    – Open It should be ok, since it would be empty

    – Close

    – Enable accounts in settings


    That's it. Helped me    

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    David Mccollum1 wrote:


    I fixed it! I went to ~/Library/Containers. There I removed the entire folder to the trash, emptied the trash and rebooted. Mail opened just fine and started populating with all my email. So, I'm back in business. I did make a copy of the file on an external USB thumb drive just in case, but it looks like I won't need that.


    Good luck.

    worked for me too, Thanks!

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    Holding shift worked for me.



    To anyone: do you also notice that bugs are almost never fixed? When you are victim of a bug, is it also often bugs known for years?

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    Thank you!  Did not actually have to do the step of emptying the trash bin.  Didn't empty it because of a warning about permanent files in it, so emptied the non-permanent ones.  The Apple Mail folder still remained (was not permanently deleted).  So I rebooted at that point to see if the my mail would load, and it did!  Thanks!


    I suppose Apple will provide a patch very shortly, as likely most others with this issue also sent a report to Apple.  It was definitely the update to Yosemite 10.10.4 that caused my mail to no longer load (and to give me the beachball of death every time I launched Mail).


    Thanks again! 

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