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I'd like to move my iMovie Events and Projects folders from my Mac HDD to a FW800 External

which has a lot more space on it, and to free up some space on my Mac HDD.


If I copy the folders over from my Mac HDD to my external, how do I get iMovie to recognize where they are?

I"ve looked withing preferences, but don't find a place to designate where these folders are located.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), New iPad 64 4G LTE
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)


    Moving Event's and Project's

    Connection - Either connect one Mac in Target mode to the other via FireWire. Or use an external hard disk !

    (Target-Mode - Start one Mac e.g. laptop - BUT keep T-key down during full up-start - Now a FW-symbol is jumping around the screen and it will work as an external hard disk when connected to the other Mac)

    A. The External Hard Disk - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work for Video. UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange works for most other things but not for Video whatever program is used (iMovie or FinalCut)

    B. Should be a FireWire one as USB/USB2 performs badly to me and especially when filling up

    C. Do never Move or Alter any folder named

    • iMovie Event's - or -

    • iMovie Project's

    on DeskTop/Finder - as this will result in iMovie losing connections to them and repair can be anything from hard to impossibly

    D. Moving and Copying must be done within iMovie application and Events to Events - and - Project's to Project's.

    E. Moving Project's to Event's - Do not work for me - I have to export project as a QuickTime movie then Import this intoEvents.


    Event's window can show two faces

    Like this

    Skärmavbild 2012-06-22 kl. 23.22.32.png

    or like this

    Skärmavbild 2012-06-22 kl. 23.30.11.png

    from one hard disk Event - You can move it to the other hard disk

    You can not (at least not me) move Event to Project or other way around only

    Event to Event and Project to Project

    Yours Bengt W

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    Hello Bengt,


    I think I understand you partially. You are saying that projects must be moved to projects and events to events, all within iMovie not the finder.


    I have a FW800 external which is formatted in Mac OS Extended that I now use for Photos, but would like to use for events/projects from iMovie as well.


    When importing some footage/clips yesterday, in the import window, I could select my FW800 external, which I did, ,and a new iMovie Events and iMovie Projects folder was created there. So I now have them in place on my FW800.


    Are you saying then, that I should now be able to start up iMovie and then be able to drag from within iMovie events/projects now on my Mac HDD to my external FW800?

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)

    Yes 100%


    But whatever - do not alter or move anything in those folders on DeskTop/Finder - iMovie will be confused and it will be hard to repair.


    See my Screen dumps in previous answer - I see my external hard disk Arkiv, Arkiv bild, Arkiv Video and Arkiv Audio. And in each window Event's resp Projects - I can move things as I like it to be.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Here's a look at how my left panel looks. Not the same as yours. How can I get my external drives to come up in my left pane, as yours appear?




    Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.17.08 PM.jpg

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)

    If You look at my Screen-Dumps I got a bit more on top.


    I got the line Event's Library "Händelsebibliotek" and to the right of this a button looking like a small Hard Disk. Gray or Blue. Use this


    To be able to see the external hard disk two things must be


    • HD button must be Blue


    • external Hard Disk MUST be - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted -

    UNIX / DOS / FAT32 / Mac OS Exchange will not show -up here. You see them on DeskTop/Finder but iMovie can't see them.


    Yours Bengt W

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    I'm currently out of town for a few days, but will look when I get back.

    But what iPod are saying is I just need to push on the blue button, and my external disc should show up, correct?

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)

    Yes the button when blue will show

    • all Hard Disks - that are Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted -


    Not others as they can't or should not be used for storage of VIDEO (as they breaks it into 4Gb blocks)


    Yours Bengt W

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    Many thanks, for all your helpful, replies.





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    Sorry for the typo on your name,