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I use GMail/GCal for email and calendar. I had my GCal synced to iCal in Snow Leopard, but stopped using it in Lion. After upgrading to Mountain Lion I decided to give it a shot again, mostly to get my appointments in the notification center. However, I noticed that a process called "CalendarAgent" was using tons of CPU and memory: over 100% and 400 mb, respectively. It was slowing my computer down and killing my battery life.


After some investigation, it seems like Delegation (calendars that are shared to me by other GCal users) may be part of the problem. If I remove all of the calendars from the "Delegation" tab in the Preferences for Calendar, then CalendarAgent goes down to 0-1 % CPU and 156mb memory. It still seems a little high on the memory front, but at least the CPU isn't out of control now.


This is obviously not an optimal solution. I need to access the shared calendars to schedule meetings with my coworkers. Has anybody run into this issue? Any ideas for fixing this? Is it a Mountain Lion bug?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion
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