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Using Senuti, I have successfully moved my iTunes Library from old iMac(OS9.2.2)/iTunes(2.03)/2nd gen. iPod to new MacMini (10.4.5)/iTunes(6.0.4).

Can someone instruct me how to move my old PLAYLISTS to my new system?

(I understand Senuti does not support this transfer at this time.)

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    iTunes 2.0.3 does not create an 'iTunes Music Library.xml' file nor does it export a songlist which is readable by iTunes 6.

    You might try what I suggested in this topic and which appeared to be successful for the original poster.

    Hope this helps.


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    Did you try using Apple's Migration Assistant?

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    OK, yes, that did it.


    Now all my Library music tracks have a "!" saying the "original track could not be found would I like to locate it?


    So, I went here (which got me out of my previous troubles: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=404492&tstart=0

    Kay Marczoch:
    To get access to your music:

    iTunes Preferences Advanced:
    untick "Copy files ..."

    ITunes Menu File "Add to Library ..."
    select the (standard) "iTunes Music" folder

    iTunes Preferences Advanced:
    retick "Copy files ..."


    That got me to where I am NOW, i.e.:

    1. TWICE as many songs as previously -- half of them play and the other half "!" "cannot be found".

    2. ALL my old Playlists are now in new iTunes -- and all of the tracks in each Playlist are correct.

    3. BUT, all those Playlist tracks are marked with the "!" "cannot be found" mark-of-death!

    4. I am unable to Cut/Clear the "!" tracks in the NEW LIBARY (yes, one at a time!)

    I suspect think there must be a way to "finish" this correctly -- but I am perplexed, confused, and LOST! HEEELLPP!
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    http://www.dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=removeduplicates is a nice script that will remove all dead links automatically.

    Hope that helps
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    I feel a bit guilty now.
    Perhaps I should have made clear that you had to move the music folder to the same location as it had on your OS 9 system (as I did mention in the other topic).

    Here's what I think has happened. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Your 'iTunes Music' folder on your OS 9 system was located at Macintosh HD/Documents/iTunes.
    The 'iTunes Music Library (2)' file looks for the songs at that specific location.

    If you rename the 'iTunes Music Library (2)' file to 'iTunes Library' and put it on the Mac mini, iTunes 6 will recognize the former iTunes 2.0.3 library file, but expects the songs to be in Macintosh HD/Documents/Music.

    That's why you have your playlists (they were in the iTunes Library file), but iTunes is looking at the old path to find the songs.

    Possible solution to 'link' the playlists to the 'iTunes Library' file:

    • Quit iTunes
    • Create the path Macintosh HD/Documents/Music.
    • Open the Finder window Macintosh HD/Users/YourUsername/Music/iTunes
    • Open the Finder window Macintosh HD/Documents/Music
    • Drag the 'iTunes Music' folder from Macintosh HD/Users/YourUsername/Music/iTunes to Macintosh HD/Documents/Music
    Now the music is at the location the 'iTunes Library' file searches for the song files.
    • Run iTunes
    • Try to play songs from the playlists. Do they play?

    Don't worry for know about duplicates. Those can be fixed by the script Kay mentioned in the other topic.

    Let me know if the songs play from the playlists, before proceeding.


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    I'm with you, I think.

    But now BOTH the Library tracks AND the Playlists are "gone". iTunes looks pristine as installed.

    I am guessing I need to re-trace what I did originally to get the 1600 songs back into iTunes, but I am shaky about how I did that (with Kay's guidance).

    (I got the old "iTunes Music Library (2)" from my iMac by copying it to a 500MB USB flashdrive and dragging the file to my Mini mac Desktop. Then I followed your suggestion about dragging iTunes Library file out of iTunes 6.0.4, re-naming the iMac file "iTunes Library" and putting it in place of that original 6.0.4 iTunes Library. I doubt this paragraph is helpful!)

    I think I need a drink . . .
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    I just took a pint

    I can't reproduce what exactly you did, so it's hard to give a solid advice right now.

    If possible, start from scratch.

    Using the 'old' iTunes Music Library (2) file does work. I tested it on my own iMac, which has OS 9.2.2 as well as OS X 10.3.9.

    You can also email me for assistance. It does work a lot faster than these Discussions. I live in a different time zone (not the twilight zone), so we'll have to find a 'slot' for an appointment if you need assistance.
    My (temporary) email address is macmenno2006 at planet.nl
    It will be deleted when too much spam arrives.


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    Right, give me some time to try to piece together what I did from scratch.

    The Senuti copy is still on my mini HD, so first I need to recall/find guide on how to get that back in iTunes Library (which I believe was locating the correct iTunes Music Folder and linking it to iTunes application in the proper fashion.

    Then probably using your "revised" formula to get the Playlists in.

    So I'll work on this later -- right after I figure out solution to the conflicts in Iraq.

    Thank you for help, until later.

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    anyone any idea how i move the music from my itunes to a different type of mp3 - specifically the sony connect library? don't know if this is naughty to ask on the palle site...
    getting a bit tangled, wd appreciate help...
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    That's quite easy:
    Set your iTunes import Preferences to MP3/burning Preferences to AudioCD
    Next depending on
    Purchased iTMS tracks: Burn them to an AudioCD + reimport them
    All other tracks: CTRL-click onto them: Convert Selection to MP3
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    Hi im all beginer at computers sorry for busting in on your disscusion but i dont know how to make my own question..

    I got 20Gb of music on a stationary apple computer that im not using anymore and on my 20Gb ipod.
    But now im using a windows laptop. with a ext hard drive on 250 Gb. on this computer i have installed itunes witch is emty..
    How do i get the musik from the ipod to the HD???
    Apple support advised me to go here.. but im all lost!!
    Please help
  • JonasCF Level 1 (0 points)
    no i dont know what that is and where to find it??? as i said real slow cource im virgin here
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    i dont know how to make my own question..

    On each forum there is a 'Post New Topic' button (top left)

    Your iPod probably is Mac formatted which PC's can't read.
    There are programs available that enable a PC to read HFS disks, but I don't remember the names. If you can find one, you can use CopyPod to transfer the contents from ipod to PC.

    Another method is described here:
    How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer


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    macmenno, Because of complexity of my situation and interruption, I am going to start a new thread titled "STARTING OVER: Moving iTunes PLAYLIST to new computer/iPod"

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